Saturday, 29 November 2008

Need to blog...

Well i meant to do a huge blog the other day all about the cpc and how stuff is for me right now. But i just haven't been able to do it. This freezing weather is zapping all energy i have and i am just ultra lazy right now....big change there then. Thus this will be another shortie, one of these days i'll get round to a proper 'deep' blog, even with piccys and stuff...but who knows when.

I was down the international the other night. Played the 50 quid 20 min clock f/o. Felt the structure got a bit shooty and you just gotta win flips all day long to get to the ft, i didnt and thus busted midway-no probs. What was a problem was my angry reaction to a young kid giving me a rub down after i'd lost a flip to him. Berating me for my call this fish decided to state what a great player he was and how bad i was, in a most eloquent manner of course. Sarcasm alert.

This sorta thing is something i've seen time and time again in much bigger tournies, and from more intimidating foes. Here i should have just brushed it aside even encouraging his ill informed opinion- why educate the thick and all? Except here i launched into my own tirade telling him to shut up and how dare he give me a rub down etc. I went OTT and displayed to myself why right now poker aint going great. Like i said to a friend of mine recently, i think of my game as part rolls royce and part skoda- scattered about all over the place. This was def the latter.

Small sports betting mention to end with.

Looking 4ward to united/city and chelsea arsenal tmrw, fancy the draw in both actually. If just one comes in profit, if both....partytime! :)

Laters peeps,



Alexander said...

Hey m8 had to sign up again to comment - always read your blog (I think you know) and pee'd off with not being able to comment.

But I can now wahaay! Take time mate and soon enough you'll be doing what comes naturally again - played solid winning poker! look forward to seeing you soon.


Ukgatsby said...

linked you up
gl gl

Amatay said...

alright m8 ill get u linked up. did i meet u on cpc?

Dom said...

Hi alex-good to finally hear from you, i'll catch u in luton 4 a beer this week.

Ty for the links ukgatsby&amatey.

Amatey i didnt meet u at the cpc, but i was there too yeah. Im just trying to link up lots of blogs and saw a link to yours mentioning cpc too.
Sounds like your trip was more fun than mine though!

TEAMDOBB said...

weve met several times matey- met you 1st last year in CPC when you were acting like a complete twat but everytime Ive met you since youve been "a dead canny lad"
same table last 2 tables for CPC main sat

good luck with ya blog and Ive linked you to ours as well

Dom said...

Hiya team dobb's.

Sorry if i offended you last year at the cpc at all. I remember being quite merry that week, it was also a nice week for me pokerwise. Interestingly enough since then things have been real tough. Maybe being a 'dead canny lad' isn't very good for my results! :)

Cheers 4 the link, linked you too.