Thursday, 10 July 2008

Busted from main event...

Hiya all. Firstly apologies if anyone is at all interested but day updates will have to wait AGAIN!
Still feel semi-tilted after my wsop main event exit yesterday. I doubled up early on with aces after someone chronically overplayed poket 8s, ship it. Amazingly the rather old dealer managed to short change me in that pot of a couple of grand, something I only realised a couple of hands later-more concentration obviously needed.
So coasting along with circa 70k i managed to donk off 15k in the last hand before the first break. Weakly playing poket 9s on a 678 board was a sign of what was to come.
My table consisted of about 4 or 5 rocks, about 3 good players and 1 maniac. The maniac caused me to retreat into my shell as the guy was non bluffable, and without cards i had to leave him to it.
Against one of the only decent players on the table i decided to defend my bb with 45 off suit. The q52 flop saw me lead and get called. The 10 on the turn saw me fire again only to meet an allin rr. Another 15k odd gone.
Then a freaky hand occured with poket tens which i'll write a single blog entry about-that lost another 15 odd k too. So with about 20-25k i fought along untill the 400-800 level when i lost half my stack against the maniac with ak, and my full stack against the decent player with aq against queens. Allin pre the flop came 22q, next year folks!
Not massively happy with how i played, but having said that the situations and the cards just didn't run good for me. Not having one going well is okay but when both are running bad i find it hard to progress. Maybe that is something i need to look at, new situations and errrrrrrrrmmmmm new way of playing cards perhaps!
Okay peeps im off to play a 500 deepstack in the venetian now, so best run downstairs.



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