Monday, 7 July 2008

Ulra quick post...

Boy am i behind with this blog. About a week's worth of day updates to write up and yesterday's recap to give. Unfortunately no time now as i have to run. Just a very quick update to say that i have finally made a day 2 in the main event and am sitting with a smidgen under avergae of 35.5k. With an hour to go I held the princely sum of 5k so i now feel i am almost freerolling. I should have been felted if a player had played his hand properly. On a board of k77 rag rag no flush nor straight poss i held a7. My opponent held pocket cowboys and played the hand very badly imo. Glad i didn't let the situation get to me too much, bar shouting a bit to myself and having to walk away from the table before downing a

Anyway i'll try and do a huge blog tmrw for all you shareholders and anyone else interested.



dalzini said...

WP son for making it to Day 2, best of luck for Wednesday

Anonymous said...

Well done Crazy, excellent news. Taka da plasama..