Sunday, 23 November 2008

Quick update...

Ok i'm back in miami after the cruise. Flying home tmrw after an up and down week. I'm looking 4wrad to seeing my gf and home again, but i'll miss a few things like the weather.

Pokerwise things didn't go great. I managed to sat into the main event yet busted that in 38th shy of the money-19 places paid, and that was the closest i really came all week to a score. Until the last two events i'd been so card dead it was an absolute joke. Yet i'd played better than i had in months, getting my money in pretty good mostly and generally getting spewed on by the deck. For example i busted the 400 event after c betting then 4 betting allin a 10 high flushing flop with an up/down strt flush draw, recieving a dubious call from 107 by the bb defender, of crse i missed, standard.

However, the first hour or so of the main event went swimmingly until my table was broke, this kinda semi tilted me. The dynamic of my original table had been so good i'd quickly accumulated without breaking sweat. My new table was much tougher and i found cards like j3 repeatedly difficult to play.

My exit hand was a real weird one and i'll talk about it next post, quite sure a few ppl will call me fishy 4 playing it, but i had reasons.

The final 1k event was something i'd rather forget. Within an hour or so i must have held the chip lead with about dble the average and a flow going soooooooooo good. Concentration was soon broken AGAIN by a table break (something i just have to get over and used to asap) and i got involved with 57 std when i really shouldn't have, and although i came close to winning a huge pot with it, i was nearly felted by it when my oppo hit the river. His play was fine and actually good, mine was stubborn and too laggy 4 the structure and my stack.

Soon busted that and the poker was over for the week. And possibly for a long time.

Went to the dolphs pats game today, was great. I'll blog next when bk on tues, laters peeps.


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