Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Never as good as you think, or as bad...

Tonight I won a Gukpt package worth $2500. Poker overall has been going well, as has the sports betting of late. So overall things are gooooood.

However, as i read in a magazine article recently:

"Your'e never quite as good as you think you are when winning, nor as bad when losing."

This statement could have been written about me, as it describes me perfectly. So although on a good run right now, i'm awaiting the blow up/downswing with relish. Well at least i'm not dreading it. Like a squirrel i'm saving all winnnings for the countless rainy days that will occur soon enough, so that i don't have to join the real world and actually get a job.

Whilst reading other people's blogs of late i've noticed how they can nicely deviate from only droning on about poker, poker, poker, to other more interesting subjects. This is something i need to learn, as otherwise this blog like myself, will become burnt out.
So in my next piece i will attempt to unravel mysteries of our times, political strategies for the future and i shall furiously debate climate change. In reality ill probably talk sports a bit more.

On that note i'm very proud of my ew wager on aston villa at 200-1. For once some fatherly advice given to me was heeded and we shared the bet. Don't honestly think they'll finish in front of united, but arsenal-yeah no worries, liverpool-no reason y not and chelsea aren't exactly pulling up trees.

Next week i know a few ppl are flying off to vegas for the latest venetian deepstack. In an ideal world i'd go too, but roll restrictions and my bleeding buggered up knee will stop this. Still i cannot wait for vegas in the summer and am going to book my flights as soon as i decide how long/schedule etc.

Last year i stayed in 3 diff hotels and found it a bit tough to live that way. Either i'll park myself in one place this year or i'll rent an apartment or something. Problem with that is i dont really want to have to make meals and stuff all the time. We'll see on that one.

This weekend is the rendevous brighton jan sales main event, it looks a cracker. I wont be attending due to prev mentioned reasons, but will be cheering on a few mates. My next live poker is looking like the dtd weekend a week on saturday. Not been there 4 ages and am chomping at the bit to play some poker in such a luxurious card room again. Space between tables and decent service-us ex gutshotters aren't used to that, well cert not the space bit.

Ok i've gone on enough, i'll prob blog again around the weekend. Sunday night is the superbowl and i am not sure who to bet on yet. One thing's for sure-it should be a cracker!

Laters peeps,



TEAMDOBB said...

Nice win and play toon with ya package. Sure you owe me a beer from somewhere

AlexB said...

Congrats again Dom - hope that Walsall is a success as you're due by now surely!! Keep runnin' good mate!!

Mick McCool said...

Glad to hear things are going well in these rough times Dom, l too am the lucky holder of a large bet on Villa. I have followed O'Neill for 15 years and he has always paid his dues. gl in Brighton.

Dom said...

Team Dobb- Ill be playing walsall with my package, purely cos its the next one. However, i fully intend to play the newcastle one too. Beer will be on me.

Alex-Cheers m8.

Mick- Lets hope villa can keep it going hey!