Saturday, 24 January 2009

An image at last..........

Just thought id try and figure out how to put images on this blog, and what better image than those chips which i always seem unable to attain!

This is only a quick, quirky post from yours truely. I'm laid up right now with my knee so i've been grinding it out proper online. Stts, mtts, they sound like sexual diseases, but they actually have been going okay of late.

Tightening up my game has always been something i've known that i had to do. Yet until this last couple of months, maniac blow ups have been something of a speciality. Nowadays i still like to bluff, just not as much, and certainly not against certain people.

The more i play, the more i realise how easy poker is, and how complicated i have made it in the past. The lack of booze in my system is providing clearer images in my mind, and i'm not seeing three aces in my holdem hole cards anymore. Obv that never happened btw!

Okay i'm gonna fly but before i do that i best put another image in just to show off!

The bracelet is something i want this year anyway, but who doesn't. Lastly thank you for all your 'kind' comments on my injury, you guys are leg-ends.

Laters peeps,



AlexB said...

Wahaay welcome to the Techno-Dom

TEAMDOBB said...

dont a pic here and there look so much better? Happy recovery

Anonymous said...

I play better with some booze in me but as soon as I go over the edge, I am a total chip-spewing donkey. Well a bigger one than usual anyway!