Saturday, 28 February 2009

Very quick post...

Was knocked out at about 1215am sat mroning in the main event, the last level of the day a la brighton. Tbh i played well for 99% of the day b4 the rags i was recieving got to me. I overplayed 55 utg severely which crippled me, before making one of the biggest hero laydowns in the bb ever seen to man. Think i must have had a brain freeze of epic prportions. Few intersting hands i'd like to talk about and ill do so in a day or so.

A few well known faces have made the final table, it certainly looks like fireworks all day sunday in walsall. Alas ill be back in london watching then 'mighty' spurs prolly get smashed by the 'weakish' united. Two players i'd like to see do well are sunny chatta and steve holden. Steve is such a solid, decent guy who plays in a similar way. Sunny has more gears than an f1 car, and to say the guy is due would be the understatement of the year. So one of these 2 ftw please!

Ok peeps not much else to say really bar i think man u at 4/5 in 90 minutes-dependant on team news, look good things tmrw. Ill be keeping my powder dry however so as not to spoil the match.


0/9 day 2's Dom...lucky number 10 in the vic??

Thursday, 26 February 2009

Walsall is here...

Arrived in walsall thursday 1800hours. Hotel nice, side event.........weak as you could ever wish to see. Unfortunately i threw away a huge chip lead to cash in 7th for a bowl of 470 quidds, after blowing up as expected. Playing mainly as a warm up i hero'd an early call with q10 on a 10 hu brd with a missed flush draw rather apparent. Made for an easy call and got me rocking an rollin. With 20 left i had double the average with 90k and was cruising to a top 3 finish. My demise was sealed when i overplayed both 6c5c and kcjc.....think i gotta fold those clubs.

Loving my hotel right now and looking forward to day 1b. I still have 40% available at 1.3, let me know asap if yr interested.

Laters peeps,


Monday, 23 February 2009

Less pics more substance...

*Updated post

Firstly apologies to anyone who was crazy enough to take my advice and lump on my two footy selections at the weekend. Once again for the second week in succession, BOTH finished in snore draws. I think i should do the pools with this gift i have for choosing such equally matched teams each week. Oh well try, try again and all, im sure on friday i'll have another couple of diamond tips:)

*Secondly i am selling up to 50% of my action for the GUKPT main event at walsall this week at 1.3. I am idealy looking to sell in 5 10% blocks of £130 each- i'm happy to pay the juice. Just let me kno via the comments section on here or by email and we'll sort out transfers. I'll accept payment via full tilt or bank transfer, obv gotta be up front b4 percentage is confirmed.

Why buy part of me? Well i'm pretty experienced in high stake mtts nowadays, i feel much, much more confident about my game. I feel i have a def edge over yr average player in that field, and i'll prove it next week. The last few live tournies i have played have felt so easy compared to online battles, it's just about gaining the hunger and the paitence. I feel i have both right now.

Reading back over my last few posts have revealed an alarming pattern. Plenty of pretty pictures but very little substance. One follower of this blog has even left, possibly sick of a great deal of waffle without any actual poker content. Doesn't do what it says on the tin i guess, and it is called 'Dom's Poker news' after all. To be honest unless i am playing live poker, i am not a huge fan of chattting about hugely standard online situations on here, of which there are zillions that occur to me every week. However, as its suppoesed to be a poker blog i am going to try and include hand analysis each week on here, whether online or live.

The stts this last week have been barey broke even. Looks like my pronouncements a week ago of 'i can't remember the last losing easy it's dull etc' were a touch premature. It's mainly just variance tbh, but also i think many are using software to gain an edge over me, so ill have to step into the new century and install poker tracker etc soon as b4 i become another fish in the sea. I like my shark rating on stts, and do not wish to lose it.

Spurs scraped a win tonight, which was nice, lennon fgs and +2.5 goals in the game both copping nicely for a few snarlers indeed. Betting on my own team is horrid tho, i also had a nice wager on 2-2 which left me almost hoping for a hull equaliser near the end, something i really shouldn't be doing. But i guess harry dsnt pay my rent and thus i dont feel so bad. Last week's golf selections left me drawing level, which certainly wasn't the end of the world. In australia i drew a complete blank, with mickleson rescuing the bank balance with an up/down final round finally clinching the american tournie.

I'll play an mtt over the next day or so and analyse a hand or 2 from it on here in the next post. I may even do this from 'sunny' walsall on thursday. I play on friday but will get there nice and early to play the 100 shoot for a warm up thurs nite.

This blog does look rather bare without a pic so i'll put up a pic just for the sake of it. Not really poker related but dsnt really matter imo. Meerkats ftw!!!

Later peeps,


Friday, 20 February 2009

Weekend is here...

I love weekends, I love being able to watch many sports, with bets flying around and trades moving up and down. Sometimes I even play some poker. Lovely. Will put up a couple of tips again at the end of this post. Obv ones to avoid after last week.

I've decided to venture to walsall next week just for the main and one side event. Am playing day 1B of the main and may have some action to sell in myself. Will update on that one, as i already have my seat locked up it's not something i've 100 percent decided on. I should sell as i am not rolled for 1k events, but i really feel a huge score is coming, and thus i feel greedy:)

Twice this week i've felt like some live poker, and twice i have been too lazy to leave the house. This has meant a good increase in online volume, which at least is a plus point. But I am slightly worried bar the odd poker festival i am becoming somewhat of a hermit. This time last year i had a simlar feeling so zipoped off for a quick break to lanzarote. Unfortunately it looks like i'll have to wait till may this year for a break, which is a bummer to say the least.

Ok it's that time now for what i'm sure many are fear...waiting for, my football tips, Dom's diamonds shall i say!

*This week ive lumped on exeter away to chester, apparently the latter are struggling to feild a team, they played a 16 year old up front last week, and the evens looks fair. Also i fancy stoke at home to pompey, may even plump for a 1-0 correct score, but will def have some of the 13-8 the home side on betfair.

*These tips carry a severe wealth warning.

Enuff rambling on,

Laters peeps.

Diamond Dom.

Monday, 16 February 2009

Bad tips and Boredom...

Firstly apologies to anyone mad enough to have listened to my football tips last weekend. Both were lucky to gain draws, the weekend was certainly not profitable for me in terms of sports betting bar the Golf which went well. The poker is still going well enough. I can't remember the last losing day i've had recently from playing sit and go's. The only problem is im finding them so easy, they r becoming boring. I know winning money sounds fun and exciting even, yet the monotonous grind is so dull i yearn for something more. I know in my heart i want to be a selective mtt player, something my roll won't allow right day.

Backed arsenal -1.5 last night which was a lock by half time, i'm thinking of a similar bet on united against fulham midweek, obv depends on team news. The appointment of hiddink last week was all gooooooood 4 me, i got paid out by paddy power, but still have my bets on carlo ancelotti running, hopefully he'll step in next season. Mancini is another who wouldn't be the end of the world, but it's a freeroll for me now anyway so i'm not bothered too much even if gus keeps it. Another pretty nice bet i have running is paul hart at 25s for the pompey job. Think hes down to 4s or something now after their win at the weekend. Personally i always try to back the caretaker at party prices as soon as the manager markets are getting priced up, within reason of crse, lets just say i didn't go overboard on wilkins.

In other news i still havent got the hospital results on my knee. It's frustrating to say the least. I think psychologically it's holding me back from fully exercising the leg and allowing me to be as lazy as i really need an excuse. Anyway with the walsall gukpt on next week i gotta get it sorted this week as i do not want to miss out on making the big bucks, not when i'm feeling so positive about poker. As i say, it's becoming dull winning money, so i might as well bore myself a little more eh.

I must admit i really struggle about what to write in this blog, i'd love to do detailed hand analysis, but i am just so damn lazy, sorry ppl. One day i hope i can thoroughly mangle a hand or two in this blog and be very proud once again.

Ok time to go, laters peeps.


Ps- No meerkats this time im afraid.

Friday, 13 February 2009

Fa cup and things...

This weekends games look interesting. Just an early stage of deciding my bets right now, but am drawn towards blackburn@4/5 on betfair at home v coventry. A half decent side sent out by big sam should be able to do the job against an average championship side. Also quite liking west ham verus the pretty woeful boro at home, again at about 4/5. Nothing else really stands out imo. May combine these selections in a double. Have done a fun bet for a fiver(all i was allowed on)for any player to kiss the ref in the facup this weekend @33s. If there were lower league teams involved this wld be a cert, still maybe a few swansea players might fancy a few extra quid.

Pokerwise i actually ventured out for a live game this week. It's amazing how you notice so many things regarding betting patterns and how bad gen live players play, after playing so much online. Recenty i've been grinding it out a great deal and seem to have tightened up my gane quite well. This is so important when playing live as overall i've bluffed off live in far too many once promising situations.

Last night was a fun lil 50 quid (5k starting stack, 20 min levels-i think) fo down the international. My mate kindly gave this injured fish a lift to the club. My table was quite an action one so i switched off aggro tendancies. One guy was playing every hand till he dbld up by racing and another was limp calling rss oop with ace junk and getting there. I managed to dble up with aces v kings and now id locked up a stack was looking good. 20 minutes later i was watching the darts in the seating area and considering playing online.

My tournie ended after 3 or 4 key hands. With 10k and 50-100 blinds it might sound marginal, but in a shooty structure im not folding ak std to a rr donk allin for 35% of my stack. I'd rsd utg to 300 and had been amazed to see quite a fishy player donk it allin for 3500 with 77. My two overs and nut draw on the flop didn't get there.

I also tried rsng aforementioned players bb with kq only to see him defend to the death with j4 and mid pair on an ace brd. Lovely. Didnt fire the third bullet as i thought i had showdown value...ooops.

Then a typical blind v blind confrontation crippled me with a pretty cooler board. Blinds 100-200 i make it 600 form the sb with ac10s. BB- a capable player defends and we see a A2J Brd with 2 spades. Having the 10 of spades as well here affects my decison making and i donk 775 into the pot, being swiftly rrsd allin for a few thou more. I'd often fold such a marginal but imo the position, the redraws available and the structure of the trne force my hand here. Also i felt she cld easily have the fd. Which she did with as5s, the 5 plopping on the turn quickly enough. Think the hand plays itself in this situation. Got my bowl of rice in soon after with 88 v the bullets, no suckout for mr kay today.

I played a bit online afterwards and enjoyed playing in such an envirmonet. More of such visits for me ftw i believe. Getting out of the ol routine every now and then is so crucial in poker. It can get so dull and monotonous after a while, like a job even! :)

Best stick up a meercat b4 i go to please all google searchers-i am still loving that advert!! Becoming a couch potato fast as the knee is still very fragile and im getting xrayed AGAIN tmrw. Hop-fully it will be ok.

This is the yoga, new york based meercat.

Laters peeps,


Ps- Blackburn and west ham in a double tmrw looking good:)

Friday, 6 February 2009

Trading golf....

For once i have decided to post a non poker post on this blog. Still it's a gambling one, so not all that far off the block anyway.

For the last couple of days i've been trading golf, the tournament is the Buick Open in san diego. I used to trade golf a great deal on betfair, especially the majors. Nowadays i've cut right down on this as i just haven't had the paitience. However, due to having a great deal of spare time right now, i decided to plunge back in again. Right now i'm almost wishing I hadn't.

The problem with golf trading i find is that if you find yourself stuck a bit, you find yourself forced to jump back in and square it off, in fact often all you seem to be doing is chasing the 'losses', till eventually you get a small win. In terms of effort and sheer time spent i cant exactly call it +ev and a great roi winner. Yet in a sick way it's a gamblers dream. I can certainly see why many degens bet on putts going in when in groups watching in a bar. A real adrenaline kicker thats for sure.

Anyway, thursday went well and i had good positions on all bar the leader going into today. Thus i decided to trade the pace setter all day (Camilo Villegas) to gain a nice green book. That was the idea, unfortunately almost every single trade i put in went swingy and to call my book red would be an understatement. Right now i can square off a cple of ton loss, or dive back in tmrw and hope for better luck. The former is the most sensible thing to do, so obv i'll be opting for the latter.

I'll be looking for some good football bets over the weekend, i've heard that chester can barely get a side together so may lump on brentford, but at about 1-2 its not exactly a value bet. As mentioned in my prev entry im not a huge fan of benitez, but can't really back pompey right now, esp with pennant ineligible. May lay liverpool small anyway as without gerrard i'd rather chuck my money away than bk them odds on. Aston villa could be a possibilty at around 13/8 away to blackburn also. I'll need to do some more research b4 i get on anyway.

Finally i noticed over the last few days that this blog had been getting more hits than usual. Brilliant thought I, people are starting to enjoy my musing, and with the introduction of pictures i've finally cracked it. So i looked at the referrals and it appears that ppl have being searching for 'compare the' and finding my blog come up in google. Obv this is due to my entry a few days ago about my admiration of that advert. So it turns out i'm still blogging to a select audience, but for all you meekat fans, heres another piccy! This is the stamp collecting new york meerkat.

Ok think that is about all she wrote so it's time to goooo.

Later peeps,

Dom the bad trader.

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Ftops, Snow, Keano...

This week, and next week I intend to be mostly playing FTOPS. The prize pools are huge and i'd rather like a share in one of them, oh yes indeed.

Because of my damn knee which i still havent got xrayed i am basically housebound right now. Left my snow covered front step today for a newspaper, but was perma worried about slipping over and further damaging the damn thing. Still it means im getting alot of volume in for the poker and sports trading. This week one has gone well while the other has slipped a bit, as usual its tricky to get both rosy at the same time. One day!!

I am well chuffed to see robbie back at spurs, cannot believe how badly benitez treated him. Was overjoyed with everton's win last night if only for that. If i was a liverpool fan i'd be seriously wondering if i had the right manager in charge of my club. Gerrard's injury last night was almost certainly down to being overworked, too many average scouse players imo, meaning the likes of stevie g and torres have to be superhuman.

Alas this weekend i wont be going to dtd less i stage a remarkable recovery, so ill be looking 4ward to watching the lord of the rings trilogy uli bought me for xmas. I'll play online anyway and aim for a march mission to the notts place. Again my brain has collapsed and all the hands i wanted to discuss seem to have vanished. Lots of bad beats i could discuss but thats just dull.

Laters peeps,


Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Compare the

Love that advert, above is the poker playing meerkat from london.

Also a fan of the churchill adverts, esp the roy walker one, 'It's good but it's not right...I ordered a korma!

Ok that's 99% percent of the non poker content in this blog, and boy do i need to get out more! My knee is getting xrayed this week, i want to go dtd this weekend, but its not looking promising.

The stts are going very well right now, i just need to make sure i keep improving as normally ppl catch onto my style after a month or 2 winning on a site and i go from big winner to break even. Cardrunners and books ftw maybe, obv a bit of pokertracker too.

Ftops is this week and i cant wait, i can really sense a huge score on the way, wanna get some wonga together to book vegas asap. This weeks lovely weather has left me chomping at the bit to see some sunshine and what better place than vegas.

Few strange hands recently id like to talk of, but ive forgotten em, so next blog will sort this. Infact my brain has froze, so think ill blog tmrw or thurs in more detail.

Laters peeps,