Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Never as good as you think, or as bad...

Tonight I won a Gukpt package worth $2500. Poker overall has been going well, as has the sports betting of late. So overall things are gooooood.

However, as i read in a magazine article recently:

"Your'e never quite as good as you think you are when winning, nor as bad when losing."

This statement could have been written about me, as it describes me perfectly. So although on a good run right now, i'm awaiting the blow up/downswing with relish. Well at least i'm not dreading it. Like a squirrel i'm saving all winnnings for the countless rainy days that will occur soon enough, so that i don't have to join the real world and actually get a job.

Whilst reading other people's blogs of late i've noticed how they can nicely deviate from only droning on about poker, poker, poker, to other more interesting subjects. This is something i need to learn, as otherwise this blog like myself, will become burnt out.
So in my next piece i will attempt to unravel mysteries of our times, political strategies for the future and i shall furiously debate climate change. In reality ill probably talk sports a bit more.

On that note i'm very proud of my ew wager on aston villa at 200-1. For once some fatherly advice given to me was heeded and we shared the bet. Don't honestly think they'll finish in front of united, but arsenal-yeah no worries, liverpool-no reason y not and chelsea aren't exactly pulling up trees.

Next week i know a few ppl are flying off to vegas for the latest venetian deepstack. In an ideal world i'd go too, but roll restrictions and my bleeding buggered up knee will stop this. Still i cannot wait for vegas in the summer and am going to book my flights as soon as i decide how long/schedule etc.

Last year i stayed in 3 diff hotels and found it a bit tough to live that way. Either i'll park myself in one place this year or i'll rent an apartment or something. Problem with that is i dont really want to have to make meals and stuff all the time. We'll see on that one.

This weekend is the rendevous brighton jan sales main event, it looks a cracker. I wont be attending due to prev mentioned reasons, but will be cheering on a few mates. My next live poker is looking like the dtd weekend a week on saturday. Not been there 4 ages and am chomping at the bit to play some poker in such a luxurious card room again. Space between tables and decent service-us ex gutshotters aren't used to that, well cert not the space bit.

Ok i've gone on enough, i'll prob blog again around the weekend. Sunday night is the superbowl and i am not sure who to bet on yet. One thing's for sure-it should be a cracker!

Laters peeps,


Saturday, 24 January 2009

An image at last..........

Just thought id try and figure out how to put images on this blog, and what better image than those chips which i always seem unable to attain!

This is only a quick, quirky post from yours truely. I'm laid up right now with my knee so i've been grinding it out proper online. Stts, mtts, they sound like sexual diseases, but they actually have been going okay of late.

Tightening up my game has always been something i've known that i had to do. Yet until this last couple of months, maniac blow ups have been something of a speciality. Nowadays i still like to bluff, just not as much, and certainly not against certain people.

The more i play, the more i realise how easy poker is, and how complicated i have made it in the past. The lack of booze in my system is providing clearer images in my mind, and i'm not seeing three aces in my holdem hole cards anymore. Obv that never happened btw!

Okay i'm gonna fly but before i do that i best put another image in just to show off!

The bracelet is something i want this year anyway, but who doesn't. Lastly thank you for all your 'kind' comments on my injury, you guys are leg-ends.

Laters peeps,


Sunday, 18 January 2009

Comedy dom....

Firstly i'm now 0/8 for GUKPT Cashes and day 2's made. Secondly I have damaged my knee and am laid up for a few days, and thirdly I am a twat. :)

Thursday started off well with confidence booming. Moves/strategies were already developing in my head while i enjoyed a soft drink or two at the bar, while snaffling sausage rolls from the blue sq buffet.

Arriving at my table i saw jerome bradpiece and adam vinson were the only players i knew. It soon became apparent a young lad nameed Ramsey from the vic was a def danger, and he had position. Yet the others were rocks and fish, overall a very nice table.

As the table ran uber tight early on i started to play most hands, i felt that there was a huge edge in playing small pots with most of these players. However, as is often the case in these events I managed to bluff of a few k early doors when there was no real need to.

*Note to self*
Firing barrels against a gibraltor aint the cleverest move when safe cards, not scare cards keep rolling off the streets.

Then i ran top pr into a set and was semi-slow rolled. Actually it was a def slow roll, just think he didn't realise it as he kept doing it all day. My river call in this hand was appaulling and within 2 hours i'd decimated 10k into 2000. I'd built the pot needlessly on the turn which made me feel commmited on the river.

Came back after a good chat with alex and immediately started rebuilding. Showing 'great' skill i conjoured up kings twice...and took down the 75-150 blinds. Again my powers of magic brought another premium and this time in the bb to a btn 4x rse. His kq felt commited against my bullets, which held up.

From then onwards i played very well for 90% of the rest of the day. I played most hands, actually getting scolded by an opponent for 'raising every single hand'. I felt brilliant, i'd got under ppl's skin, now i'd get a stack. Soon enough i was on 20k from a series of 3 and 4bets, squeezes and general solid plays. Then a key moment arose.

Folded to my sb i rsd with aq at 200-400, with just ramsey calling in the bb. Flop was 679 with two clubs. I have no club, no pair, but i felt the cbet was the way to go for a few reasons against such a tricky player. He flatted and something about the way he did so made me very wary and i wasn't sure if i even wanted to hit the turn.

Of crse the ace of hearts rolled off and I checked, i know with straight and flush draws there's a case for protecting my newfound hand, but not only is it almost face up, it may be already beat, or drawing dead. He checked behind, but i'm still ubercautious, though i feel with a set and 2 pair he has to bet, so i'm thinking now he has either a flush or strt draw or a pair thats now counterfitted, or even air-having floated, but now scared from the ace.

So the queen of hearts rolls off giving me the nut 2 pair, yet why do i still dislike my hand? Check it, my instincts scream, you'll just scare off the worst hand, and find action from a set, he can't bluff this river too big imo, but a check might induce a small one. Instead i value bet like 2750 into 7k and after due consideration he shoves for about 7 more. Getting 2-1 on the pot dsnt matter, how is he ever bluffing this river? Also the table is being broken after this hand, and i have about 14k back, everything screams fold to me.

I start talking aloud, something i often do on such a crucial decision. I cannot see what i beat bar a lesser 2 pair, or a busted flush or straight sraw. But he isn't value shoving with the 2 pair, and i think he's too good 4 the bluff move here, he know i've been hero calling all day long. I know i'm beat...he has set of 7s, yeah that's it....ok i call.

My atrocious 'reasoning' paid off his 58 suited, which i believe had the flush draw too on the flop where he flopped the straight. Afterwards i knew if he checks the turn, he has to almost always have the strt if he's shoving the river, with all the draws out there, he must protect a set/2 pair. He played it well, and i bad, simple.

My next table looks scary with a pro in every seat. However, i soon turn my 6k bowl with blinds at 3-6 into 26k through a series of card catches and general aggression. Bar tony phillips the table is playing tight. Here is when i have my 'blow up' which stops me getting a nice stack for day 2 and causes much annoyance on my part for not paying full attention.

There is a limp utg from perhaps the worst player on the table (i don't see this), i'm still stacking my chips after doubling up on the prev hand. Also i'm talking to tony who is two to my right. He makes it 2000 to play, now his normal raise is 2.5x the bb. So i rr to 6k with a10 in the coff, but i don't reaally care about my hand all that much, i'm just squeezing tony out. BB now shoves for 12k total. Oops,hand in the cookie jar time, limper folds as does tony. So now i'm getting like 7-2 as there is about 21k in there. I've just gotta pray he has kings and 3 outs, which he does and they hold. Paying attention ALL of the time is something i must learn.

Now with 14k and blinds at 4-8 i go totally card dead with mark goodwin on my immediate left also short. All lag l8 moves are now tougher with him expected to repop very light. So i bleed down to 11k when my table is broken, and i move with blinds at 500-1k.

First hand i'm +1utg when jack powell and his huge stack raises utg, i have 7s and fold due to the pos, he claims queens. Then in my bb i am raised by the tightish coff. He was on my table earlier and often open limps oop with aq/k and always raised with mid pairs, while doing a bit of both with higher pairs. Bar his flexibility in how he plays hands i'd say overall he has quite a weak passive game, and i veiw him as a tight player, also he is short too. His raise is small to 2400, this rings a bell as he did so earlier with a mid pair. I have a8 in the bb, against most players i insta shove here as i've fold equity against air and can be ahead of the average range in this spot.

Here at 12am i decide i've worked too hard to flip without thought, and decide to bleed call and see a flop where i'll re-evalute. This is ridic, just shove or fold. Anyway flop is 8k2, i check as don't want him to fold worst hand, and can't bluff bet here, he cbets i shove, and he has ak. But this wasn't the key hand, the a10 sqze was.

The night didn't finish there as after being ko'd i decided for one night only i'd 'forget' my no drinking and drown my sorrows. So we went to a club and did shots b4 arriving bk at the casino at 4am. Then the most stupid thing ever hpnd. While leaving the blackjack table as the place was closing about 5ish, (there is a story about that table which i'll tell another time) I twisted my leg and collapsed in agony. The staff thought i'd broke it, so did i, but i hadn't. As i hobbled out of the grov i reflected on how i wanted the day to end, surprisingly this wasn't it.

The next day the hospital confirmed i'd injured my knee and prob had internal bleeding. The pain is a killer and i can't properly walk for a few days. Marv. So now i'm back home and bk to the grind.

Laters peeps,


Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Unlucky 13........

Pretty upset right now, as you might have guessed from this title, I busted 13th in the 300 dble chance today. I managed to sneak into the cash for a measly 450 english pounds. Certainly not what i'd hoped for when the day started.

Early on i managed to lose a couple of flips, and decline a huge coin throw with jacks against a clear ak. Bar the knaves good cards were hard to find and i grew frustrated. Bluffing was a way to gain a release and i was picked off. Now shortish and soon to be in shove mode i lost another flip before i was forced to push with ace rag from the coff. My ace on the river no match for the rivered flush for my oppos pckt fours.

So bk to the drawing board for the main event tmrw. I'll gladly win some flips then.

Laters peeps,


Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Brighton Day 2....

Today went a great deal better than yesterday. For a start I actually picked up kings twice and even aces once too. However, these hands did not get paid off, bb specials like 63 suited and those magic ducks were golden. As it's 5 am i'll do a very brief report.

Turning up at 755 for an 8pm start, I should have known grovesnor would start their tournie as usual half an hour late, without a word-not even a brief sorry. The 300 squid dble chance seemed right up my street. My first table was full of pros, but luckily i had position on extra specially tricky players like Sam Trickett. Before long i'd boosted my stack to 22k by the first break, without ever really being in danger of busting.

My table broke and i played many hands at my new abode, quickly doubling my stack, so that by 11ish i had 3 times the average with 45k. Another table broke saw me bust shortie after shortie, sucking out on a couple of occasions, to the severe dimay of my foes, who really couldn't get my style.

I had two more table breaks (4 in all) and i stalled for a couple of hours yoyoing between 40 and 70k. Finished on 64k with about 25/148 starters coming back tmrw afternoon. Average is around 40k with blinds at 800-1600 and a running ante i believe of 100.

So alls good and i'll uopdate after taking it down tmrw afternoon/evening.
My mate alex is also still in with a healthy 52k after being close to the felt a few times. Bad luck he's only playing for second!

Laters peeps,


Monday, 12 January 2009

Respect brutha....

Here's a report from day 1 of the brighton gukpt festival week:

Via a couple of thankfully pretty empty trains, I arrived into a very wet and windy brighton at half past four, just in time to pop into the books to watch a nag i had an interest in...or so i thought.

Naively deciding a walk in the hurricane drenched streets of hove was preferable to a warm and cosy cab, i soon faced the prospect of being without sight. My glasses were so wet through i could barely recognise buildings, let alone a bookies. So i missed the race, arrived at my hotel seriously soaked and found out my horse had been given the donkey of the meeting award.

No matter, i'm here to play poker so i settled down into my plush-ish hotel and fired up a sit and go. Finished 2nd for a small profit quickly changing both clothes and mindset, ready for the casino and a live poker battle.

After almost being blown into the sea on the 2 minute walk to the Grovesnor, i arrived ready for action. Drank a few oj's and ate a dubious buffet. Enjoyed meeting up with some circuit chums and chatted.....bla bla bla.

My first table in the 200 was cramped to say the least. Being 6'4 and 15 stone means being cooped up in the ten seat, while the nice man on the table behind backs into your chair....isn't great, but i digress.

Bar nick persaud,a guy from luton and some circuit reg, i didn't know anyone on this initial table. With a 6k starting stack and 25-50 opening blinds there was lots of play to follow. The action started off slow with me raise/folding a bit. Then i ko'd a player who really shouldn't be playing 20 quid tournie's let alone 200's.

Cruisng along with 100 bb's at 50-100 with a smooth 45 min structure i was v.happy with the flow. Then i ran into the table cardrack and did a couple of k. But fight on i did and without cards i scraped and stole. When the table was broken i had almost 10k again and the blinds were still just 150-300.

My new table seemed a bit more aggro with one player far too laggy. I decided to target him as my double up/ free ride. Unfortunately the cards had other ideas,93, 72,59 not hands you wanna 4bet too much. Yeah others were isolating the cod with wide ranges. Eventually a little frustrated i was overjoyed with the chance to squeeze.

Mr cod- 'i only raise with filth/mod hands and limp with ak/jj', raises to 900 from hj, solid net type tag flats, i see 77 in sb. Instant shove for me with 8500 back and loadsa fold equity with the next level upcoming (2/400 and antes kicking in meaning i somewhat lose this 'move'. Instant call from laggy with 99 for half his stack was unexpected, the btn fold of js10s standard. Flop was no help, nor the rub down cod delivered.

'All in 77...madness, u can't bluff me boy' basically the jist.

Yeah mate u called off half yr stack with that after id folded 4 england waiting for such a situation.

'Respect brutha' was his parting shot, **** *** brutha was my delightful repsonse.

All in all a fun enough evening, with 145 runners, finishing 70th not ideal.
Yet wouldn't change how i played, especially with the cards i was dealt in the 4 hours i played.

Confidence is still high and despite the odd offer -and polite decline of said offers- of beverages of the alcoholic sort, i'm still more sober than ever.

Looking 4ward to the 300 dble chance tues evening, i'll prob report on that weds afternoon after taking it down.

Ok i guess it's that time...

Laters peeps,


Sunday, 11 January 2009

Off to brighton...

It's 3am and i should be asleep right now. But brighton gukpt week starts monday evening and i'm really looking 4ward to it.

I've booked into a nice hotel 4 a cple of nights, and have got all the staking i needed for the 3 events i am playing. I'll be bringing the lappie to grind out the stt's during the days and i cannot wait.

The no drinking is still going ok. Had a dodgy moment sunday afternoon when i was dying 4 a beer, yet i managed to resist the tempatation. The real test of crse will come this week when if i suffer a beat, i'll have to drown my sorrows with an oj or a pint of milk...rather than a pint and a chaser.

Football this weekend was so close to a really good one 4 me. I did sunderland, west ham and forest in singles and a trixie. Only forest copped yet the other two shoulda coulda...but didn't. Oh well still on the beans rather than the caviar this week. Also had a cple of small ew dbles which if they'd copped wlda coulda been kkkkkkkkkkk's all over the place for mr kay here, instaed they were the usual 1st and 2nd by a sh.

Been playing stt's since thursday with a new roll and a new purpose. Things are looking good right now, as long as i realise its all about variance i shall defeat them very easily i can tell u. Oh yeeeeees.

Ok so monday is the 200 event in brighton which will be won by me. I'll post a winner's report in a coupla days.

Laters peeps,


Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Happy new year...

I've been reading quite a few blogs over the last week.

Most seem to promise brave resolutions and hopeful goals for 2009. Personally i'd only break them so i wont bother. Bar one for this month. As hinted about in previous posts, i've been a bit worried about overdoing it on the booze, especially at poker festivals around the country. Not only has it caused me to lose money, but i've got out of shape and generally made a fool of myself. Thus im detoxing for jan, and staying 100 percent off alcohol.

Febuary may follow similar lines dependant on how i feel. Right now it's pretty easy but its only been a week!

So how has the poker been going since new year? Quite average i'd say. My bread and butter stt's which were going well up to xmas have started to kick me in the face. Bubble, bubble toil and trouble. That's me right now, i cannot cash in em. I've done my full tilt roll and have a bowl in pokerstars to play with. Still it's all variance, and i really haven't analysed my stt game 4 quite a while, so i shall, and will be back soon enough. The standard is terrible. But my roi of 13% just aint good enough right now.

Mtt's have been mainly low stakes. I've final tabled alot over the last week but just for minor cashes, last night i managed to take down a 100+runner midnight mtt on crypto. Just a few ton but it all helps, and right now i need every penny. Living in london is just soooo expensive.

The crossroads has arriven again as the bills have gone out over xmas and new year. To pay everything all over again in feb i either need some more results soon or ill have to get a job. The money i won early last month has almost all gone already. My problem is i have no ability to save 4 a rainy day, i always think it will be sunny. And im just too generous when most of the world is tighter than a duck's ass.

So Decembers early promise seems years ago and i'm struggling for funds again. The problem is jobwise all i want to do is play poker or sports bet. No change there then hey?? :)

However, i may have to bite the bullet and start viewing the job pages. Yet to do what i have no real idea. Literally i'd have no clue, might try an agency or something. But i really don't want to have to do this.

Therefore i must make sure i can use my limited roll to get a result this month, for example Brighton gukpt is next week. But again the events are beyond my bankroll. So i'm going to try and get staked for as many events as possible. They have quite a few events that look tasty. I just know the average standard will be atrocious, so i should fit right in:)

Seriously I gen believe my mtt game is as good as ever right now, my confidence in that variant is uber high. Playing 4 someone else, sober, could also help install much needed discipline in my life. I've never had much of that, but i guess a real job could give me this as well. But early mornings and early a poker player!

A friend recently told me i moan too much in this blog. And i do, just like in real life moaning/sarcastic musing is soothing. But i'll quit while im behind for now.

Ok all stakers are welcome for brighton gukpt week.

This is the schedule.

I'm planning on playing the 200/300/1k events. Total buys ins are 1610 inc reg fees. I'd like to sell all the shares ideally in ten percent blocks of 160 quid. The deal will be, 70 percent returns from any prizemoney after your stake is returned.

My hendonmob profile is here, and i'm not a bad bet:)

EDIT- Just sold the lot I believe. So thats good. I'll update how i get on next week from brighton.

Laters peeps,