Sunday, 11 January 2009

Off to brighton...

It's 3am and i should be asleep right now. But brighton gukpt week starts monday evening and i'm really looking 4ward to it.

I've booked into a nice hotel 4 a cple of nights, and have got all the staking i needed for the 3 events i am playing. I'll be bringing the lappie to grind out the stt's during the days and i cannot wait.

The no drinking is still going ok. Had a dodgy moment sunday afternoon when i was dying 4 a beer, yet i managed to resist the tempatation. The real test of crse will come this week when if i suffer a beat, i'll have to drown my sorrows with an oj or a pint of milk...rather than a pint and a chaser.

Football this weekend was so close to a really good one 4 me. I did sunderland, west ham and forest in singles and a trixie. Only forest copped yet the other two shoulda coulda...but didn't. Oh well still on the beans rather than the caviar this week. Also had a cple of small ew dbles which if they'd copped wlda coulda been kkkkkkkkkkk's all over the place for mr kay here, instaed they were the usual 1st and 2nd by a sh.

Been playing stt's since thursday with a new roll and a new purpose. Things are looking good right now, as long as i realise its all about variance i shall defeat them very easily i can tell u. Oh yeeeeees.

Ok so monday is the 200 event in brighton which will be won by me. I'll post a winner's report in a coupla days.

Laters peeps,



AlexB said...

STOP PRESS!! Dominic Kay takes 2nd place in the opening £200 FO side event at Brighton just missing out to the superior play of Alex Burton :-)))

Let's get 'em m8 - look out Brighton here we come!! See you soon!

Steve H. said...

Thats funny, I'm only going there to win something - so that makes 4 of us with Paul King... guess we'll have to have a knuckle up if we get it together as the last 4 on final table