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Hi all as you will probally guess from the inteligent writing and humerous banter this blog is not written by dom but by me Paul " goldenballs" Gardener. Many thanks to my good m8 dom for the invite and privellege hopefully you will find the following of interest and benificial.
Good card reading skills, good opponent readings, patience, luck, game selection, dedication, natural ability, fearless attitude, level headed, positive attitude, timing, focus ...
Well the correct answer would be all of them with many other skills required as well. The one thing missing from this small selection needed to be sucessful Is in my opinion one of the most valuble skills you need to aquire if you want or intend to succeed in the shark invested world of poker.In many poker books it is hidden in the last chapter if anything on this subject is written at all.
The subject i am refering to is BANKROLL MANAGEMENT.
I have been playing 11 years and i have seen many better players than myself disapear from the poker scene due to there inability to manage there bankroll.
There is in my opinion in %95 of the time two reasons for this
(1) They have leaks like horses, roulette, blackjack 2 flys climbing the wall etc
(2) Wrong game selection.

So looking at number (1) these people are not and never will be poker players, what they are gamblers simple as that. They may win quite often at local level say a £1000first prize but then donate most if not all to ladbrokes or gala,s roulette tables. Some may have a little bit of discpline and only donate half of the 1K to the above,
but you can guarentee the money will disapear eventually, either through a dry spell in comps or the inability to resist the urge to reclaim there entry fee from the blackjack table.

Looking at number (2) This is perhaps the hardest one to spot yourself and requires honesty from you. The player enters a cash game or comp with a small bankroll. If you have only a small bankroll say 5k and you enter a couple of grovesnor tour events at £1100.00 a time unless you hit you are going to have to step back into your local level rebuy/freezeout comps but if you dont hit and are a regular weekly player sooner or later you will hit the dry spell and be out of the game due to no funds.
Without being too one sided many people from the above are more than happy to live the gambler/topsy turvy lifestyle and if they are happy with that well so be it but they will never be a sucessful poker player.
So what makes a sucesful poker player? Well its pretty simple really, in fact so simple its childs play.
Win more than you spend and keep a hold of the profit.
Many years ago i went bust through wrong game selection. I was a regular tournement winner at my local casino,s. But through making the wrong decision I went skint I entered the local dealers choice cash game. Now this game is hold em, irish and omaha maximum six cards!!!. The game is frequented by the local chinese and people with more money than i will ever have. It was,nt a major factor that i did not know the basic skill,s required for omaha so no surprise when i turned two years bankroll into chicken egg foo yung . It was,nt that hard really i did it quite skillfully. Reason wrong game selection. I was now faced with a dilema no money, and having never taking any money from my monthly income i had to go part time taxi driving to rebuild my bankroll. Friday and saturday nights driving pissheads round the scenic pubs of the north east not fun beleive me. One rainy saturday night after making a measily £70 i swore to myself if i ever got back i would never make ONE mistake again and i can honestly say i hav,nt. The following years i followed the same routine play comp lose go home, play comp make a profit bank the profit. In these two years i went on a family holiday to vegas and played a comp at the 4 queens in vegas.I there met two people at different times, one for about a 5 mins conversation the other some one who i was sat next to in the comp. I have no idea of there names but the guy at my table was your typical old style american gambler who won the event the previous night for aprox a $15000 pay day. I asked him if he was playing the main event which was $5000 to enter and he replied "not unless i cash in this he replied" oh i thought u won last night came the response " yeah i did but the dice wer,nt good afterwards" A few days later i wandered down to the queens to watch a bit of the main event and struck up a conversation with a guy at the bar.Apparently he had witnessed a bit of my previous comp play while watching a m8 on my table and commented on my play all positive stuff. He then went on too describe how he was a succesful player in vegas and enjoys a fantastic lifestyle(typical american) but the twist that followed shook me. He went on to discuss the time he went skint through playing with the big boys & had to bellboy in hotels for 4 years until he could build a bankroll. Deep down inside it seemed like was me talking to me. Well u can guess that 3 days made me realize what i wanted from poker and more importantly how to do it
As i write this blog 7 and a bit years later i am in a position to afford and play in any event i wish to. Through slightly better than average poker skills but excellent money managment skills ,ever so simple really.
So all you poker players out here ask yourself this. ARE YOU A POKER PLAYER OR A GAMBLER?
I sincerely hope this blog has not come across as too serious but as dom will tell you it is avery close to heart subject. I had the intentiion of blogging some comical and humorous tales from arond the poker scene but feel maybe as this is quite possibly a one of opportunity would take the chance to pass on this infomation. If it benifits one player then it will all of been worthwhile.
As you are probally aware dom is playing the gut shot main event as i speak so good luck m8.

Just to sign off here are some questions that need answering

Q1 will dom ever make the second day of a grosvenor main event?
Q2 will dom ever post a blog as long as this one?
Q3 will dom ever get re-raised before he raises again

Before i sign of think i better explain Q3 as it tells of how i met dom. Playing at Blackpool in 2007 in a £200 side event dom got moved to my table. It was about midway through he comp and this is how the play went. In about 13 of the first 17 hands dom played he raised every time only for someone to reraise which resulted in dom giving a bit of speech play and folding every time!!! In 17 hands we had,nt seen a flop. Anyway on hand 18 dom announces "RAISE 2600 TO PLAY" but unknown to dom some one in early positin had already raised to 6000 the comment from one of the players just had every one in stiches
" fooking hell mate your now getting reraised before you even raise" a classic
The next night in another event i found myself sat next to dom from the start and to be honest felt a bit sorry for him as Big barry neville seemed to be bullying dom all over the table, little did i realize dom was setting him up i just never picked up on it.It was only after dom played his "coup de grace" against the bully did i realize this lad can play
Well as mine host would say later peeps

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Dom said...

Nice blog paul.

Very interesting subject matter indeed.

As for whether i will ever write a blog as long as that...probbaly not mate-am too lazy!

Oh and by the way im out of the main event at the gutshot...not a great story.

Laters :)