Saturday, 23 August 2008

Quick Recap and GSOP main event....

Played the 100nl gsop festival event thursday. Went deep, eventually finishing 17th, after losing a race. Win that and im top 5 no worries.

Still i was very pleased how i performed, especially considering the 200 event debacle.

Am sitting right now in the Gutshot- otherwise known as 'the hottest place in the world'. The club is literally like a sauna. No matter with this structure of the main event, 'the tightest player' Gus Hansen ever saw should do well.

It's a strange feeling to have immense confidence in your game, yet to beware the blow up...think i'm becoming like mike matusow!

The most important thing win or lose...and i will to be happy with my performance. Finally started reading some Harrington last night, 'when you make a mistake you lose even if you win...and when you lose but play win'.

Again this statement illustrates everything about my problems with poker, it's so basic, so standard......yet i find it difficult to put that into practise. Not any more.

Laters peeps,


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