Wednesday, 10 September 2008


Hello all.

I've been kinda suffering from writer's block recently, thus its not been easy to blog.
Don't know why exactly, i often am guilty of talking far too much in person, i guess online i'm more of a mouse...well sorta! lol

Poker has been up and down as usual. Going deep ALL THE TIME in online Mtt's. Yet i am perfecting the matasouw blow up. It seems getting the chips is easy, getting the chip lead in 100k tournies-easy....yet keeping them and not turning into a huge LAG when i should TAG up a bit-impossible.

I've started 4 betting more and more in my game, i'm noticing ppl 3 betting me with air and finally doing something about it. A few months ago i though 3 bet was a treble and air was just something i need to live.

Played a wsope £1500 side event sat last night. Unfortunately i never really got started. I lost all flow and finally started pushing 3 hands in a row just to attain a stack and an appearance of a 'player'.

I'll be railing my mate james keys online as he tackles the barca EPT over the next few days. The guy has an incredibly good technical game, something i could certainly learn from. Think i have an edge on natural flair though!!:)

The word block has arrived again, so best go.

Laters peeps,


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