Sunday, 13 July 2008

Back home..

Well another wsop is over for me. Quite a mixed experience for me over all, lots of positives, but probably just as many if not more negative things for me to look at. Leaving vegas this year i felt certain i'd be returning, but honestly couldn't say when. I have friends who are staying out there for a few months to give it a real go, yet i couldn't say i'd like to swap places with them. That is really strange as before this last month i think i would have jumped at a chance to give poker in vegas a real go. Not so much anymore. I think getting an apartment is vital, and being able to drive, if not near the strip, even more important. So many considerations to look at for me, and it's back to the grind now.

I really want to do a big write up concluding my last two weeks in day updates, but right now i'm drained. Got back yesterday and slept for 14 hours straight. Will get round to it eventually.

Laters peeps.


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