Tuesday, 12 August 2008

GUKPT'S = 7 played....no cashes...no day 2's....

Luton went badly...as with any gukpt for me really. Yet agin i failed to realise the old adage that you can't win the tournie on the first day...let alone the first level.

Broke my own record by busting within the first hour. Arrived at my table to find Iwan jones, Ian Cox, a couple of other circuit regulars and generally quite a touch table.

However, these things don't bother me. I'll put myself up against anybody in a poker tournament, i know i have more than a good enough game to compete, and eventually win of these things. Yet its all about timing and i don't appear to have that right now. Better get myself a new watch.

Seriously though if i was a car i believe i'd be stuck in gear, i am most certainly in need of an MOT on my live game. Just to illustrate, here's how my tournament played out.

First few hands i fold not wanting to get involved with marginal oop early doors. Looking for hands to play with position i somehow manage to play 2 rags in the small blind to an early raise from a scandi, thus contradicting everything i've just said. Three handed i check raise the low flop-i missed, before fire/folding the ace turn. To massacre a hand more badly would be quite an acheivement although i guess if he folds the turn it's a bonus, yet def a -EV play overall. Then lost a bit with bottom two against a flopped straight, with the nut flush draw, at least i folded on the flop.

So a couple of thou down already i lose another hand where i won't fold when i know i should, for gods sake its 25-50 Dom!!!

Sitting with 7k i build to 8.5k when i take down a 3k pot with the nut flush, Ian cox cleverly keeping the pot small flatting with the 2nd nuts. Then comes my exit hand.

Utg has been limping far too much and players are coming along with relish on the domino rally. As i am UTG+2 I decide to bump it up with KhQh, to try and isolate somewhat against the loosey and at least make the pot less than 8 handed oop. In hindsight my hand can play reasonably well against the rest of the table. This early on top pair isn't worth worrying about, so really i'm looking for 2 pair min to go deep with, so basic...yet so difficult for me to comprehend when i build the pot with my 'premium'.

One good thing about my raise to 225 was that Iwan jones, who has dbld up already with a set against someone who chronically overplayed 8s on a 7 high flop, immediately reaises to 775. This should signal alarm bells as not only is he raising an oop raise but he himself is well out of position.

I've only played against the guy once b4, but everything i've heard about the guy, can see about the situation tells me minimum queens, minimum.

Yet i call pretty quickly, partly not wanting to appear weak, partly hoping to connect huge and get a nice chunky pot against a dangerous player.

A 7 high flop with two hearts looks nice to me, so i check, when he fires 2k into the 1700 pot i immediately push. He insta calls with bullets(no Ah)and i miss.

Just like pocket snowy man i have donated to mr jones on a 7 high flop. Again if i hit, i don't look so silly, yet again a -EV move overall. I don't mind my check push on the flop as if i'm going to play the hand i can't chicken out then. Yet preflop....fold, fold....and ummmm....fold.

Hitting online donkaments like a demon this week. Already gone very deeep on 2 full tilt mtt's without cashing huge. Need to get back to the trading i think too while grinding the sit and go's. I have a 30% roi on ft right now.

Laters peeps.


Ps- Big shout out to my friend alex who made 3 final tables in side events at luton this week, and finished 12th in another-brilliant performance mate.

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