Wednesday, 20 August 2008

£200 GSOP Tournie

Played the 200nl event last night, stunk it out pretty bad.

After playing so much online recently, sitting down in a live enviroment kinda threw me. Madly, i found i wanted to play every hand, no matter how low the blinds nor the position.

Had quite a tough table, although i felt i had key position on the real dangerous players. Yet, 2 or 3 key hands i didn't play like i would online, rushing in like a bull in a china shop. When i lost a key race i didn't hold on to the rest of my bowl of rice 4 too much longer and was more than happy to go home.

The 100 event will be different. The same structure as the 200 has given me a kind of heads up on how to approach it, early on there will be loads of play, and when the antes cut in it will be time to get the steal on. Again hugely standard, basic poker....yet so complex for me nowadays!!! :)

When i got back in i fired up the laptoooop for a full tilt mtt session. Got myself chip leader again early on and dictated many pots, bullying the shorties. The 17k first prize looked within reach, but i lost a couple of key pots and didn't even make the money-which was pretty bad seeing as how strong i was at the first break.

In another mtt i reached the money b4 gambling on a flush draw which missed, again against the bullets- something that keeps happening recently.

I've basically decided to play the gsop main event this weekend too. Looking at the structure left me salivating, something i hope the gutshot's bad 'air con' unit won't force me into due to heat exhaustion. Their machine they've installed looks like a 1970's mad scientists time machine. Which dsnt work either for time travel nor air filtering!

Trading is going very nicely right now, however i'm kind of worried that once the olympics stop i'll have to start trading the horses and stuff again. Will find that very dull compared to the frantic finishes in the swimming and the like.

Wish i could go to a footie match this weekend, but it would clash with the GSOP, work gotta come first and all. Got a feeling spurs against sunderland could be a good one too.

I am running out of things to say here which is scary as i don't feel i've said that much. Read Alex's martin's blog earlier. The guy can write 4 england. Guess i need to go down the hand analysis route on this blog a bit more, so next post i will...well maybe.

Gotta run....

Laters peeps


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