Wednesday, 20 August 2008


Just felt like a quick post seeing as it's been a week.

Not much has been going on to be honest. Grinding it out online-with varied success, whilst becoming addicted to sports like swimming and judo, thanks to the olympics.

My sleep patterns are very strange right now, probably due to living on chinese time. As for poker it's up and down all day long. Keep going deep in mtt's but not deep enough. Led another big tournie on stars 4 a long while on sunday, thought i was on 4 a big score b4 3 bad beats in a row did 4 me.

Tonight i play my first GSOP event. It's the gutshot's best festival imo, and i normally do okay in these events. Will try play the main this weekend too.

In other news a friend of mine asked if he could do a guest blog on here, why next blog may be more fun than my drivel ppl!

Laters peeps.


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skolsuper said...

I love how you've invented the "Drivel Olympics". I reckon you're a shoe-in for a GB gold as well.