Saturday, 15 November 2008

Welcome to miami...

Yep i'm in the USA waiting to hop on the CPC cruise tmrw, and ruddy well looking 4ward to it too.

Miami is warm, extremely warm, especially when you are used to the cold dreary london weather.

Arrived on friday only to be delayed yet again due to my 'fingerprint' issue which always occurs. It's so lol i won't even bother with the story, most mates kno this story anyway.

Then we jumped in a cab 4 the short ride to the days inn hotel, home 4 the next coupla days. 20 minutes later after driving around in circles, and 40 bucks poorer, i realised we'd been conned by a right ol' scoundral. Typical beats!

Today i bought a pair of trainers for 15 bucks, reebok too-nice. Tonight i'm thinking of watching the brock lesnar ufc fight over a cold beer. Then tmrw it's the cpc.

Really looking forward to getting on the boat and seeing the high seas. Will try and update on progress.

Laters peeps,


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Steve H. said...

Good luck on the cruise mate.