Friday, 17 October 2008

Long time no post...

Just realised it's been over a week since my last post, quite unlike me, i normally manage one blog a week.How superb of me. Seriously i've wanted to blog about stuff, but as i said last time out, i just haven't been able to. So what's been going on?

Not much really. Been a huge grind online the last week and really a tiring one. I've lowered my stakes due to roll restrictions and therefore instead of my usual 10-20 mtt's a session, costing near on a grand on occasion, i'm playing less tournies...with lower stakes. A normal tournie at the moment is the $30 rebuy on full tilt,and the numerous £20 crypto mtt's i used to literally win all the time.

Unfortunately full tilt has been it's usual...get the chip lead and donk it off staple dom diet, while crpto has been more fruitful. In two days i played like 8 or 9 mtt's. I final tabled 4 of them and although i didn't win once, i made a nice enough profit to warrant the grind in low stakes.

The structures aren't terrible, loadsa play early on, dead easy to accumulate, just gets a bit shooty near the final table, and then it can get really really speciality!

If i'm honest i'd say again i shoulda made a few k this weak, but my meagre 4 figure profit will do in terms of a confidence booster...small acorns and all that. As i write i realise most of what i say in each blog is the same. Whine about money, poker and even whine about whining....i'm even doing it now for god's sake!

So from this moment onwards i'll be more positive, and will start to analyse hands more, in fact i'll start with one from the Wsope now, and one from last nite in an mtt...just for fun.

This years's Wsope really was an eye opener for my poker game. It showed me once again how little a difference there is between us mere 'mortals' and the so called 'big name pro's'. Most of the players i found to be my toughest opponents were online players, and i like to think i can play pretty good online...but this was live.

Okay so hand analysis time...

My main gripe (bar a horrible semi-bluff i'll recap in another blog) over my Wsope performance was my inability to extract the most chips from my premium holdings, and when i say that i don't mean aces, i mean when i turned straights and hit set's. I clearly 'overplayed' them, and here's an example. This isn't a key hand in this tournament, just something that i seem to do a great deal-playing too fast on rivers.

Day 1.

Second level i think, blinds 1-200.

On the button in multi limped pot I flop an up and down, holding j10 suited, Flop was q92 rainbow, i didn't have the backdoor flush draw. It's checked round to moi and i bet half the pot (600), and am check raised by the bb(2k), every1 folds bar me who flats obv.

He's a mid to late 20's scandi who plays pretty TAG as far as i've seen so far-although later on he got very LAG from the button constantly 3 betting, so he could have been on a move here, but at the time i genuinely believed he had a hand here, minimum jq, poss deuces as it was a limped pot with me on the btn and him in the bb. Turn comes the gin card...king..still rainbow.

He cleverly checks and i bet out, i don't like checking here as i think a lot of the time it gives away my hand. I prefer a bet, as if i was floating.Also i want him to check raise again-although i know this is highly unlikely. I also have to build the pot...pretty standard i'd say. I bet about half the pot (2500) and he insta calls and the river brings a rag that dsnt pair the board, i have the nuts.

Now this is a pretty big pot in relation to the blinds and obv i'm hoping he'll bet. But he doesn't and with say 10k in there and with us both having about 15-20k back and blinds at 100-200, i size up how much to bet. So i think about it. If i bet small, say 3kish i'll almost certainly get a call from any set, any overpair and 2 pair. But i think he'll fold moderate holdings here as i've shown strength by staying around after being 3 bet and leading the turn.

Yet if he calls the turn with these hands he would call a value bet on the river surely...the odds being huge and all. But i kept thinking if he's really good, he might be able to fold anything bar a set, even two pair, tho not kq to a value bet. Again an example of me 'overthinking' a rather easy situation. I should have just value betted, if he had air he folds or ck raises the turn.

What i'm really thinking now is an overbet might get a call here. I know how these players often think, as i think i play his hand similarly on occasion-especially if he has q9 or kq which i'd actually suspected on the turn. So i bet about 8500 hoping he'll see my play as a stubborn float and highly suspicious overbet and thus make a hero call, it happens online all the time right??!!

However he folds after a short dwell. Wasn't a key hand really, and i ended the day on 50k after few scares,i just think it's a hand representative of me not extracting enough from such a situation. It's a leak in my live game perhaps and worth noting.

Just to illustrate on day 2 almost exactly the same hand occurred, this time against a much tougher opponent, again with me holding the nuts, again i overbet the river and received no call. I think in both cases my opponent had a hand that snaps a value bet, and it's irritated me a bit, but hey closure is here.

Lastly here's a hand from a £30 rebuy on crypto i played and final tabled last night. First prize is £3.3k and a CPC trip worth $5k. 2nd is £2.2k, and third is £1100, 6th is £550. Basically, this tournie is massively top heavy and with 6 left i'm second in chips with 155k. Leader has 170k and average is about 110k, with the two shorties on about 50k.

Yeah it's become a bit shooty and blinds have just been raised to 4k-8k, with an ante of 500 or so and 15 minute levels. The average m is just 6 or 7. It's kind of push or fold, although i've been stealing a great deal makiing rss of under 2.5x the bb and finding little resistance. Of the other players on the table only 1 or 2 know what they are doing, unfortunately they happen to be the other 2 chip daddies. Okay so onto the hand.

Button(3rd in chips with 140k) rss to 24k, he's pretty agg from late pos, but normally merely doubles the blinds, something stinks a little bit. I'm sitting in the small with aq std. What's my move. If i flat i have 130k left and can see a flop before i decide to commit, after all my m is 10 and im not yet in push mode. Seeing as the raiser is one of the better players do i really need to flip with him? Much better to see the flop and decide then? Nah i think, my hand is huge in this spot and after about 1.5 seconds consideration i shove, he insta's and turns over 10s which hold. Now i'm crippled and my 7s lose to aj very next hand. I know it's just a small tournie with a top heavy pay structure, but still is it the right move, i'm not sure-maybe i've been watching too much phil hellmuth though if i'm questioning this.

It's a tendency to shove alll in which has cost me big style over the years, i'm sure ppl wait for my 'sqze move' to pick off and win the flip they want. Anyway as i write about this last hand it kind of convinces me in that tournie it's the standard correct play, trouble is it's again representative of losing flips in much bigger final tables when i've just won a bowl.

Wow i've really droned on so i'll stop now.

Laters peeps,

Ps- got a feeling all the internationals over the last week could really hurt the big clubs this weekend, in fact i've permed everton, boro and wigan at huge prices. Especially with the champions league in the week i can really see liverpool slipping up without torres, and i think cech will be a big miss for chelsea. Hopefully everton can do a hull on arsenal too. Beers on me if they all cop!


dalzini said...

mate, AQ there its an easy easy shove, 6 handed, button raiser. You just gotta win the flip, you win the hand and the tourney this hand doesnt even make this blog!

Dom said...

I know m8. Lol. Think i was a bit tired and down at never 'getting there' right now. It's an ABC shove all day.