Wednesday, 8 October 2008


Recently i just haven't felt like writing. I have wanted to explain how the wsope main event went, but not enough to actually do so.

Pokerwise confidence is quite low at the moment, i need a boost.

I've been playing online a great deal the last week. Same old story. I've gone mega deep after seizing chip leads and playing great, before playing uber-stupid and mostly missing the money. Total cashes have been less than a grand, i should have cleared ten grand easy.

It's all psychological with my poker game. It's not that i can't,dont know's that i don't have the patience nor the common sense to deal with mtt's for hours on end. I genuinely believe it might even be down to a problem with physical fitness making me tired. So i'm joining a gym soon as, starting to swim and am going to get back on the squash court for the first time in donkeys years.

If after all this i'm still playing like an idiot i'll take a great deal of time out of the game. I love poker, i really do. But i'm starting to get depressed with my barren spell right now. Poker is a very lonely game, especially in the middle of the night when you bust out after donking off youyr chips to an uber donk who cant even spell poker, as mr hellmuth might say.

So onto the many hands to discuss, so much self bearting to do...will have to wait till tmrw.

Laters peeps,

Depressed Dom.

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goldenballs said...

yo m8, after talking to you over the last couple of months i think the decision to have a month of is the right one.There is know doubt that you can pay tournament poker very well, beter than most. However you need to restart, analize whats going wrong, what your not doing right and what you are doing right.Dom m8 you really need to get some rock solid discipline into poker. You know as well as i do where u have excelled and where you have failed. So a month of will do you the world of good. When you do come back you will feel ready and refreshed, back to basics dom on restart.
You are a talented player m8 but without the other things required you become average.
If you need a natter ring me and we can chat
Good luck dom enjoy the month of normallity.