Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Vegas Part 6....

Okay before i go into each day's analysis i've got an announcement....i'm for sale.

Well kind of! :)

Basically i want to play the wsop main event but after a tough few weeks and bankroll limitations i cannot justify buying in for the whole $10k.

Therefore i am looking to sell 50% of myself. Shares will be sold in $250 increments. Initially i had 20 shares for sale. Now i have already recieved orders from people out here for about 7 shares with possibly another 4 to come. Thus it's likely i only have about 9 shares left. This is $2250 if you want to buy the whole lot.

Now i probably should sell these at 1.3 or 1.4 of the price or something as i feel i have an edge on the majority of the field with my wsope experience and having played the main event the last two years. I know james keys for example is offering a share in himself at 1.4, but he's a bit better with his roll management than me and thus can afford to charge more.

The reason for my bargain price is simple. The main event starts on thursday and i'd need to buy in before sunday. I don't have time to be choosy. Any purchases will have to be quick and deposited in my bank immediately before i will confirm your share. So go on people, buy a piece of dom and help me take down the wsop main event. It's first come first served, so let me know either through email (dominickay@hotmail.com) or by text. Those of you who are my friends can do either obviously, those i don't know can contact me via the email route.

Lastly, i'm ultra confident with my game right now, just cannot afford to risk so much on one tournament. I have been playing a nice blend of tournies over here in the last three weeks and feel i am coming into the main hot rather than cold, even if not in results terms. I feel fresh and raring to go, so come on everybody....buy me!

Day 19 Sunday 29th

Played my final wsop sat online on this day. Again doubled up early on cruise control before the dreaded net connection hit me AGAIN. After this i was constantly folding hands like kings as i'd be sat out without time to click back in. I lost a race or two and shot out the door. After this i decided to go hit the sit and gos at the rio. There is such huge value in these. I won my first table, well did a chip chop with me getting the big money, and busted early in the other i played. Overall a 4 figure win and a good, pleasing way to end my weekend. Also watched scotty win the horse which was cool yet surreal. I love this place baby, yeah baby!

Day 20 Monday 30th

Played my third and final 1500 nl event of the trip wearing a shirt for an online company. Didn't exactly cover myself in glory here as i went out on the first hand i played. Utg +1 raises to 150 and i am the only caller in the bb with ad6d. I don't know why i called here as i feel i'm springing a small leak with my pre call to an oop rsr with min blinds. The flop came down a610 with two clubs. I checked and the raiser bet out 300. Funny thing here is i think i checked, i actually can't remember doing so and also feel i would have bet out hoping for him to raise, and a check may induce a check behind which i don't want for a number of reasons. Yet maybe the whole hand has become a blur which i've now mumbled and jumbled up in my mind.

Okay heres how the hand went, he bets out 300 perhaps even out of turn, i raise to 725 leaving myself 2125 left of my initial 3k stack. I'm putting his range at possibly ak aq here, or even kings or queens, even jacks, and i'm happy with anything he does here bar perhaps a call. Then i'd be praying the turn bricks, ideally i want a shove as in my mind i'm only losing to a set of tens here. He shoved and i almost insta called. He showed kcqc for the nut flush draw and the gutshot straight draw. He was draw heavy. The ten of clubs hit the turn and the river came another non pairing club, i was out and that was that. Not upset with my flop play as i got the chips in which is what i intended to do in a 1500 event with two pair in this situation. But as i say i'm not totally sure of my pre call. Moving on....

Went and got my washing done after this, lovely lady named Hilda did it all for 20 bucks, saved about 150 on the hotel estimate. Thanks again to my paid skivvy david for driving me to the laundromat, guy is a legend.

In the evening me and a few others hit the very cheesy allin party at the palms. Was sensible with the drinking as i'm here to work not party, something that can wait till after my wsop victory...shares available peeps!

Day 21 Tuesday 1st July

Played the huge value allin tournament where the play really had to be seen to be believed. Eventually after a card dead,
(don't you hate fish who moan about not getting cards)few levels i shoved with ak std and lost a race to jacks.

Found out today how much value i'd been missing out on. The wsop main event sats which i last played 2 weeks ago,(bubbled then....counselling has helped, but it still stings)are getting 500+ runners. Literally i don't think i have ever seen worse players. They would struggle in 5 quid rebuys down the gutshot. Unfortunately, although i fast accumulated a huge stack i lost race after race and ran a flush into a house allin pre. Mr keys is still running well in it though and with 14 seats available has a great chance of cruising through bar disasters as he has built a decent stack.

Off out now to play the venetian 180 which i've not played for a few days, choppped this one twice since i've been here, lets make it third time again!

Laters people.

Dom (who has at least 22.5% available to sell in the main event)

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