Wednesday, 6 August 2008

'Lovely' Luton....

Here i am sitting in the g casino blogging away, bit bored to be honest.

Won my seat to the main today as planned so don't need to sell any shares. Am playing tommorow...I WILL make day 2.

Boredom is because there really isn't much to do here till tmrw. The casino sit and go's are organised quite shabbily with lists remaining for hours on end. Cash games dominating the scenery. Funny i thought those stt'd wld generate more players 4 the main event, which is surely a good thing.

Booked into the easy hotel tonight. At 30 quid a night its cheap as chips, which is just as good as you get a box with a shower. Still won't be in there much.

Last night was a huge grind online which should have ended profitably but instaed ended with a bowl of rice after throwing away two huge chip leads in nice guaranteed tournies on full tilt.

Still i'm extremely confident about my game right now, even so much that i feel my 200-1 bsq price is value 4 the main. Predictions are possibly foolish but i feel a bit of a rush coming on.

I've added a couple of links to my blog. Both write on the betfair site and are good reads. Personally i feel i need to broaden my vocablary while writing on here. Something that can only be helped by reading other's blogs.

One blogger, mr keys, is attempting to blog every day for the near future. Good luck with that mate, can't say i envy you that task james. There's only so much to say...god i'm dull.....:)and on that note....bye peeps!


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