Sunday, 28 September 2008

50K Day 1A....


Well it's weird how i've swiftly moved through to day 2 on a nice above average stack after the year i've had. After 7 GUKPT'S with no day 2's, im 2/2 on wsope's. Of course this means nothing yet, and boy is there much work to do.

So here's how my day went, obviously won't go into huge detail incase any potential tablemates stumble onto this page, unlikely i know, yet worth being careful.

Sat down 15 minutes late after a rather hectic few minutes after arriving late to the casino. Registering i was scolded for an ID issue, which though resolved was no perfect start. I then changed into the rather nice luminous bluey shirt and set about the day.

My opening table was a mixed bag. I once again encountered the very solid Ted lawson (over $2 million in cashes-and a wsop bracelet), he was on my first table last year, but this time i had the all important position. Max Pescatori was also briefly around before busting, yet the other players were pretty TAG and unknown to me. Basically it was a very nice table to have.

Some poor bloke departed my table within 20 minutes when he was unable to lay down the 4th nut flush on a flushing board, that trumped by the 3rd nuts, both hands perhaps overplayed so deep i'd suggest.

The table got much much harder when chris moorman arrived having doubled up early on another table. Over the day we tangled a few times, something perhaps familiar to last year's tournie early on with a mr tabatabai. Like john he has a great game and is very, very tricky.

Eventually my table got moved to the tv area and were greated by a fellow named Joseph Hachem. I won a nice pot off him with a flush arriving on the river, a hand that i felt proved key as i was somewhat 'off form' for a few hands previously. After that encounter i barely lost another hand and built up from my 25k stack to 50k through a variety of steals, hands holding up and general preflop aggression.

I'm looking forward to tomorrow yet need to get a good night's kip as i expect about 175+ players to be left. It's as if i'm starting all over again, which is fine by me.

Laters peeps,


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