Sunday, 27 July 2008

I can't get no sleep....

Well i'm writing this blog at's just too humid in london right now.

After my last somewhat 'negative' entry i felt i'd better write up a more positive one.

This weekend i took a couple of days off and recharged the batteries. I've also had a very productive meeting with a few people very close to me. The 'meeting' analsyed my recent results and current precarious financial situation.

Subsequently, i'm going to be far more into statistical analysis from now on, and much more cautious with my bankroll. It appears i have been playing limits too big for my limited roll at the moment. Something rather obvious yet not acted upon before. Not only that but i have been extremely haphazard in keeping expenses to a reasonable amount. This is all going to change.

As i mentioned previously a couple of days ago, i feel i have reached a crossroads in my life. Thus, i have decided to start trading sports properly again and allow the poker to take more of a secondary role, at least for a few weeks to start with.

This should help me to calm things down greatly in my life and refresh a poker game that has become a little stale. I'm looking forward to reading some poker literature and watching some cardrunner videos.....all in the name of research.

It's gonna be fun.

Laters peeps.


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dalzini said...

Get the new Gus book, its the business!!