Thursday, 31 December 2009

Happy new year all..

Enjoy tonight everyone, and a happy new year to you all.


Saturday, 19 December 2009

Getting sick of the beats....

Long time no post.

Guess it's that time of year again for me with poker and my career in 'gambling'.

I always seem to run badly near the end of each year and go through numerous soul searching moments of questioning whether or not i can really get what i want out of this 'job'.

Financially it's just a real struggle right now, constantly having to pay off bills from previous months and never seeming to have my own roll liquid. This has put me under undue pressures and it's kinda tiring.

For the last few weeks i've been really hitting the late night small mtt's on ipoker. I've done okay and paid off some overdue bills, but i'm still always skint and i hate the hours.

I think my sports bets have become a bit too much of a leak right now. I even tried to start accounting for them on here, but it was no good really because thet are just too numerous, and i'm not really a great one for keeping records. So come new year i've decided i'll limit myself to one football bet at weekends, and if i actually start saving some cash, i might just might allow a little acca come midweek too.

This post has come about as i'm feeling pretty tilty after a bad beat on a final table i just made. I literally ground out this 10 dollar rebuy for 4 hours b4 getting to the final table in 2nd place and 30 bigs or so, with the average at 20.

The chip leader has 50bigs and has already tangled with me a cple of times previously, showing himself to be a donk of the highest order. Alert here comes a bad beat whinge...well it is my blog right?? :)

Donk chip ldr limps utg, 2nd donk min rss out of position, according to sharkscope the guy puts uberlicious into the term uber fish. Mid position i pick up the aces and make it 6x to play. Now in this sorta of situation v random non thinking donks it's very important to get precisely the correct raise amount in. I figure against their likely ranges anything more will likely scare off first donk, and anything less wldnt get enough in versus 2nd donk's range.

Both donks called and utg donk shipped it in on the j hi rainbow rag rag flop. 2nd donk folds and i snap only to be outdrawn by the mighty j8std on the turn when that damn eskimo just can't resist popping down. So it's 75 bucks and bread and butter for me all week rather than the kkk's in my pocket if i hold and the world.

Phew vent over, just let me run good again and start building this damn bowl roll up again!

Happy xmas all :)

Thursday, 26 November 2009

Last night's bets...

Ok so another score draw more or less, hull won and milan failed to flatten the french.
Takes the balance back to it's starting point of 100 points, so not exactly that exciting a start, but at least i'm not losing.

Been playing a few small stake mtt's this week, just cannot stop donking off big stack's when i get them, it's getting annoying and needing to be rectified. I'm even running badly in the stt's but meh that's just variance.

Looking 4ward to the weekend, going to be a good one i hope. I'll be studying numerous sports bets over the next 24 hours to see if I can find a nice saturday punt.

Finally well done to my frind marc c who took down the gukpt qualifier online last night, well done mate! Hopefully he'll take the grand final down, 100k+ ftw, lovely!

Laters peeps,

Donk dom.

Wednesday, 25 November 2009


Firstly better admit to having messed up a bit with my staking sizes as a few smart ass 'mates' of mine have pointed out. Gone is the 0.25 and 0.625 amounts, they just look ugly. From now on to appease the masses they will stay in 0.5 increments. :)

Ill also round down or up my loss/win to the nearest half point for clarity.

Tonight i haven't done any research into obscure fgs selections so will just have a cple of dull match bets.

(Balance 98.5 points)

(1)Hull draw no bet, 2.5 pts@6-4.

- I like hull dnb at home tonight at 6-4. They are improving, have competition up front and should be a difficult prospect for an everton side with injuries and a rather eratic nature. Hull are very much a confidence side, and right now goals mean confidence and they will go into this match with some hope after the west ham peformance, rather than everton 's usual spanking from united.

(2) Milan to win, 2.5 pts@1.98.

- Milan at near evens tonight are just too good a price to ignore. They play a marseille side tonight who i believe are underpriced due to thrashing a poor zurich side 6-1 last time out, milan are no swiss cheese. I make milan's price nearer 4-5 here and have been relatively impressed when watching them recently, and thus they are value here.

Laters peeps,


More Sports...

No piccy today im afraid-not for short posts anyway.

Last night's results were more or less a wash, well i lost but not much.

Liverpool managed to win 1-0, so no shame in losing an 8-1 shot by a mere goal, the fgs bets all misfired, but i was happy with the value i recived on their prices, so no matter. Stuggart tanked rangers, but unfortunately not by enough to really crush on the night.

So first night's total is -1.33 points. (Balance 98.67)

Going to post a cple of punts later this afternoon, prob only a cple tonight.

Laters peeps,


Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Sports betting....

Not much to talk about regarding poker to be honest. Just the daily grind going ok, with nothing special to speak of. So i thought i'd blog a bit about that other passion of mine, sports betting.

As with anything i guess, my bets on sports seem to lose when the farm is on and unleash hell on the bookies when the pennies are plunged. The latter is how it's been going lately. Everything i back, tip, even smell a punt on-wins. Of crse if i started putting some serious dough on im sure variance wld kick in, stupid really as this is surely irrational thinking. Anyway i had a thought about all this. To help myself keep track im going to start putting up some tips on here for a little bit.

Obviously they all come with a serious health/wealth warning and should just be observed for now. It's just i actually think with a proper staking plan i could actually start coining it in a little bit, but that requires discipline of course, something somewhat a little lacking in my locker.

Recently the bet that's been doing very nicely for me is the draw no bet selection. It helps the wuss in me back teams like sunderland at home to arsenal,when before i'd worry about the draw, which of crse wld be okay if i just layed arsenal on betfair, but after comish and stuff i often found value lost on the exchange, as lots of my fancies are arbs. Draw no bets often offer more value imo and are a lovely addition to the weekend acca.

So what i'm going to do for a month or so, and for a bit of a laugh, is start a punting bank with 100 points, and i'll back my tips in reality from this 'fund' as well as putting them up on here. I won't however mention how much the bank is, as that would be too personal-i'll just leave it up to the imagination.

Ok so lets get cracking.

This morning after a long night's online poker sesh i've been unable to sleep. Therefore i have been ploughing through tuesday's champions league games looking for an edge, and a few funky bets to place. Most of the games look tight encounters and i decided to look for a different angle, bar exclusively betting on the match odds.

Often i find in european matches the bookmakers wont do huge research into the more unknown team's players, and how often certain players will score frequently for their team, yet be massively overpriced. Many times you can find the odd gem lurking at a lovely juicy price with one or two bookmakers.

Unfortunately i didn't find a player at 50-1 who should have been 20s or less, as i have on numerous occassions before. But i did find a couple of decent enough 'value' bets. Which is all we are really looking for, if we continue to get value, as in poker, we will eventually be winners in the game. But mainly this is meant to be a bit of fun for me, and something to test the waters in terms of my punting discipline.

Most tipsters stick to 1-3 points in their bet sizes. I don't, my bets will vary up to a maximum of 10 points per bet. The reason is, i do a great deal of bets on occasion and some will be merely speculative, while some should win easily- but all will be value.

Tonight i'm laying out 10.5 points worth of bets.

So here are my bets: (100 starting bank)

(1)- Debrechen Draw No bet- 1.25 points win@8-1.

In my opinion liverpool cannot be trusted with counterfit right now. Defensively they look all over the place-i cannot see a clean sheet tonight. The hungarians are no world beaters and will themselves concede, i actually thought of backing the overs here, but there was not a huge amount of value in the price. And that's the key here, debrechen at 8s with the draw refunding stakes- are a value bet imo.

(2)- Stuggart Draw No bet- 5 pts win@5-6.

I really don't see a losing side to this bet at all. Rangers look terrible everytime i see them, the germans will be efficent and could very well be clinical enough to give the blues a real thrashing. Walter smith's boys have lost both previous home ties 4-1 and i can forsee a similar type of scoreline tonight. Thus i've also had some small correct score punts at party prices.

(3)- Stuggart to win 4-1- 0.5 pt@80-1,5-0- 0.25 pt@325-1, 5-1 0.25 pt@250-1.

(4)-Barcelona to win 3-1- 0.5 pt@14-1.

I think this will develop into an open game with barca needing a result. This is the sort of scoreline i envisage, and i'd be more inclined to make it 12-1, thus it's value.

(5)- Karadeniz fgs for Rubin Kazan v Dynamo Kiev- 0.625pt ew@10-1.

This guy has got quite a few goals for the russians so far and looks a value price here, most firms were single figs bar 1 here, who look to have underestimated the turkish player.

(6)-Josef varga fgs for debrechen v liverpool- 0.5pt ew@50-1.

The stats show this midfeilder is slightly overpriced here and with the generous place terms, an anytime goal will still provide a nice profit.

(7)- M Jovanovic fgs for standard leige v arsenal- 0.5pt @14s.

The serb scores hatfuls for them and takes the penalties to boot. Arsenal might start slowly here after the weekend.

Ok that's it.

Laters peeps,


Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Sunday million and....

So close to a big score, but alas it wasn't to be.

As i fired up my computer early on sunday evening i entered the warm up, with itself a near million prize pool. Several hours later i cashed for a bowl after beating 4000+ competitors, yet found the last 500 or so just a little too cardracky.

The million gave me a huge stack early on and inspired confidence in that win i knew i was due. Despite outlasting 17,500 fellow players, again the last 380 feisty fish found their cards bootiful, while i found rags aplenty-one day it will happen.

Been a quiet week really, grinding away while suffering from severe toothace, appointment later today to remove offending wisdom tooth.

Ill blog later,

Laters peeps,


Thursday, 12 November 2009

Weekly Update

Spent the weekend partaking in all sorts of revelries in nottingham...ok i just played some poker with a sherbert or 3, but it was fun.

Last week was spent grinding the small mtts online, with the odd stt sesh thrown in. I managed to sat into the dtd 300 in a 10 euro rebuy and took down a couple of mini rebuys on ipoker for a bowl or two. Thursday night saw me drink far too much than is advisable after a meeting about poker turned into a beer festival. Thus the friday journey up to nottingham was spent feeling and looking green, also managed to lose my prescription shades on the way up for about the zillionth time this year. Moto service stations certainly don't destroy the opposition in terms of customer service, but lets get onto the poker.

Friday 6th November

Checked into hotel and decided the £40 quid rebuy would be best left alone, a mate from the international chopped it up for a couple of bags while i watched a john candy film.

Saturday 7th November

The holiday inn's breakfast, in particular the sausages were atrocious, i still have a stomach ache which i blame on these. Probably shouldn't have eaten them every day then, but an incorparated full english has to be taken advantage of right? Anyway i rushed over to the dtd club and saw the place infested with sharks as well as the uusal cods.

My opening table was pretty weak, but i didn't exactly take advantage, instead taking strong yet weak lines (if thats possible) against the young scandi threatning to run over the table. Deciding i wanted the captains hat i took him on in numerous pots with position, came out even or so in pots won between us, yet massively down in chips attained in these skirmishes.

A few hands i murdered, yet if im honest my only premium hand all day was ak once and precisely no pocket pairs bar the odd ducks or threes. I know a bad workman blames his tools, but surely he has to actually have some damn tools available. After witnessing numerous nit rolls where ppl destroyed poker hands with aplomb i departed after shipping my bowl in with j9std and running into aj, suck out 1 time was not to happen on this occasion.

Played the evening shootfest which carried a juicy 2.5k first prize, but failed to hit many flops, in the process massacring pocket queens against a female rock's turned set. At leats i busted in time for the haye fight and a comedy live score stt.

Sunday 8th November.

Woke up with a slight headache and decided to stay another night. The 150 fo today looked juicy and i managed to sell some of my action. That tournie went quite badly, i just could not get started, finally squeezing pocket ducks into the bullets, a bad move as the guy had never flatted a raise all day, guy wasn't exactly phil ivey neither, but might as well have been with me not even looking at the bloke. Shipping 13bbs in this spot dsnt sound horrible, fact that the aces guy had 11bb total does.

Decided the 40+40 evening shoot would end everything suitably, finishing third got me out of it for the weekend, but certainly not by much. Still was nice for the old confidence, even rejected a deal three handed, and glad i did despite the result. Finally thinking longterm for once.

Heard the twins were in the btm two on the xfactor-did my plums on this. Could not, would not understand that, and may attempt a similar bet this wknd, luckily a very small bet on lucie to go at 16s helped ease the pain a little.

Monday 9th November -Weds 11th nov.

Cheers to mark for the lift home, as also the lift up-poor guy should get a medal having to share a car with yours truely moaning about beats etc. Got back in time to grind a bit online. Thats what ive been mostly doing since i got bk, though i still feel rough from those breakfasts. Was glad to see that although james aikenhead hadn't won the wsop, cada had. Backed them both and also think the young american will be better for poker than a darvin moon win would have been, although i think mr moon surprised a few with his second place finish, certainly not the uber fish he made out.

Going to grind so much online next few weeks and try not to allow myself to get too down about having to miss blackpool gukpt and a stag do this weekend because of money issues, time to get that roll decent, then i'll party once more.

Laters peeps,


Sunday, 1 November 2009


*EDIT* Monday 2nd November- Just won my seat to the dtd live 80k monthly grntd via a 10 euro rebuy-sweet :)
Will probably sell some action but if so will post nearer saturday, can't wait as it's been ages since i've been dtd.

The last week has seen me miss out on big cashes more times than a wannabe wag in stringfellos-not sure if that line works but hey who cares! Keep hitting the bar with small mtt cashes, and then hitting the bar for beer to drown my sorrows. I've literally made about 7 final tables on ipoker in the last week, yet my biggest cash has been for like 300 bucks, figure how that is possible. I guess the buyins varying from $7 to $50 doesn't help, but it keeps the variance down. And the top 3 places normally pay well for a few k. My problem has been i keep losing crucial races and getting sucked out on in crucial pots. Oh well rant over, here's how my weeks's gone.

Monday 26th october.

Got up late but still managed to make it to brighton with family for someone's birthday. Said person had a good time which was all that mattered really, but luckily so did i as i breathed in the sea air. Was nice to have a day off gambling and just chill, although on the journey home i mused over backing leicster on the draw no bet market against the 'toothless at home' reading. Left the punt alone and of course it sailed home.

Tuesday 27th october.

Was back to the grind of a sort. If you call the occasional stt and sports bet a grind. The night shift on the mtt trail was the real work done really, hit the post a few too many times but ended up a little on the day which was a refreshing change.

Wednesday 28th october.

Had a few footy bets on this day. They alll won which nearly caused me to faint, my slightly negative attitude of late expected to lose, probbaly something i need to change in all aspects of life. Again hit the late night mtt trail and nearly smashed up my computer due to a beat or twelve.

Thursday 29th october.

Today i decided id really hit those stts,id multi table and show em how it was done, did I do the volume??...did i f@*!
Enjoyed some sports bets a little too much, putting on one or two too many 'dirty' bets saw a long term account closed, something that caused me much fury. No matter though, least they can't get no tilt footy bets off me. Mtts again saw deep runs without much wonga recieved, as i sank into bed around 7am i wondered where it had all gone wrong.

Friday 30th october.

Agree to meet some mates up town for a 50 quid rebuy+add on trne at the sportsman. The standard had to be seen to be believed. Unfortunately i didn't pick up not one premium hand all night. Left me needing to squeeze open donk limpers, probably a bad idea when one of them is tilting and your 86std runs up against the snowmen. Left to go home after a guinness or 3.

Saturday 31st october.

Got all my xfactor bets ready and waited for the evening's show. Felt this was the week rachel's luck would run out and also punted lucie at party prices. Did my usual lay of the twins for the bottom 2, kinda hard for them to be in that position when they are clearly one of the most voted acts. Yet ppl never learn and one bookie even offered generous odds on the event not happening too.

Football bets were a mixed bag, fulham copping a sweet draw no bet punt, southampton, stoke and sunderland all drawing and ruining an accumlualtor, 3 teams starting with s in an acca are clearly jinxed. Played a very small amount of poker but otherwise spent the day with my lovely gf. Also found out mr keys had won 48k or so in estonia-MBN! Wd though mate.

Sunday 1st november.

Spent most of the day chilling and went into greenwich for a walk and food with gf, was a nice break from gambling. Coffee by the river is starting to become a habit, i think im getting old as i actually am starting to enjoy it.

Enjoyed seeing my rachel bet cop and the twins wager absolutely sail sthrough. Unfortunately the multitude of direct debits due out soon will swallow up those wins, but hey it was a nice result. Couple of nfl bets were a wash, and i played a couple of the stars majors. In the warm up i went up and down like a yoyo, but ran like a dog and soon departed.

The million went a little better if also reliant on the yoyo style, before i made a somewhat laggy 3bet ship allin for 20 big blinds to a hj open, my aj no match for his aq, but im sure its the correct move. Currently playing a 10 dollar rebuy in which ive gone from chip daddy to chip junior, but there's still hope, the pca sat went slightly badly tho, degenerated into a shoot, but 50 dollar ones normally do.

Ok laters peeps,


Sunday, 25 October 2009

Post a post...

Rather like an ongoing record again I shall bleet on about not really knowing what to say in this blog. I could talk about how the grinding isn't really going on right now, how poker is very swingy both emotionally, physically and financially, I could speak about hands that puzzle, surprise or even amaze even the unamazeable.

But tbh i just can't be bothered. It's all a little dull. If im honest, recently i've suffered quite a few cruel rivers, and been taken to beat-aliciousville. I've got to make sure i dont tilt off all my pennies so that i have to go down and get a job at the local mcdonalds. Oh my god this post has become all funky, i don't know if i should post it, maybe i'll just delete this rubbish. Nah it'll be fun.

A lot of the more interesting blogs/posts i read on forums nowadays seem to talk about things related to other forms of gambling and life in general. As this blog seems to be going nowhere in terms of actual poker content i'll jump along that bandwagon and hope it inspires me to ditch the drivel above and deeply analyse balanced ranges, alex martin style.

So for the next few posts i think i''ll literally just talk about life and my recreational gambling on the side, as well as a bit of poker of crse, well probbaly just bad beat stories to start with but who knows, god im rambling.

Ok so here's the life of Dom since friday october 23rd:

Friday October 23rd:

I planned to use this day purposefully. To pick up some new glasses, to find lost sunglasses and genrally tidy up my mess in the flat. I did none of these things, absolute zilch, nadda, nottttttthing. In fact i didn't even grind online in one little stt, i just watched telly and vegetated like a potato.

I think my only 'worthy' attempt at work was checking out the weekend footy games, for teams to bet on, and obviously that is pushing the work label. My gf had taken the day off work as we had planned a wknd away, once that fell through she went shopping and did useful things, as i say, i didn't. As i hit the sack at the end of a long and 'easy' day, i felt largely ashamed of my lack of anything done on the day.

Saturday October 24th:

Today i played a couple of stts without much luck, punted on football games without much luck and went for a walk into town, b4 rushing bk for more betting on the chelsea game, which thankfully saved the day. Then i had to choose xfactor bets, this is obviously a highly skilled area of expertise which can take...minutes intensive labour.

Sat down to watch the show with the gf while switching channels to see my strictly punts go down the drain, i mean y o y wld anyone vote to save sonia from eastenders? Motd ended a rather lazy day again for yours truely, im sure my gf was not exactly impressed with her wknd away...instead spent in the flat as usual with me kinda being as lazy as ever. Oh well tmrw i'll change.

Sunday October 25th:

Meant to go to the seaside today but we postponed it due to the weather, even though it turned out nice. Instaed went on another walk, and ran back in time to see most of the liverpool united game, this result was neither pleasing to my bank balance nor my football allegiances. Had about a million punts on the nfl over the day, broke roughly even if a little down on brownie points with the missus. The zfactor result won me a bowl of rice and the day drifted away.

Tried two of the sundays on stars only to suffer a sicko beat when a donk defended with q6o, gg. Tmrw i'll probbaly actually do that seaside trip, and some stts, and find those sunglasses, etc...then again i'll probbaly just stay in and watch tv.

*The above is based on fact and fiction and not wholly true, nor wholly untrue. Ill blog about poker mostly next time, this seems all too intense and silly.

Laters peeps,


Sunday, 11 October 2009


Played the ept shootout side event on wednesday. Finished 3rd for 4k after failing to win a flip for the whole world. 11.5K FTW wld have been nice, esp seeing as i sold a great deal of my action. The overall standard in this event was appaulling, seriosuly most of these guys shldnt play above 10 quid stts, and even then they'd struggle.

My first table managed to lose 3 players within minutes, one bloke gleefully shipping his kings in and his 200bb stack on the first flop we saw. I think even the man serving at the bar knew his opponent had a set. Soon after another great player decided ak was also impossible to lay down to multiple action pre, again said barman wld have smelt the aces from afar.

After a long heads up battle my small pot strategy paid off when i got my money in good and it held up. The next table was tougher but i soon started raising most hands and being the table bully due to the general passive nature of my opponents. Like i say i need to win flips tho, meh.

This week i'll be grinding online while also playing a 2 day £300 side event at gukpt thanet on tuesday night with a nice smooth 45 minute structure. Again ill be selling percentages. Ive already sold 25% and will swop 5 percent with a friend. Therefore i have 20% available at 1.2, the price will be £36 per ten percent block. Any1 interested let me know.*

*EDIT: Am now sold out.

Laters peeps,


Saturday, 3 October 2009

Lets start again...

For like the zillionth time im going to attempt to begin again with poker. After the let down of the wsope where i played ok but ran bad and didn't 'feel it', i now actually feel like a rock has been removed from my shoulders.

Yeah a burden's been lifted because although a cash was important, the fact it didnt happen allows me to concentrate the mind. The previous few months were hampered a little with an inability to really grind online, as id convinced myself naively the 'big score' was due in september.

This naivety is something i need to lose from my portfolio, the sheer harsh reality is like in anything, hard graft gets you the cash. Thats why the same old names keep grabbing the bounty time after time. I know with my game i can do this too, i just need to make sure i grind with the best of them. Discipline, concentration and a passion to succeed, it all starts now.

I'll be playing online for almost all of october, but there is an event next week im participating in. The £500+50 shootout event(capped at 100) at the vic is starting on wednesday and i know i'll have a big edge in that. I've already had some interest and i'll be selling up to 50% in the event.

*EDIT- I've sold 40% so far:

The price will be 1.1 and believe me that is very cheap. Most ppl play stts massively wrong, and this is basically one of them. Live players don't understand the simple stt strategy, I do and will exploit all edges i'll have in this. I actually expect to win the event (as i do with every stt i play) and will play this with much relish. *

I'll write up a couple of hands from the wsope in a day or so. Think i was slightly guilty of betting without and not when with on occasion. Will be interesting to get opinions.

* Just to clarify, i'm selling in blocks of £60 per 10%. Payment can be by bank transfer or by stars or full tilt transfer.

Laters peeps,


Thursday, 24 September 2009

WSOPE....Main Event.

Saturday sees yours truely play day1a of the wsope main event. I feel very hungry for success this year, perhaps even more so than in previous years. It def feels like im at a crosroads in my poker career. As much as i can do the grinding day in day out with eyes closed, its not what i really want from poker.

Id love to travel the circuit more and play decent structured mtts, rather than the limited live shoots my roll allows right now. A nice win would allow this, and would def make the grind easier. Right now i would like to droan on and on about why, but i wont. I'll just get a result and do my droaning then.

If any1 fancies a piece of me@£100 per % in the main just send me an email to or just text me if u know my number. Ive got a small amount still available for those with good taste. :)

Laters peeps,

Confident Dom.

Thursday, 17 September 2009

Fist pumps...

Played the 100+100 sat for the wsope 1k event yesterday. Possibly one of the worst run tournaments i've ever seen tbh. No clock, a relaxed ridic way of organising the max 1 rebuy or add on system and blinding lights...but i digress.

Managed to donk off my first 5k against rory liffey early on with 67 and mid pair on a flushing board, he binked his flush after the money went in, but tbh i was guilty of fps there(fancy play syndrome). After this setback i managed to grind my replenished 5k up to 15k before the folllowing hand occured.

UTG rocky type rss with 5k bk, loud donk flats with large stck, i repop with kk in the bb. UTG dwell folds jj or aq id say, donk peels. Flop j106, i bet somewhat a weak amount hoping to allude to possible fe for the donk, donk flats tho. Turn 9, i feel the value is in checking and snapping for a variety of reasons, this happens and he proudly turns over 108 for 9 outs. Bink the 8 comes and he fist pumps like he's won the world and informs me i played the hand wrong and he thus deserved it.

Was gulity afterwards of having one or two too many sherberts, but luckily binked a bit on the heads up machine, cheers eoin! Looks like i wont be playing this 1k event now, but its not the end of the world, i need to make sure i conserve all my energy for that 10k event in just over a week, now that would be a nice time to run good. Might even fist pump a victory myself...

Laters peeps,


Thursday, 3 September 2009

Poor effort...

This is what a certain mr cowell might classify as a weak attempt at keeping this blog going. Im just not in the mood for writing right now, tbh im not in the mood for much. The whole grind thing is getting me down a bit and making me qstn whether long term this lifestyle is what i really want. Again this is all probably results orientated as i haven't had a proper mtt result in so so long. Stts keep the wolves from the door but not the champers on ice, and boy do i like my booze :)

I just seem to run pretty bad late on in every mtt i play right now, but its probably partly down to losing concentration at crucial stages. With the wsope coming up i need to make sure my mind and body are ready for a huge live grind, cos im only interested in a ft repeat...and of crse a win this time. This all sounds a bit crazy, but it is 6am and ive just finished a long stt sesh-something which will drive the most sane insane.

The international this weekend has a juicy 10k added 1k tournie, ill pop along tmrw and see if i can sat into this value fest. Hopefully be updating on a nice win in a few days. Ok peeps im blogged out.



Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Gotta update b4...

Just realised i hadn't updated this blog in almost a month, well the month isn't up so...phew i've updated!

It's weird but writing this blog seems like a chore at times and a joy at others. There seems a direct corrolation between when im winning it's great and i wanna blag, and when i'm losing and i just dont wanna droan on and whinge and moan. I'll save that for face to face bad beat stories for my poor friends.

So what have i been up to of late i hear my one reader cry? Well ive been grinding a bit online and playing a small bit of live poker. Got a small result for 600 squid at the internationals nifty tournie a cple of weeks back, i think ill try and make that one a regular thing for the minute, i run good in it.

Went to luton for their gukpt festival and ran like a dog. More importantly however i think i found a leak...or something at least i can fix. Simply in terms of extracting value from my big hands and giving ppl more rope etc....ive not been doing that enough. I think my staple diet of turbo stts have found me often bashing a monster into the felt....frightening off even the most calling of train stations.

Ok well im rambling about a load of ol rubbish now so ill leave and return soon i hope with some more valuable input. If thats poss of crse!

Laters peeps

Dull dom

Thursday, 16 July 2009

Not liking live poker right now...


Not a big fan of king queen either at this particular moment. Anyway here's a report on the 3 vic events I played during the last week as part of my bluebelt package for blackbelt poker.

Feeling a smidgen of pressure due to last getting a live cash in january 1986, i arrived in marble arch for the first event i was particpating it, monday july 6th was the date, 300 f/o the comp.

My first table held a few spewy types, but the deck deserted me and by the time my table of spewers was broken i still had my starting stack. My new home housed cods all over da place and i soon took full advantage. Pressing every small edge possible i'd tripled up within minutes and barely put my stack at risk once.

As KK arrived in the bb once someone had raised utg, i felt chip leader status could be mine if things went the way i wanted. I 3bet and he snapped for far too much of his chips to setmine. I expected he held aq suited or jacks and looked forward to a bullet free flop. Unfortnately the first card out was the ace of spades, but also accompanied by the ks9s. Against this particular player i felt an overbet would recieve little respect so i basically shipped the lot in, he dwelt but claimed he'd folded aj of hearts. If so then nice call pre....and nice fold on the flop too...spewyyyyy. As i think he'll hero with aq and poss call with the jack of spades i still don't hate my play here, but perhaps i could have at least given him the illusion of fold equity by meekly betting or checking the flop, but no matter i digress.

I bled off a few chips raise folding medium stregth hands to horrendus donk overshoves before i was moved table again. Rhythm was hard to gather in this tournie and even worse i'd been moved to a much tougher table with many chips shared around. A couple of early incidents affected my decisions a little too much and i played one hand a little dubiously. Ace rag suited utg isn't really a raising hand with 20bbs or so, even when the big blind is already folding and certain ppl on the table looked disinterested. A good pro soon picked off my steal attempt and confidence was not at an all time high.

Somehow i subsequently managed to flat a lags mid position raise with kqo in the cut off, prefer a 3bet or fold tbh. The small blind looked like he wanted to raise pre but only flatted before donking the pot on a k22 rainbow flop, i got it all in v ak and it was gg me. Funny thing was how long he took to call, prob an unitentional huge slowroll ftw. Gone 2 tables or so shy of the money meant i felt a little dispirited, but still the post tournie pint of guinness tasted nice.

Event 2 was wednesday july 8ths 200 fo. This was not exactly my greatest poker moment. I lasted about 30 minutes and felt i'd let ego intrude into my game, something rather rare in my game i assure you. Check raises and 3bets galore early doors means time to get the pipe and slippers on and wait for someone to spew huge. Yet when my trip 9s got barely a cent paid and my jacks were cracked by an uber donk limp calling a 3rd of his stack pre and then shipping an ace flop with relish, i felt a little frustrated.

I puke folded the prev hand on the flop, before raising the serial check raiser's bb on the button. Holding a5o i was happy to see him flat oop. Then the a9q double club flop got cbet by moi and check rsd by him. I was steamy enough to have already mentally committed my 50bb stack once id cbet. Deciding he HAD to have the flush draw i insta shipped and he snapped with a9. Now i hate the way i played this hand. I fold out air an bet into nut hands and race v draws, just think, evaluate and at least look at the guy. He was clearly a semi donk but one who could get under yr skin, especially by constantly bleed limp calling and then check raising every other flop. If I adapt i get it all simple. Not my finest hour in poker i'll admit-i will put it down to a vegas hangover!

Event 3 was sunday july 12th's 300 bounty. This tournament saw lots of action and i certainly played better in this than in my previous outings. However, constantly getting my big hands cracked is a little hard to take. Ak was duked by a6 and my aa was demolished after getting it allin on a k234 turn v kq. The q of crse came down on the river to ship my opponent a huge pot and leave me with a bowl fairly deep into the tournament. My small amount of rice didn't last long as i ran my top pair into a flopped straight. No matter, it's all variance...and i played very well on this occasion...for once! :)

Overall a dissapointing week, the cards just aren't running for me right now, but a bad workman blames his tools so ill just say meh.

Finally a big well done to james akenhead who has become one of the november 9 at the wsop. Truely awesome achievement from one of the best players i have ever played against. I'll def be rooting for a sickdog victory in a few months.

I'll try one of these days to blog about vegas, but tbh it's not exactly something i want to do right now.

Laters peeps,


*Don't really hate poker, love it really.

Monday, 6 July 2009

Back from vegas...

Will blog about the trip asap,still bit jet lagged at moment despite having been bk since friday!

Am playing a few events at the vic this week, representing blackbelt poker. Shame im not in the main event at the rio, but i've been there done that, and there's always future years. Nice to see james keys doing well, with about 100k after day1.

Laters peeps,


Sunday, 21 June 2009

Vegas Diary Part 3...

Sorry for such a long space between updates. Have to admit to being a bit selfish right now, and thus not feeling like posting so much. I guess this blog while in vegas will just be a weekly update. This selfishness is due to me running like a dog on the most part, and generally feeling pretty bad about it all.

Since my last post i have played 2 more $1500 events, both without success. In the first I heroed an old donk after kinda reading him right, but he still binked. Yesterday's tournie went bad when within the space of ten mins i ran strong holdings into kings twice. That was a shame as my table was gen juicy and poor.

As everyone knows, vegas can be both the best place and the worst place in the world at times. Right now it's def the latter.

Hopefully i'll post again in a day or so, and hopefully in a better mood.

Laters peeps,


Friday, 12 June 2009

Vegas Diary...

Well it's not been easy so far, and i guess that's why i haven't felt like updating my progress on the daily basis like last year. Being too results influenced is never good, but as humans we all have weaknesses, and mine is perhaps getting too emotionally involved in how i peform in poker. Detaching oneself from the actual variance within the game is vital to succeeding in this cut throat industry.

So instead of a day by day update i'll just inform you of how i've done generally on this trip. Stts started off beautifully, although i believe i made some bad -ev deals thinking of short term cash rather than long term variance. Since those first few days however i've had such bad luck i cannot descibe it in mere words. Kings constantly cracked by rags and almost every single race lost, roughly sums it up. But as i like to proclaim often, a bad workman blames his moving on.

Played the $1500 no limit event at the rio yesterday. Early on i lost a third of my stack cbetting a player who wld only ever ck rse with the nuts. Then i managed to get full value from an old timer with my rivered flush. Soon enough though ppl started 3betting me for fun and i had to lay down a cple of hands waiting for the right spot. That situation arose and i found a double up against a blind defender overplaying jack rag. From then on i pretty much dominated my table and turned in to the 3bet merchant i know i am in my heart. 4bets were unheard off and bleed limps adored by many. Of course eventually i began to tread water as short stacks desperately fought amongst themselves and i became card dead.

By the dinner break my large stack had become average and although dissapointed at my weak table being broken it was nice to get moved to a table with larger stacks. This meant i could steal a bit without being commited to calling shoves, and soon enough i doubled up after a cple of players played there blinds horribly. Unfortunately that table was broken shortly after i joined, this displeased me much when i realised my third one was much tougher. I stole a bit and kept ticking over amongst the internet whizzes. With 270 getting paid i'd reached the last 450 with an average stack when the following hand occured. A player who had been far too frisky, raised something like his 4th pot of the round. The blinds at this point were 400-800 with a 100 ante. Finding AK on the btn i decided to rr the lag. However, i felt the stack sizes were difficult. He had about 35kish and i had 23odd. I didn't like rsng to 8k or so and folding to a raggy flop.I decided i'd shove and take the pot down now, of crse i wasn't exepecting a snap from jacks. Although i hit two pair my opponent setted up and i was gone.

So that's about all she wrote so far,i'll be playing another $1500 tmrw and am hoping for the deck to favour me a little better. The way things are going, a month stay looks far too optimistic right now, but we'll see how everything goes.

Laters peeps,


Friday, 5 June 2009

Summing up and moving onto the vegas diary....

Ok this post is going to speak about the blackbelt grading and how it went for me, b4 starting on what i'm sure you've all been waiting for... the famous dom daily diary in vegas-it's pure com!

Blackbelt's grading was so tough, it was really a grind, but very beneficial. Playing 6 hours a day, with one workshop of the same time, 6 days a week, doesnt actually sound that much. I mean people with normal jobs work more time than that each week, but as poker players we don't really get that! I learnt so much about how lazy and unstructured my life was b4 the grading. I probably knew all along i needed more volume, but the actual process was far harder than the principle.

Overall i finished about -£100 throughout the grading, i never really got into a consistent profit curve and jumped up and down quite a bit. I think it's all about ajusting to the levels and the sheer volume of games per month, something im not used to. I'd hope to beat $50 stts at about the 15% roi mark-longterm, which means a profit of about $6k a month-which would be fine. Obviously that's not what happened last month, mainly due to the switching levels and a lack of ajustment to the increased volume on my part.

As far as community contribution i could def have done more in my first month with blackbelt. However, I found the amounts of blogs reached saturation point and that mine may have just got lost in the seas, something i'd never want to see from such skilled writings! :)

In terms of strategy articles i'm kind of finding my way with these, and hopefully will get some out in the open soon enough. Because make no mistake, i want to be a brown belt as soon as i can, i know i'm a good enough player to represent the site in a worthy way, and look forward to a good relationship with a very worthy company.

So moving's vegas time!
Dom's Vegas Diary

Day 1- Tuesday June 2nd

I had been in spain the previous week, relaxing after the grading process and enjoying a poker free week. It certainly worked as i felt super hungry for games on my return. 2 days after returning from marbella i was jetting out to las vegas. Arriving early at gatwick i snagged a snazzy emergency exit seat in economy, free of charge, should be £50-so that's +EV already baby!

The plane got to nevada an hour or so early, and i zoomed off the jet hoping my usual fingerprint com would finally cease. 30 minutes later i realised that was a naive thought and tried to detilt. Another 30 minutes of waiting for my bags left me looking 4ward to a nice cold beer in the hotel. However, my glasses had other ideas!

As dave the legend picked me up in his rental car, i managed to drop and stand on my only pair of glasses! Absolute com and a dom mare of epic proportions. I spent the next few hours hemmoraging money replacing said specs in a vegas opticians. Not the best start to the trip but an amusing one i'm sure you'll agree. Finished off the day with a nice soft $275 stt down the rio, chopped it 3 ways for a profitable start to the trip.

Finally checking into my hotel late on in the day was not so easy, they gave me a smoking room with a non working telly, managed to get that changed but not until the following day.

Day 2- Wednesday June 3rd

Was happy to get my new hotel room sorted but hadn't slept much in the smoke fest the nite b4. Went and picked up my new glasses and felt i'd suffered a bad beat already, $400 is not something i'd normally invest in specs, but over here things to do with gen heath are kinda excessive. Managed to fit in another stt today but bubbled it and hit the sack early doors in an attempt to get into a sleep schedule, omg i sound about 83! :)

Day 3- Thursday June 4th

Today i learnt the new way to play poker, the limp snap! This lesser known way of playing k9 std by your average joe out here is something i'll have to add to my game. The hand went like this, k9 limps oop with 4k at 1-200, about 4 others do likewise. As the trne had got pretty shooty with 50 antes included i decided to ship/sqze my 4050 stack in with a10o. The utg snap had me worried, especially the way he proudly turned over his holding, the king on the river rewarded his excellence and my chip n chair was gone the next hand. Played 4 stts today and although i mangled one hands with 22, i gen played great but just found variance kicked me in the face. Still vegas is awesome and i'm thrilled to be out here.

Laters peeps,


Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Viva las Vegas...

So much to post, so many things to do, so won't say everything now, will do it all soon.

Im in vegas now after arriving in pure com style yesterday, and am already loving vegas again. The rio stts are gonna take one hell of a battering this week i can tell ya, am 1 for 1 so far and hopefully it's gonna be a parlay time.

In other news i managed a blue belt from the blackbelt grading process, that's something i'll also talk about in the next write up.

Laters peeps,


Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Final week...

Im currently completing the final week of the blackbelt grading. It's been a very interesting 3 weeks so far. The dropping down in stakes and the structured grinding 6 hours a day have really helped me look at my game.

I'm going to write a proper post about how the process went next week, so this is just a quick recap really. Basically as i speak im about +135 squid. Best go get that champers on ice eh?!!

Laters peeps,


Thursday, 7 May 2009


Blatant brag post alert: Just shipped the £50 f/o down the international for a bag of sand. Not a fortune but great for the confidence and all helps increase the net worth and all that. Net worth is my new fave term which i will attempt to use in every future opportunity! Blackbelt workshop yesterday was awesome with phil laak making a surprise entrance mid afternoon. One grader did a good ICM presentation too and id hope to gain quite a bit from that.

In other news I see there is a new meercat advert out. Obv this is like my net worth has increased as this is just great news...simples!

Laters peeps,


Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Hello peeps...

The last week has been a real grind online and a bit of live play too for yours truely. It's certainly been an eye opener in terms of structuring my play, hours and general life. Almost all too in a good way, I believe before i started blackbelt i was unaware of how to really grind online. The $10 stts are actually hard to master when you are so used to the lite 3bet and random 4 bet in your armoury. Here you can only win by 3betting thinly and value betting even skinnier. The Cbet is something you cannot abuse so much and it leads me to tears. This new week sees the start of the $20 stts which should see me hugely increase my rather drab roi so far.

To help get used to smaller stake players i ventured over to the 10 quid rebuy at the international friday night. 30 quid later and a few hours into the night i'd finished 3rd for 250 quid and an enjoyable nights work. The amount of open limp bleeding going on was amazing, and def helped me identify things to use and abuse online in the smaller stake adventure.

For the next few weeks i'll be blogging less on here and more on here, so please follow over dear reader and support the site and thus support me in my quest to be one of the lucky 8.

Laters peeps,


Wednesday, 29 April 2009

And we have begun...

This is where i hope after 4 weeks of grinding online I will be heading, along with a brown belt with blackbelt poker. This is the aim, and my mission that i have chosen to accept. Sounds a little robotic, but im trying to focus all my thoughts on really doing this 100%.

Yesterday's first workshop was fun, lots of chat about what blackbelt involves and what is expected of us. My favourite bit was def the hand analysis bit led by nik persaud. It was fascinating hearing numerous opinions on how a hand played out, from the 2+2 style to the uber nitty way of playing. Im not totally sure in which category i fitted into, probably somewhere in the middle, if leaning to the more aggressive side. Some of these graders really know their stuff and competition is fierce, all gooooooood :)

Got a bit of a hangover today following a few post drinks with some of the guys watching the snore draw in the chelsea game. Im currently watching the united game while grinding those $10 stts, infact i better get back to them.

Laters peeps,


Sunday, 19 April 2009

Blackbelt poker...

Like my friends James Keys, Steve Holden and 47 others i have been lucky enough to be chosen for the grading which starts a week on monday. I am literally chomping at the bit to get started on this fascinating opportunity. Getting a more structured and more analysis into my play can only be good for me, whether or not i manage to sneak into the top 8 for the brown belt package. I also like the idea of sharing and listening to ideas at the workshop once a week in london. So thats all good.

The last week or so i've been grinding a bit online while also venturing again into the live cash arena. Saturday saw me nittily avoid the 300 quid international spring festival event, in favour of some cash action with some inebriated souls...i was sober:)

One hand in particular was an exaample of why i should just be rebuilding my roll this way over and over again. A little 1-1nl game with a 100 max buy in saw me sitting with a stack of around £220 after half an hour of picking up small pots and the odd bluff. There was a mixture of rocks and lags on the table, with 1 fish whom i had position on. I limped utg with 67 suited in a multi way pot, the flop came down 673 rainbow, so i checked with the intention of check raising. One lag bet 7 squid into the 9 pound pot recieving 4 callers including the fish at the table. I then reraised to 30 or so and found auto folds untill the fish reraised to 60. Now against many players here i would possibly stop and think it over, however against this particular foe it was an instant push. This guy had been playing so strangely that the only thing i was worried about was scaring him off. Unfortunately it soon became apparent he had a very strong holding. He claimed a set to which i declared that he would be slowrolling with a set, well the comment must have worked as after a lengthy dwell he folded his 3s face up. As he knew i held 45 i felt it only fair to show him my inferior holding. Nice fold buddy! :)

World champs snooker, manc GUKPT week and loadsa other stuff means this will be an exciting week for me, i may make my first million!

Laters peeps,


Tuesday, 14 April 2009

100th post....

I was putting off this post as i thought i best make it a good one as it's the 100th on this blog. But then i couldn't really think of much to say, and decided this 'landmark' was stopping me writing, causing a block of sorts, so i've decided to say who cares and just post a wishy washy post and get the ruddy thing out the way.

The last few days have seen no poker bar a live bank holiday freezeout at the international yesterday. Bar that, since thursday i've been 'helping' to assemble numerous Ikea purchases in our flat. When i say help, im ashamed to admit, i more or less sat down and watched telly while some1 else did it all. DIY is not excatly my strong point, and as for the cleaning up afterwards...well lets just say i failed the class on that one too.

Easter has been filled with numerous beverages and copious amounts of chocolate, so the next week or so may see myself attempting an exercise binge of sorts. Taking stairs rather than lifts, walking 5 minutes rather than get a :)

The live tournament i took part in was a deep stacked shoot. Unfortunately after winning a race i got so excited i spewed off my chips rsng and calling short stack shoves with k7 and the mighty ducks, getting crippled in the process.I then ran a10 into aq and 73 into a cple of big aces. Not my finest moment but i certainly enjoyed the rollercoaster, and actually learnt a few things.

The US Masters wasn't the money spinner id hoped for, a couple of my runners missing out on big priced place pay outs. The worst thing was the winner being Angel Caberra. A week before i'd backed the stocky one in a much weaker field at 150s, amd he'd peformed abysmally. So despite backing 699 players at Augusta, i left out the crucial money spinner, big game player and all that....ooops.

This week i'll be grinding stts like a demon, im hoping to get a roll together for manc GUKPT week, all within strict roll management of crse!

Thats the end of 100, 101 next peeps, laters.


Thursday, 9 April 2009

Cash games and rocking up....

I've finally started playing...and winning in cash games. For years it's only been something that i have stumbled into after a losing tournie and copius amounts of alcohol. The combination of tilt and booze never quite worked and more often than not i left the felt potlesss. Since i have started seriously managing my bankroll i have been looking into ways to maximise my edge and minimise my risk. Cash games have managed to supply both.

This past weekend i decided to visit the international and play their weekend freezeout. With a reasonable clock and 8k in chips i expected to put up a decent effort. What happened was a triple barrell bluff being picked off and a large race lost, and thus an early bath. Rather than wash myself i decided to play the small cash game running next to the tournament. This was so soft i couldn't believe my eyes. Candy from babies and all that, wow these players really wanted to donate. Oh and i ran good too.

Went back last night too and registered another reasonable profit from the game. I think the combo of a sober dom and a non tilting post-tournament version might actually do quite well from these games u know! Im still grinding the stts online meanwhile as it's a pretty easy way to keep the roll ticking over during the daytime. Soon enough i hope to be back in the bigger games, all with sound roll management of crse.

Happy easter in advance everyone. Laters peeps.


Friday, 3 April 2009

Smaller Stakes...

This week has seen me sampling out smaller stake online tournies, while also playing a small live event. At least nobody can accuse of me not trying to build a roll again, rather than continuously firing shots at bigger events. No norweigian champs for me im afraid steve, thanks for the comments, but im afarid the roll must come first nowadays. Im sure ill be at dtd soon enough for one of their great events anyway.

Ive been sampling the ipoker mtts recently. Some of the structures are mega deep and have quite a bit of value, i still hate the software tho, it really sucks. Managed to make 3 final tables out of like ten attempts, so im quite pleased with the strike rate too, of crse the beats have stopped me getting the top money, but no matter.

Last night i went along to the international for their thursday night event. Smaller buyins like this may be my immediate future, and if so ill make sure i bring the ipod. Some of the idiotic comments you hear at this level are quite amazing, and as for the play, well its creative i guess. As i departed after 4 levels, i reflected upon a hand or 2 misplayed somewhat, but mainly by my opponents.

I sound rather bitter at the moment, its not that i hate grinding, i just hate grinding! :)

Laters peeps,


Monday, 30 March 2009

Shots and feeling bad...

The last few weeks have seen me take more shots than either Fernando Torres playing against West Brom, or an over zealous soldier on his first day at target practise. I feel i still believe i have a huge bankroll sometimes, and i don't anymore.

The conclusion from these various attempts are threesome:

- Firstly, i feel i can compete easily at all tournie levels on the Uk scene.
- Secondly, the average player in tournaments is appaulling.
- Thirdly, and by far the most limited, devestated roll...needs much work before i can consistently play again at these levels.

Basically im just not rolled for the event's ive been playing. Obviously im not completely stupid and have been selling pieces of myself in events over 300 quid, however even then i really shouldnt be playing. Putting too much of my own 'hard earned' cash at risk without using sound bankroll management has caused me no end of problems. Well from now on, as Take That once said...everything changes.


I'm only going to play in live tournaments where i have 100 times the amount i personally buy in for, in my bankroll, unless there is added money, where i will allow myself 50 times this amount, or if i manage to get in from a sat. Obviously the rule will apply to sats as well, so i wont be playing the larger wsop sats for a bit, which will be annoying.

I will more loosely apply the same principle to online play/mtts. I wont stop myself playing in a 100 dollar mtt once in a while because i dont have say $10k online, i'll just play them far less often. Like ant's comment said, 30-50 buyins online sounds better-i agree. Live play has so many more expenses associated with their events like hotels etc, which is why i have to be more careful.

Overall this is all basic, nitty roll management, which lots of my mates follow, it's just never been my stlye. But they all seem to have cash and i don't.

As for the week in the vic, i managed one measly cash after a varied performance by yours truely. I loved many of my plays, and hated a few too. But its all a work in progress. It's the norweigian champs in dtd this week, but i think the buy ins might be a little big for the new nitty dom. Best get on the grind, saturday's 250 event is a few days away...25k in the roll and i'll play it.

Ok laters peeps,


Sunday, 29 March 2009

0/ it's a joke...

I played the gukpt london day1b on friday. I busted around 6pm after seeing my queens's cracked as my aces had been previously. Will do a summary of how the week went as a whole and a more indepth look at things tmrw. Right now i'm watching the updates and wishing Chaz Chatta all the best of luck of the final tabalists. Personally though, just making day2 would be an acheievement for me.

Laters peeps,


Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Gotta stop making those...

Tuesday night's £300+1add on/or 1rebuy event didn't exactly go to plan. By half eleven i was on the way home. My starting table was full of circuit regulars and provided a jolly, fun atmosphere. The usual Dom row would have to wait till if the table was broken or i was moved and perhaps that worked against me. I think i play better versus the ego maniacal types, they concentrate something in my brain perhaps i switch off when i actually like the ppl im playing.

The table was pretty passive bar two or 3 players, who were playing without premiums and thinking outside the range etc. I felt i was one of them early doors, raising with 34 oop and getting there on the river for 2 pair and the thin pay off. However, the key race i needed to win got chopped when the board held a straight. Win that pot and things could have been very different indeed. Instead i finished the break on a very average stack, thanks mainly to the add on.

A couple of hands occured against the opponent i almost stacked, after the break for the add ons. The check raise fold from the bb is not something i really want to be doing too often, certainly not with top pair-even if im beat. The very next hand against the same oppponent (a good solid player and top bloke) i made a slightly dubious flat in the sb with ksqs. A king hi flop with two rags and two clubs brought another check raise from yours truely, only to be yet again be stuck allin. Again i made another hero fold and was shown ak, but still i hate my play here. If i call pre i need to be never check folding here on this brd, check calling and reevaluating on further streets ftw i think.

My exit hand happened when i rsd l8 pos with 108 std and just under 20bbs. Joe grech new to the table in the bb called and check rsd me allin on the j92 brd with jq, i wasnt folding here but missed. So im now funking for a 5% swop i made as theres about 100k in the prizepool, get it won my 5% please:)

The conclusion from this tournament is that i played too passively overall and allowed myself to get into bad situations i didnt need to be in. I will try my very best not to allow this to happen again, certainly not in £300+ events.

Tommorow will include a visit to the dentist, followed by a £250 sat to the main. Hopefully neither experience will be like pulling teeth. Im desp to play the main event as i must make a mate pay up the 5/1 bet hes laid me on making day2 in this 1, im not going 0/10!

Laters peeps,


Monday, 23 March 2009

Another bowl of......

Recently I have been going very deep in every tournament I am playing, yet i seem to either just miss the money or pick up a bowl of rice. Therefore, although very happy with my overall play right now, the odd tweak may need to be applied in future events, and luckily i beleive i may just have figured out what is holding me back. Firstly here's a tournament report from the Gukpt Vic £500 side event i played this weekend.

After selling half my action by kick off i felt good, not only in the continued faith being shown in me, but in my game as a whole. However, the first hour and a half of the 8,000 chip 45 min double chance tournie almost felted me. My starting table was gen weak, yet alberts prescence created a strange dynamic.

A good young player got caught bluffing once too many times and took an early bath while i was folding for england. Eventually i got frustrated with the 49o and j2's, so i started bleed limping with filth. So much so i bled off half my stack. Then i nearly/should have went busto in a sb bb confrontation with a top pr flush draw flop. I hero'd a strange river only to see my oppo's fellow missed draw hit the straight. Down to a bowl i managed to get the fish of the table to call off his whole stack with q10o versus my ackc preflop. My flush overkilling the hand, but giving me a chance going into the break.

Returning from the break things changed and i started to win numerous small pots putting me bang on average when all of a sudden as the bb i was moved tables. 'Brilliant' I thought as i noticed Nick Pesaud had immed position on me, somebody who always seems to do well when we battle. Luckily the rest of the table appeared gen spewmeisters, so if only i could KO Nicky boy.

This actually happened when i played a hand a lil dubiously. A young scandi who seemed to open lite raised oop, with a stack covering myself and Nick. I flatted with 77 in the sb fully expecting to Nick to either peel or squeeze. He chose the latter raising to 1700 the 525 open rse, with blinds at 1-200 and about 5k behind. I had about 9k total and was glad to see the scandi dwell fold.

Now this situation is a tricky one for me. If i play this hand online and i feel this is a squeeze i insta shove. Here i did feel likewise, yet didnt fancy a push. I know the math tells me its a shove or fold and most flops arent going to like my hand oop v a very tricky player. But sometimes other considerations dictate, and i peeled a flop off. The 943 rain brd had me hooked aand i ck rsd him all and his A10 missed. Tbh on gen reflection pre flop i shoulda shipped, but i dont always agree u have to play a certain way, yet can cert see how it appears yucky.

From here on I built my stack up with few troubles bar verbal sparring with some rather rude middle aged gents whom i took instant dislikings too. A hand where i held qq in the bb caused a gen uproar and i had to compose myself after general behaviour left me wondering why i bother with this game at times. Still being "Dom the King of Kings of arguments" i more than held my own and managed to get one fishy to stick all his chips in with 2 outs for a huge pot. He binked and even gave me a bit of a rub down, lovely. Lost another huge pot with cowboys again soon after, versus the mighty j9std, although this foe was a much more jolly type who played the game with a smile, and thus it hurt a lil less.

I never gave up the ghost despite the beats and managed to end day1 with 46k and 30k under average when the bubble burst on the final hand of the day. So with 15 left i was guaranteed 800 snarlers and a further day of sparring to look forward to. Not sleeping until 7am is not the best of prep i kno, but if i cant sleep, i cant sleep.

Returning at 2pm sunday i watched two players get ko'd before i shipped in my chips with little over 10bbs and fold equity from the coff with a5. The extremely annoying bb snapped with qq and i failed to dish out a beat of my own. Another bowl...another day. Was pleased to see the man in form Sunny Chatta chop the thing and being the degen i am, i snuck off to the £30 fo over at the international that night. Of crse i spewed all over that shoot but had a laugh at some interesting antics from the lower stake players.

I'll be taking a break today and giving the £200 unlimited rebuy a wide berth tonight. Tommorow i'm entered in the £300 one rebuy OR add on event and have also bought in for the 250 sat on wednesday.

I have been selling percntages recently for events with hardly any mark up. After seeing the gen standard in the vic this week and the costly prices of late night london cabs, i wont be selling so low for this 1. If anyone is interested i will be selling percentages for tuesdays event but it will be at 1.3, which i believe is still a more than fair price. So as i'll def do the rebuy/add on it's basically a £600 event and thus a 10% block will sell at £78.

Anyway that's about all she wrote. In other news i had another nice score on the golf at the weekend, it's something that i may start taking much more seriously before long. Seems less variance than in poker, if less fun.

Laters peeps,


Ps The tweaks i need to apply to my game are all about value. That's all im saying :)

Saturday, 21 March 2009

Made day 2 in the 500...

Well i made day 2 of the 500 and am in the money. 15 of us left and the bubble burst on the last hand of the night. £800 guaranteed so far, all the way up to £25k for first.

161 players took part in the double chance event with 8000 chips each and a nice smooth 45 minute structure. Tbh the clicky factor you always see in the vic was there all night, prob a reason i only play festivals there. Got in a few dom special arguments and played some bad, good and average poker. I had kings cracked twice and picked up queens on numerous occasions, esp when times were tough.

With the average at 85k my 45k stack needs a double up going into the 2000-4000+300 ante level. However once that's done, im gunning for the jackpot. Best get some sleep.

Laters peeps,


Thursday, 19 March 2009

London poker tour 300 event...

I and 30 others attended wednesday's 300 pound event sponsored by The field was full of circuit regulars, with sharks and fish mixing it up together. My starting table was pretty passive but i didn't accumulate as quickly as i'd have liked. Despite picking up aces and kings twice each in the first level I was unable to really get a flow going. Having the aces cracked when i flopped a set probably didnt help either, the rather loose button binking his gutshot. Eventually two tables out i got sapianoed and that was that.

I disnt bother with the 300 tonight in the vic for a few reasons. Mainly i was too lazy to sign up in time, and they sold out hours in advance, with two hours to go a mate texted me that there were 50 alternates...erm i'll leave that then. It means ill be able to prepare for saturday's 500, and i should be fresh and raring to go come the weekend. I think i'll do a long online sesh tmrw and get my stt game going again, its free money basically, i just find it dull.

I've enjoyed watching the darts tonight while my gf is out and about, a rare treat as normally she wont have it on-cant stand the bellies- so it's a case of checking out the highlights the next day or something. Can't really complain as i do monopolise the television viewing with sport being shown at all hours. Just need taylor to beat part 8-3, 8-4 here, it's 6-3 as i speak...nerves a jangling!

Laters peeps,


Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Bankroll management...

I often think that I am to bankroll management what Mcdonalds is to diets. And i like the odd double cheese too, anyway i'll move on.

The last couple of weeks have seen me taking a few shots which have hit the bar, and while hitting the bar afterwards i've been left musing.

Variance is the real killer in this game and i need to start being more protective of my roll. Recently i've built it up from nothing with ease to be honest. Unfortunately moving up the levels is where i fall short. I just jump up without caring of the consequences.

What the last couple of weeks have taught me is that i must be more careful with entry fees, 500 quid events for example can only be played when i sell enough to justify it.

Tonight i played some crypto tournies for one of the last times ever and it was quite emotional. The crypto river was in full force, nailing 2 outers on me a few times. Busting 4 tournies-3 while deep- was tough, but winning the 5th was sweet. One of my fave late night tournies 'the insomniacs' involves a deep stack with a better than average player. Obv as i won it tonight the standard dropped a little. Still 900 bucks all helps with the poker coming up.

This week ill be playing a couple of events on the london scene. The gukpt vic festival looks juicy but pricey. So ill have to sell some action, and will post accordingly.

Ok peeps thats about it,



Friday, 13 March 2009

Close but no....

Oh dear another close one to a big cash, and yet another fail, in fact two in one day.

Ok, so firstly i return to play day 2 of the 500 quid event with 23 left and im full of confidence. A few shorties shove and lose, finding us quickly down to 2 tables with my stack slightly shorter on 34k. My new table includes a who's who of the Uk poker scene and spots will be tough to find here. I decide therefore ill up the aggro factor as i want to get a stack to bully the bullies. Unfortunately i bust on the first hand i play at the new table.

Folded round to the button im not surprised to see the slightly lag btn rse the 1-2000 blinds to 6k. Seeing as8s i insta shove my 34k stack into the middle, paul parker then stands up and declares 'the chances of him folding are like 1%'. I ask him then to stick the chips in asap please and not slow roll me :) He does so and the button insta folds ak, the same hand Mr Parker has. The board pairs and creates a poss chop with a third nine on the turn, but the river blanks. So am i right to shove here? Opinions welcome.

So far most of my tighter fellow players insist i should find a better spot as im only getting called by a better ace or flipping etc, and my shove is in essence a guess etc. However my more aggro fellow players agree that increasing my stack by 33% odd means this is a standard shove.

I find myself somewhere in the middle. Although tbh im prob still in the latter camp although my confidence in this did take somewhat of a battering. One of my former table mates later informed me as i was ko'd a certain pro declared my shove ludicrous and that most of the table agreed. Id never think it was ludicrous tbh, reckless perhaps. Anyway moving on...

Decided to play the 100 rebuy event which started at 7pm. My starting table was extremely weak and i played most hands early on binking streets and playing goood. Without a rebuy i held 12k, but i added on the 3k just for the hell of it.

After the break a few better players were added to the table and as the cards dried up so did the spots to get jiggy. However, i chose a ridic spot to jig it up, halving my stack in one fowl swoop. A very conservative player rsd my bb from the sb, i looked down at a10o and rrsd his 1200 bet to 3300, blinds 2-400 antes 25. He then pretty much auto shoved for another 6k and i felt commited to pay off his cowboys. I almost binked a flush but missed and my golden days seemed over.

Finally we were moved to the upstairs bar when we were down to 5 tables. I prodded my 7k bowl around for a while, eventually managing to get down to 20 odd players left and 10bbs. I open shoved my qjo from the coff only to see aa in the sb. Get it won lofty u lucky fish! :)

Overall im happy with my play again for 95% of both tournies. Maybe i need to just either run bettter or tweak a few things. Either way this weekend im having a few days off and shall return next week for the london gukpt at the vic.

Time to go peeps.



Day1 done...onto day 2...

I've made day 2 of the 500 f/o down the empire. Am sitting with 38k just on average with 24 left and 1/2000 blinds +100 antes. 16K ftw is nice.

Early on i ran aa v ak against steve holden on an ak flop which is always going in on that flop. I then dribbled my double up down to average with james aikenhead running the table. I had position on the guy but he was taking all my moves away from me, finally i decided to start 3 betting him light. Then he 4bets me...prob light as well!

I persist with a few 3bets and start to get a few throuh picking up some smallish pots. The table is broken and im happy to move to a much more passive table. I dish out a suck out to a small stack with 99 v jj, revenge for the int main anyway, tho diff player...oops. Then i pick up pot after pot as ppl aren't playing back at me. Unfortunately im now moved to a much tougher table where the dynamic is totally diff.

I notice one guy is open rsng from l8 pos a bit too much, so i 3bet him lite getting him to dwell fold a better than av hand id def say. Then i 'sqze a mass overbet thru getting ak to fold...with ak. After that i rock up as its becoming an allin fest with ppl gambling not wanting to return with bowl tmrw, of crse im now cardead.

Win a couple of small pots late on and am happy with how the day has gone. Gonna do a few chelt bets before rushing off for a 3pm start.

Laters peeps,


Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Empire festival...

As alexander the meercat would say...simples.

This week i shall be mostly playing the empire poker festival in london, obv it's my lucky casino. And i've cashed in the first event i've played already. Just busted in 7th for a bag of sand in the £200 event. Became a complete shoot in the end with my ah2h no good v jj. Actually dished out two suck outs in the tournie hitting 3 outers with aplomb both times. Gotta happen eventually, so no complaints here. Was pretty cardead all night and was bumping and grinding, stealing from all positions. Im hugely happy with how i played.

After cashing in i bought in for the 500 two day event which i chopped last year, so glad im able to play it, lovely structure with an average player soooooo poor. I should fit in very well :)

Cheltenham first two days has been a real rollercoaster, ive had lots of winners, but my bad staking plan means im only about level going into day 3. Loving the racing so far though, gotta go one of these days too to the festival, the guiness would flow beautifully!

Ok peeps im pretty whacked so thats about it,



Sunday, 8 March 2009


Sorry stakers, no return this time.

Out in 20th barely half an hour into day2. Simple really, dribbled down to 12k halfway through the 8-1600 level, there was only literally one other spot i cld really have shoved in earlier. Folded round to me in the coff i decided to bin q7 std when i prolly shlda shoved in 16k. Eventually stuck my 12k in utg with 55 utg only to be called by the btns-also quite short stacked's aj. Pretty bad call imo with the blinds still to act and considering it was the only hand id played etc in 30 mins. Still bad calls r normally rewarded against me and the brd paired on the river to send me out. GG etc.

Felt i played gr8, maybe 1 or 2 hands i'd change, but hey its hard to play perfect, and u kinda need to win the 80 percent shots in big pots. Think ill be hitting a nice 1 soon, im feeling great about my game, variance is just a killer.

Laters peeps,


Saturday, 7 March 2009

Main event

Well im still in...just.

Played some great poker and really pretty damn proud with myself, but ill be returning with a bowl of just under 20k sunday at 3, mainly due to the last hand.

After finding a lovely initial table with little 3 betting and 4 bets unheard of i eased my stack up to 28k from 10 by the dinner break. Finding some nice spots to steal and some nice cards on decent flops all helped.

Then nightmare scenario as a huge lag with pos joined our table and started 3betting peeps like me for fun. I snugged up and finally played a bootiful stack defining pot with him.

LAG raised again UTG, then a shortie shoved blind, a medium stack isolated i believe with qq, commiting half of his stack, i find aa in the bb. I insta shove for a variety of reasons, im amazed and overjoyed to see the lag call of 80 percent of his stack, blinds with 150-300 or something, hed put in 800 yet called my 25k shove instantly with ak...claiming, im never folding that there. Appaulling call in my book and for once i scooop after qq dwell folds, tbh think he was commited and shld prob call here too.

Anyway i move up to 50k swinging up to 65k at times, b4 dropping to 40k at others. By the end of the night and the last hand i get involved in a 70k pot. Sitting on about 55k ish i donk allin over the top of a pretty tightish players oop rse with jj. Id developed a somewhat aggro image by now and was looking to exploit this against lesser pairs. He finally called with 99 and hit runner runner 4 the straight and a 70k pot.

So im going back with 20k with blinds at 800-1600 and a 200 ante, and 21 left. Im in shove mode but if i can double up quickly im right back in this.

Sleep time,

Laters peeps,


Friday, 6 March 2009

150 FO Report

Another tournie, another dissapointment.

140 runners took to the felt for this little tournie, lots of value was apparent. Limping like pensioners, the average player shouln't have been playing 150p tournies, let alone quid. I managed to finish 19th myself and played pretty damn well bar in a couple of spots late on. After finally gaining a nice 40k stack with 40 left, i went completely situation dead, id been card dead all evening-but who cares about that. I just needed spots to exploit, but none really appeared with constant allins frustrating any moves id planned.

When the structure had become shooty i make a bad lay down l8 on with a8 in the bb. A loud arrogant young guy rsd 4x my bb from the coff, with the shooty structure its a shove most of the time, yet i folded after a dwell only to be shown 63. Myv reason for folding was the fact he hadn't played many hands at all in like the whole time (30 mins or so) he'd been at my table.

Another potential spot was when with 10bbs utg i folded 44, thin spot but i think i shld have gambled with 21 left. Eventually i was forced to shove kq running in2 aq and without a suck out i was on the rail. Played well with only 99 as a half decent pp all night, ak did help a cple of times tho.

Can't decide whether or not to play the main right now. Im not rolled for 500 events so cant buy in, but may try to sat in and failing that might sell percentages. Id have to sell 50 percent to play, and cos i live in london they r no real expenses so ill sell at face value. **Have sold 10 percent and am looking to shift another 40 percent, in 10 percent blocks it will be 55 quid a block. Let me kno asap if yr interested as event starts tmrw.

** EDIT Now sold all the 50%, thank you ppl.
Laters peeps,