Wednesday, 17 September 2008


Hello all. The last week has been a bit busy. I went out friday night for my birthday, had a nice meal, although the staff at the italian were a little weird. They took a whole 20 minutes to ask if we wanted drinks, and reacted as if i'd broken expensive china when i knocked over a cheap vase, placed clumisly by the side of the table.

Pokerwise it just aint really happening. I need to start analysing hands a bit more as i'm not really playing my A game right now, which is something i need to rectify b4 the WSOPE. Talking of the WSOPE i played a sat for the £1500 side event down the empire last night.

A £50 dealer dealt rebuy brought a 70 player field, with 6 and a half seats available. Early on i realised the average standard on my table was atrocious. Unfortunately, I kind of contributed to the sub-average play. I had decided to play reasonably loose in the rebuy stage as i knew after the break the structure would become a little shooty. I had enough snarlers in my wallet for 3 rebuys and an add on, and i needed every last quid. Didn't win a showdown in the rebuy stage, either finding semi-bluffs snapped off and missing, or losing races with junk. Not finding premium hands shouldn't be a prioblem yet it seemed it.

After the break with 6k in chips I found bluffing was impossible against bad players who slowplayed top pairs to death like it were the nuts, ignoring all draws as if non existent. Reverting to ABC i doubled up with kings after someone got a bit jiggy with a medium pair. Quickly bluffed off most of those chips before with a shooty structure left me with 7200 and 6-1200 blinds and UTG.

Now with 40 left and an average of about 15k i knew a double up wld give me a real chance in the crapshoot. but i didn't feel i could allow myself to go through the blinds. The BB had half his stack in the blind so i reasoned any hand with prospects would be an auto for me, just didn't like my position. I looked down to see A9 off suit and quickly shoved it in. Mid position woke up with AK and that was it, i would have beaten the BB tho as his 47 missed. Now i'm not sure if in a sat i should def shove here. Yet with blinds going up in 5 mins and 6 bb's with an m of 4 i kinda think its pretty standard. I think.

Returning home b4 midnight i felt unsatisfied by my poker's night work and thus fired up my laptop. Quickly busted in 2 sit and go's-my bread and butter too. So decided to change tack and play one MTT on crypto and one rebuy on tilt. Ended up 2nd in the crypto one for a few ton and 11th in the full tilt-amazingly deep rebuy. Was happy with the crypto result, especially as i didn't play great in it, and i've won a lot in that particular tourney over the year.

However, the full tilt result was upsetting. 268 runners in a $20 rebuy brought a $4k first prize. I looked odds on for this as i soon gained the chip lead holding on until 20 out. Yet now my steals became obvious and i started to get 3 bet all the time. Eventually i cracked and played an horrific hand with 11 out. Sitting in 7th with 70k and an avergae of 100k, i was 2nd to act on a 5 handed table. The UTG player raised to 9k,(blinds were 1500-3k, antes 300). Looking down at ad10c i prolly shoulda either mucked or shoved. Yet i bled called and was glad when the others folded. An a54 with two hearts looked okay and i flatted the c bet. The king of hearts didn't look horrid but i felt i had to protect from the flush draw when he ckd, yet he then ck rsd me allin. I insta called as i felt with half my stack in cldnt fold, yet i clearly could. It's clear i'm beat and i haven't felt as bad about a hand i've played in about...2 days. :) He had ah 6 h and had the stone colds.

Seriously though i need to look at playing more patiently and not blowing up so much. 90% of solid play just don't cut it. Gutshot last ever 5 quid rebuy won't be the place to try this out though, so best find a way to qualify for the 1500 on friday. Sit an go anyone?

Off to the gutty's last hurrah now...should be a blast.

Laters peeps,


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