Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Brighton Day 2....

Today went a great deal better than yesterday. For a start I actually picked up kings twice and even aces once too. However, these hands did not get paid off, bb specials like 63 suited and those magic ducks were golden. As it's 5 am i'll do a very brief report.

Turning up at 755 for an 8pm start, I should have known grovesnor would start their tournie as usual half an hour late, without a word-not even a brief sorry. The 300 squid dble chance seemed right up my street. My first table was full of pros, but luckily i had position on extra specially tricky players like Sam Trickett. Before long i'd boosted my stack to 22k by the first break, without ever really being in danger of busting.

My table broke and i played many hands at my new abode, quickly doubling my stack, so that by 11ish i had 3 times the average with 45k. Another table broke saw me bust shortie after shortie, sucking out on a couple of occasions, to the severe dimay of my foes, who really couldn't get my style.

I had two more table breaks (4 in all) and i stalled for a couple of hours yoyoing between 40 and 70k. Finished on 64k with about 25/148 starters coming back tmrw afternoon. Average is around 40k with blinds at 800-1600 and a running ante i believe of 100.

So alls good and i'll uopdate after taking it down tmrw afternoon/evening.
My mate alex is also still in with a healthy 52k after being close to the felt a few times. Bad luck he's only playing for second!

Laters peeps,


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TEAMDOBB said...

looking good, knew I shudda invested 0:)

gl Mr Angry