Sunday, 3 August 2008

So close yet so far....

Just placed 98th in the sunday million out of 8000+ runners. Was good for a couple of k yet i'm not really too happy about it. Ran really well early on winning most flips and not having my raises re-raised too often.

Eventually got myself into the top ten when we entered the money with 1200 odd left. By the time we were down to 600 i had built to 500k when the average was 140k and i was firmly planted amongst the chip leaders.

Then things started to slow a bit with players re-raising my late positional openings. I had to tighten up quite a bit, living off the occasional squeeze play after suddenly finding mysellf card dead.

Then with 150 players left i had a chance to break the 1 million barrier. A big stack with over a million opened for a normal raise of 3x the bb. The maniac on the button who had been constantly pushing and calling with horrific frequency shoved for about 400k. If the action gets back to the initial raiser i feel he instant calls this guy as he claimed he folded a medium pair as i pushed. Yep i found myself sitting in the bb with ak, so i shoved and find myself up against q8 off-a good hand for the maniac in fairness-when you'd seen his range previously...obviously this is said somewhat tongue in cheek. Of course the queen spiked the turn and i went from potential top 5 to bottom 5. Managed to hop along from then into 98th finally getting it all in with aq against....ak. King on the etc.

Obviously my crippling hand isn't a huge beat, just wish i could sometimes run good on those crucial showdowns. First prize tonight was 200k from the 1.7 million prizepool. Nice flat payout structure with an enjoyable blind structure-i'll be playing again. I don't actually play all the sunday comps all that much, but think i will from now on.

On friday i played live for the first time since vegas.I popped down to my 'lucky' casino(the empire) for their 200nl festival event. I found it totally refreshing to play in a casino once again, in comparison to staring at a screen 4 hours on end. Early on i found myself on a potentially tough table with a couple of gutshot players, Nicky P, and Koresh of late nite poker fame. Luckily for me koresh doubled me up early on when his allin call pre with 24 off failed to improve against my ak.

Managed to build up to around 16k from my 5k starting stack when i got moved to another table. Lost a couple of pots there before being moved again with 13k and around 23 bb's. Sitting down on my new table i noticed quite a lag on my immediate right. I managed to get it allin pre on my first hand with a coin flip situation with aq against 9s-which i lost. Although i hate flipping with no fold equity-i called his push- i felt this call was the correct one against THIS player. He ended up chopping the comp i believe, luckily a mate of mine finished 4th giving me my buy in back thanks to a ten percent swop.

With luton gukpt on this week i should be playing quite a bit more live poker. Not entirely sure what days i'll go but wednesday is looking favourite with me having one last attempt at satting into the main. Either way i'll play some smaller side events as i try to lose my gukpt curse of never cashing in one single event. May try and sell some of my action into the main if i play, so if your interested let me know.

Ok i've droned on long enough for now so will leave while i still have some dignity left!


Ps- The new statistical 'dom' is going ok, the sports trading is giving me a regular wage, and seperating it from the poker is proving to be a good idea, now if i could just win some money at poker....:)

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