Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Happy new year...

I've been reading quite a few blogs over the last week.

Most seem to promise brave resolutions and hopeful goals for 2009. Personally i'd only break them so i wont bother. Bar one for this month. As hinted about in previous posts, i've been a bit worried about overdoing it on the booze, especially at poker festivals around the country. Not only has it caused me to lose money, but i've got out of shape and generally made a fool of myself. Thus im detoxing for jan, and staying 100 percent off alcohol.

Febuary may follow similar lines dependant on how i feel. Right now it's pretty easy but its only been a week!

So how has the poker been going since new year? Quite average i'd say. My bread and butter stt's which were going well up to xmas have started to kick me in the face. Bubble, bubble toil and trouble. That's me right now, i cannot cash in em. I've done my full tilt roll and have a bowl in pokerstars to play with. Still it's all variance, and i really haven't analysed my stt game 4 quite a while, so i shall, and will be back soon enough. The standard is terrible. But my roi of 13% just aint good enough right now.

Mtt's have been mainly low stakes. I've final tabled alot over the last week but just for minor cashes, last night i managed to take down a 100+runner midnight mtt on crypto. Just a few ton but it all helps, and right now i need every penny. Living in london is just soooo expensive.

The crossroads has arriven again as the bills have gone out over xmas and new year. To pay everything all over again in feb i either need some more results soon or ill have to get a job. The money i won early last month has almost all gone already. My problem is i have no ability to save 4 a rainy day, i always think it will be sunny. And im just too generous when most of the world is tighter than a duck's ass.

So Decembers early promise seems years ago and i'm struggling for funds again. The problem is jobwise all i want to do is play poker or sports bet. No change there then hey?? :)

However, i may have to bite the bullet and start viewing the job pages. Yet to do what i have no real idea. Literally i'd have no clue, might try an agency or something. But i really don't want to have to do this.

Therefore i must make sure i can use my limited roll to get a result this month, for example Brighton gukpt is next week. But again the events are beyond my bankroll. So i'm going to try and get staked for as many events as possible. They have quite a few events that look tasty. I just know the average standard will be atrocious, so i should fit right in:)

Seriously I gen believe my mtt game is as good as ever right now, my confidence in that variant is uber high. Playing 4 someone else, sober, could also help install much needed discipline in my life. I've never had much of that, but i guess a real job could give me this as well. But early mornings and early a poker player!

A friend recently told me i moan too much in this blog. And i do, just like in real life moaning/sarcastic musing is soothing. But i'll quit while im behind for now.

Ok all stakers are welcome for brighton gukpt week.

This is the schedule.

I'm planning on playing the 200/300/1k events. Total buys ins are 1610 inc reg fees. I'd like to sell all the shares ideally in ten percent blocks of 160 quid. The deal will be, 70 percent returns from any prizemoney after your stake is returned.

My hendonmob profile is here, and i'm not a bad bet:)

EDIT- Just sold the lot I believe. So thats good. I'll update how i get on next week from brighton.

Laters peeps,


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