Friday, 31 October 2008

Bad month...

Well October hasn't exactly been a great month for me. Have struggled with form and the breaks just haven't gone for me. I think when you are playing bad you need that bit of luck, when you are neither playing well nor running well....ahem.

It's probably a delayed hangover from vegas and partly the WSOPE too. Confidence is SO SO important with me in poker and sports trading. I know it's a bit silly, especially as both formats lead to math based approaches, something i'm good with, i just guess it's all psychological.

Funny hands this month involve people calling allins on flop with two unders to my overpair and hitting strange combo draws that don't even appear possible untill close inspection. This one made me laugh.

I got it all in with queens on a j27 board. It was a sit and go with me and my oopponent deep stacked. I'd raised pre with ladies, got a call. Flop came down as mentioned, rainbow. I bet, he 3 bet, i shoved, he insta called-he was by no mean committed. His hand? 35 off suit. Turn 6, river 4-he makes a straight. Lol.

Having said that, it's not like i haven't been playing badly too, tho obv not quite as bad as that. My problems have been when i go mega deep and throw away huge chip leads as usual.

The other day for example. I have 63 in the bb. Laggy fishy mid pos in 6 max limps. I check. We have 30 left in this mtt and i'm chip daddy, but the blinds are getting big. Flop comes k63. I know this guy will bet if i check so i do, he complies and i check raise his. He insta calls, i'm pretty certain i up against k* now.

Turn brings the jack, i'm not crazy about this card as i felt it could have filled up his 2 pair but i bet anyway to keep control of the pot. He dwells for ages and finally calls.

River comes a blank like a 8. I now am not sure i have the best hand, i'm thinking if he had kj he rr's the turn but i'm also wondering if he did this to confuse me...and thus extract most value. There weren't any obv draws out there, and nothing filled on the river. So now i think i should check and see whet he does, i mean i have bottom two, hardly the nuts, nah i'll stick him in. He insta's with top two and i cripple myself.

Ended up bubbling that when an UBER donk manged to overplay q4 something chronic cracking my jacks.

Ooop kinda turned into a bad beat write up, but it's not that at all, i'm just wondering out loud why i always seem to get myself in these situations. I think bad street plays could be the answer. Back to the drawing board.

Taking some much needed time off poker for a cple of weeks anyway and going to do loadsa sports research. So my next blog may be all about that.

On a side note my last blog gave a pretty bad tip at the end of it, so i'll try and improve on it this time.

Laters peeps,


Ps- I fancy spurs at about 3-1 to beat liverpool, may be biased here, but the confidence is back and i can really see us turning them over. Also may lay the pool on the win market if they r anywhere near the 11-10 books price.

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