Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Unlucky 13........

Pretty upset right now, as you might have guessed from this title, I busted 13th in the 300 dble chance today. I managed to sneak into the cash for a measly 450 english pounds. Certainly not what i'd hoped for when the day started.

Early on i managed to lose a couple of flips, and decline a huge coin throw with jacks against a clear ak. Bar the knaves good cards were hard to find and i grew frustrated. Bluffing was a way to gain a release and i was picked off. Now shortish and soon to be in shove mode i lost another flip before i was forced to push with ace rag from the coff. My ace on the river no match for the rivered flush for my oppos pckt fours.

So bk to the drawing board for the main event tmrw. I'll gladly win some flips then.

Laters peeps,


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Steve H. said...

Good luck for the main event buddy, fingers crossed for you