Tuesday, 30 December 2008

2008 Review

Here's a brief month by month assesment of the year from my perspective:


Went to brighton for the gukpt festival week. Stayed in possibly the coldest hotel ever, and cashed only once in a rebuy event down the rendevous. Probbaly enjoyed the social side of the tour more than the poker finishing down quite a bit.

Online things went ok with a cple of sat wins, but overall nothing spectacular.

Cant remember much else from jan.

Went to walsall for gukpt week with no success whatsoever. Played poorly all week and drank far too much. (pattern appearing for those observant)

Also had a much needed break in lanzarote with the gf, capped by spurs winning the league cup i had a wicked time.


Had a nice score down the empire in a 500 event for a few k. It was really appreciated as things hadn't been going great in the year so far.

Gukpt week in the vic was another bad week for moi.

Online things were just average.

May have been to dtd this month but can't remember any worthwile results, was starting to really like that place by now though.


This month was kinda crazy. Went to dtd for the norweigan poker champs, i can still remember the hangover(s). Great week even if pokerwise a non starter.

Played my first Gala events in nottingham and cashed twice. The main event was a sickener though when i really threw away a chance of a great score by letting my ego get in the way, still was very happy for mr keys with his 2nd place.

The mad poker month concluded with manchester gukpt week. I played very badly this week and again enjoyed the social side of the tour a bit too much, still had a great time.


This was a real grind of a month online. Spent countless hours trying to qualify for the wsop main event online(unsucessfully), playing stt's and mtt's all day long to build a decent roll for vegas. Managed to fit in a week in newcastle for the gukpt week which passed by again without success. Had a minor cash at the gutshot festival and won a live sat there for a small wsop package which i sold.


Managed to take down the 100 rebuy on stars in a chop, which helped boost my vegas roll.

Vegas was everything it always is, and i more or less loved it. Just wished id played a bit better. Did a couple of chops in smaller events but left my A game truely at home in the bigger ones when i played badly tbh. 5 weeks was a bit much perma in a hotel and im not sure id do that again. Won a last min wsop sat which was a real bonus. Playing the main for the 3rd year running meant a lot to me. Getting to day 2 with a reasonable stack was gr8, my day2 performance still hurts.

Made some good friends over there though and i still miss the place. Roll on june 09.


Luton gukpt week went badly, played horribly in the main event and my game was in a real crisis of confidence. Bankroll wise i was struggling too. For the first time in a while i wondered if poker was right for me.

Gutshot's last festival week was enjoyable without any results.


Wsope main event went well on day 1 with me bluffing joe hachem and getting a nice enough stack. Day2 was a disaster from the get go, i just cldnt stop bluffing and was getting picked off easily enough. I am determined to play better in this next year, i want another big ft, and why not this one again?

Gave the gukpt bolton a miss, the first one id missed in months, but a rest was nice.


Failed to sat into the ept london which hurt and also had to miss the thanet gukpt due to roll reasons. A very quiet month pokerwise spent mainly online with mixed results, things were def a little stale.


Flew to miami for the cpc cruise and had a great time, poker and a holiday rolled into one is always goooooood. No real results on the boat, but my game was better than ever imo. Confidence was back.


This month has flown by. The luton cash at the start of the month was as important to me in someways as the Wsope 07 result. Moneywise it was just as important, and confirming my newfound confidence was vital. Live poker has def got my juices flowing again.

Also this monnth confirmed to me what i already knew, that i need to stop boozing so much. So in the new year im gonna have some serious time on the wagon and def hit the gym a great deal. Lifestyle choices are going to be made in more detail. I may even get a real job next year, if only to learn the real value of money again.

Laters peeps,


Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Happy xmas...

As the title says, happy christmas everybody.

Next week i'm going to do a month by month review of this year, should be a interesting read-especially for me!

I'm currently about to go last minute shopping...as always very well prepared in my household.

Laters peeps,


Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Ty betfair

My post from the 7th of december has been put on the betting@betfair site. The link has now replaced the majority of that post...to see my ugly mug and the rest of the post just click on the 'read more' link from that date. Though i'm sure 'both' of you that read this blog will have already read the post. Oh well! :)

Laters peeps


Friday, 12 December 2008

Seaside adventure...

It must be something to do with the sea, first miami and the caribbean...then brighton. Yeah right the only comparison is that i played poker both times.

I've just come back from a trip to brighton yesterday for a 100 f/o. While high flyers on the circuit are larging it up in prague for the EPT i'm slumming it in the bargain basement tournies, still this should teach me some roll lessons i sorely need.

Heard about this tournie at the last minute, brighton grovesnor have a mini winter festival this week, nice enough structures with a standard of play i shall describe as just not very damn good.

A 30 min clock with 10k starting stack, this gave a nice bit of play early on, although the antes kicked in very late. Rocks, rocks, rocks, yeah you'll find them on brighton beach, here i had them on my starting table. So i decided to get jiggy early on playing 90 percent of the hands in the first couple of levels, meeting little resistance. I should have accumulated a huge stack early doors, but i bluffed the wrong guy a cple of times too many.

One amusing hand occured early on with an old cirucit know it all. He allowed me to get in cheap on the button when i flatted the coff pre rse with kj. Old circuit obv had a large hand pre in the bb but didn't raise after a big dwell as he wanted to trap me, oop 3 handed...beautiful. Think he had queens actually.

Anyway flop came down q102 giving me an up and down, oldie checks, coff cbets, i flat, oldie more or less min raises, coff folds and i flat. Turn brings a blank, there was also a heart flush draw out there on the flop. He checks, lovely i check too, river brings me the bingo,lingo, nutz non heart 9 and oldie checks again. Now i know this guy is 'trap checking' 100 percent honestly hes that bad. Obv ive been betting A LOT. So i fire out the pot knowing he'll insta/even rr with his o/pr set hes played horribly. True enough he goes to shove, then thinks better and just flats, nutz i claim and off he starts...

He berates me for my flat of his raise on the flop, what a terrible call bla bla...
Unfortunately i rise to his bait and try to educate him, eventually realising...he doesn't understand odds etc...so no matter move on. Not with me though, i give as good as i get oops....table now on tilt...lovely :)

I had one or two beers while playing and boosted my argument quto even past it's usual 2-3 line. So from now on i aint drinking booze whilst playing for a good while. Simple. I'm now mr soft drink at the tables.

In the tournament i lost huge pot early on for the mass chip lead with jj v ak ak and 9s, ace first out. Bowl of rice turned into a stack again tho and i was vul to lose aanother monster pot in blind v blind making a good call with aj v the huge q4...golden qq on flop.

Hopefully be back in brighton for gukpt next month, and one of these days ill talk about something interesting in this blog...yawn im even boring myself...

Laters peeps,


Sunday, 7 December 2008

Wow.....a result

It's 330am right now and i just can't sleep, so thought i'd blog a bit. I've finally had a result on the live poker scene once again. It came about most unexpectedly too, which made it all the sweeter.