Monday, 12 January 2009

Respect brutha....

Here's a report from day 1 of the brighton gukpt festival week:

Via a couple of thankfully pretty empty trains, I arrived into a very wet and windy brighton at half past four, just in time to pop into the books to watch a nag i had an interest in...or so i thought.

Naively deciding a walk in the hurricane drenched streets of hove was preferable to a warm and cosy cab, i soon faced the prospect of being without sight. My glasses were so wet through i could barely recognise buildings, let alone a bookies. So i missed the race, arrived at my hotel seriously soaked and found out my horse had been given the donkey of the meeting award.

No matter, i'm here to play poker so i settled down into my plush-ish hotel and fired up a sit and go. Finished 2nd for a small profit quickly changing both clothes and mindset, ready for the casino and a live poker battle.

After almost being blown into the sea on the 2 minute walk to the Grovesnor, i arrived ready for action. Drank a few oj's and ate a dubious buffet. Enjoyed meeting up with some circuit chums and chatted.....bla bla bla.

My first table in the 200 was cramped to say the least. Being 6'4 and 15 stone means being cooped up in the ten seat, while the nice man on the table behind backs into your chair....isn't great, but i digress.

Bar nick persaud,a guy from luton and some circuit reg, i didn't know anyone on this initial table. With a 6k starting stack and 25-50 opening blinds there was lots of play to follow. The action started off slow with me raise/folding a bit. Then i ko'd a player who really shouldn't be playing 20 quid tournie's let alone 200's.

Cruisng along with 100 bb's at 50-100 with a smooth 45 min structure i was v.happy with the flow. Then i ran into the table cardrack and did a couple of k. But fight on i did and without cards i scraped and stole. When the table was broken i had almost 10k again and the blinds were still just 150-300.

My new table seemed a bit more aggro with one player far too laggy. I decided to target him as my double up/ free ride. Unfortunately the cards had other ideas,93, 72,59 not hands you wanna 4bet too much. Yeah others were isolating the cod with wide ranges. Eventually a little frustrated i was overjoyed with the chance to squeeze.

Mr cod- 'i only raise with filth/mod hands and limp with ak/jj', raises to 900 from hj, solid net type tag flats, i see 77 in sb. Instant shove for me with 8500 back and loadsa fold equity with the next level upcoming (2/400 and antes kicking in meaning i somewhat lose this 'move'. Instant call from laggy with 99 for half his stack was unexpected, the btn fold of js10s standard. Flop was no help, nor the rub down cod delivered.

'All in 77...madness, u can't bluff me boy' basically the jist.

Yeah mate u called off half yr stack with that after id folded 4 england waiting for such a situation.

'Respect brutha' was his parting shot, **** *** brutha was my delightful repsonse.

All in all a fun enough evening, with 145 runners, finishing 70th not ideal.
Yet wouldn't change how i played, especially with the cards i was dealt in the 4 hours i played.

Confidence is still high and despite the odd offer -and polite decline of said offers- of beverages of the alcoholic sort, i'm still more sober than ever.

Looking 4ward to the 300 dble chance tues evening, i'll prob report on that weds afternoon after taking it down.

Ok i guess it's that time...

Laters peeps,



Steve H. said...

good luck tonight mate.
I had my aces cracked by 5s by a serial caller. see you later buddy

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