Wednesday, 27 August 2008

GSOP, Online, Paul's Blog...

Firstly a big cheers to Paul Gardener for his write up in the last blog.

Was certainly different to my quick, short and moany versions. Perhaps it will cause a change in my own writing. Very interesting subject matter paul, and good luck with the new blog. I will add the addy to my link section, but for all that would like an immediate you are.

I think paul means to call it 'golden blog' after his nickname, at the moment it is entitled 'my first week'. I think that was the intended subject title of his first post, so change the overall blog title buddy.

Pokerwise things are still crawling along for me. Everytime i take one step forward i take two steps back. It's not that i don't even know i'm playing wrong half the time, it's just that i can't stop myself. Counselling seems the best option and i'm looking into it. :)

The GSOP main event really didn't go well. 4 hours of grinding it out was highlighted by one or two very badly played hands by myself. Got pushed off a hand on the river when i really shouldn't have, the guy showed his inferior holding as i passed-he actually thought he had the best hand which was the clincher.

My demise was sealed with a squeeze gone wrong, sending me out with a wimpy whimper.
Bolton Gukpt is next week, but it could be the first one i miss in 8 months, shame but unless i qualify in the next few days i can't justify buying in for surely the 8th failure running!

Online i am playing well. I find it so much easier, yet less fun, than playing live right now. That is a real shame as live play is something you can't beat, the thrill of catching a fish bluffing, a fish folding too much and a fish going on tilt. Problem is...i might be that fish in live play right now.

Having said all this, I still have immense confidence in my own game, i'm probably only saying all this to gee myself up. Oh my god it go find a game. :)

Laters peeps,

Dom zee fish

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