Sunday, 27 July 2008

I can't get no sleep....

Well i'm writing this blog at's just too humid in london right now.

After my last somewhat 'negative' entry i felt i'd better write up a more positive one.

This weekend i took a couple of days off and recharged the batteries. I've also had a very productive meeting with a few people very close to me. The 'meeting' analsyed my recent results and current precarious financial situation.

Subsequently, i'm going to be far more into statistical analysis from now on, and much more cautious with my bankroll. It appears i have been playing limits too big for my limited roll at the moment. Something rather obvious yet not acted upon before. Not only that but i have been extremely haphazard in keeping expenses to a reasonable amount. This is all going to change.

As i mentioned previously a couple of days ago, i feel i have reached a crossroads in my life. Thus, i have decided to start trading sports properly again and allow the poker to take more of a secondary role, at least for a few weeks to start with.

This should help me to calm things down greatly in my life and refresh a poker game that has become a little stale. I'm looking forward to reading some poker literature and watching some cardrunner videos.....all in the name of research.

It's gonna be fun.

Laters peeps.


Friday, 25 July 2008

Running bad.............

Just bubbled a sat for luton, after also busting early in the gukpt main event.

Confidence is now quite low and i'm almost certainly going to miss my first gukpt main event in months. Spent a fair bit on sats now and certainly can't justify spending much more on them(will try 1 more), and right now don't even know if i really want to.

It's very easy i think to become very disillusioned with poker, especially when you're on a bad run like i am at the moment. I'm sure without a doubt that these moments are the ones that really define you as a player...if you can cut it so to speak.

Gotta be honest and say right now i don't know one hundred percent if i can.

The swings are just so huge, both financhially and emotionally in tournament poker. I think perhaps the time has come to take some time off from the game.

After next week's empire festival, and luton gukpt week the week after, i may take some time off from the game and do some real soul searching.

Trading sports is something i feel there is much less variance in and i may go back to my old 'job' for a period of time.

Of course a big win in the next few days might change my mind but i'm not totally sure if that would be a good thing. A win can cloud over important factors that need to be considered and not pushed aside for a rainy day.

Whilst in vegas i finally realised the importance of adding a solid cash game to my poker 'skills'. It's something that is a gaping hole within my poker game. The lesser the variance in this game the better, and i really can't rely on luck anymore.

After reading james keys's blog the other day i realsied i'm too old to be messing around. He mentioned career choices and spoke of differences in life decisions based on age. Well at 30 i'm at a crossroads in my life.
(1)Do i pack it all in and get a 9-5?
(2)Do i put the poker to one side and concentrate on the sports trading for a bit while disecting my game and reading some books-basically getting back to basics?
(3)Do i say to hell with it all and give the poker 100 percent again for the zillionth time?

Favourite is number 2 right now, but i've a feeling certain ppl i know would prefer i chose number 1-something i really don't want to do right now.

Ok i''ve ranted and raved enough here, hope anyone expecting a detailed 'poker' blog isn't too dissapointed. I just feel my head is a little messed up right now and blogging about it actually helps.

Ok peeps laters,


Raring to go

Have backed myself and a few others for the online gukpt main event tonight, looks sure to be a good one. The structure should suit my game well, providing i don't bluff too early on of course.
Pretty sure i've got a good chance in this event and cannot wait to get started.

In other news...well there isn't much to report really...pretty bored!


Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Back to the grind...

Well since my last post here's what i've been up to...grinding it out online.

Returning from vegas with a gigantic wallet sized hole in my pocket, i've had to knuckle down.

Full tilt, mansion, blue square, stars and hills have all recieved donations from yours truely. To be honest it's been a break even couple of weeks, with the big score always just eluding me.

However, i traded the open golf last week and managed to eek out a nice profit thanks to pod. One of the greatest shots i've ever seen from him on the 17th, awesome indeed.

Have started to get withdrawl symptoms over vegas, i miss the poker rooms and the live action. I really do think it's hard to appreciate exactly what you have available when you are actually there, oh well next time out.

I've been playing the online blue square gukpt festival this week, great structures although an average standard of player higher than usual.

Am playing the main event on friday and am available at 100-1, i hate to tip myself but....ok i won't. Had a bit on though.

Speak soon peeps.


Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Concluding vegas and trying to finish day updates...

Okay so just for my own weird piece of mind here's a round up of all my day updates...

Day 22 Wednesday 2nd july

This day i moved to the venetian, partly to be be totally chilled during the main event, and mainly to please my slightly choosy gf-for whom the gold coast was not enough apparently. In fairness the bathroom's are very small.

I also had a 1k sat at the rio on this day. It was the day i'd decided was my best chance to win a main event seat by far. It was the 'sat' day at the rio and i expected many seats to be available. Funny thing was i registered a little late along with james and rupert who were alongside in the queue, and was subsequently put on the same table as them both. Random hey. However the table wasn't overall that strong and i managed to put a rude yank on huge tilt. I got most of his chips before he busted and was overall happy with my table. Unfortunately my table was soon broken and any flow i'd gathered was soon lost. I arrived to my new table to find possibly the most annoying man in the world on my right. He managed to get half my chips when i should have folded and soon enough i lost a race to an ace on the river for the rest.
Went straight to the venetian and chilled out in my new room, after good ol' dave had helped me move over my stuff.
Met up with paul and gary recently arrived from england in the evening before playing the evening 180. Soon enough i was drinking cocktails at the bar and hit the hay early enough in anticipation of an important arrival the next day.

Day 23 Thursday 3rd july

Met Ulrike at the airport, was extremely happy to see her. A day off poker seemed ideal, although i had little time left to qualify for the main event.
Managed to squeeze in a sit and go in the evening which ended badly after i was outdrawn again.

Day 24 Friday 4th July

Uli's birthday and independence day meant drinks and a nice meal, certainly no poker on this day!.

Day 25 Saturday 5th July

Got up very early on this day with every intention of qualifying for the main event. Arrived in the empty sit and go room and waited a while before busting early in a 500 dollar single table. The time was now 10am and i had 2 choices. 1 was to play another 500 sit and go, 2 was to play the 500 mega sat which had just started. I decided to play the stt and picked up the ticket ready to pay. Suddenly someone asked me to buy a 500 chip at the counter. This incident awakened me, i bought it off him and gave back the ticket to the lady trying to fill the sit and go. I legged it over to the crowded mega queue and finally sat down in the mega sat half an hour into the tournie. Things went very smoothly early and i looked to be coasting to a seat. Then the wheels came off and with 3 tables left i actually said-this year it aint to be, this must have ignited me as i won every race and was suddenly chip leader on the ft with 7 seats available. I then coasted to my seat and was playing on the sunday! Boy was i happy and raced over to the venetian to celebrate with Uli over a couple of beers, only a couple!

Day 26 Sunday 6th July

I've already posted my day 1 report so no real need to go over it again. Basically i ended the day on 35.5k after a huge yo yo day when i should have been felted bar a 'pro' slow playing his hand to death. Slept like a baby when i hit the hay, especially knowing i had 2 days off till my day 2.

Day 27 Monday 7th July

Believe i may have gone swimming on this day, basically chilled and didn't do all that much bar going to the pokerstars party in the evening. Was a good laugh with Uli having a good time which was nice to see. Her support as always is vital to me, and i appreciate it very much.

Day 28 Tuesday 8th July

Another really chilled out day, went shopping and ate a great deal. Made sure i got a relatively early night with day 2 looming. Tried to watch ocean's 13 but fell asleep!

Day 29 Wednesday 9th July

This day started great with a wonderful double up before 3 or 4 key hands did 4 me a few hours in....still hurts. Didn't play enough small pots if i think about it again, still want to post about the pocket 10s hand...but kind of too embarrassed to do so.

After being knocked out i think i had one drink after another with a very understanding girlfriend.

Day 30 Thursday 10th July

Probably should have taken this day fact probably should have stopped all poker on the trip after the main event exit. Instead i played the venetian 500-which i exited after 2 hours, and the evening 180-which i exited after about the same time. Lost out in both tournies to races and situations where i was a big change there then! :)

Day 31 Friday 11th july

This my last full day was spent shopping and reflecting on what might have been. In the evening we went out with all my english mates and jerry the lone yank. Had a wicked night although both Uli and i drunk too much.

Day 32 Saturday 12th July

Checked out of the hotel with the hangover from hell, flew home with the same.

Ok so thats it with vegas for the wsop 08...can't wait for london wsopE.

As for vegas in conclusion, loved it, hated it, miss it, don't miss it.

That's about it really. It's opened my eyes to so many things in regards to bankroll, poker and life in general. So overall jolly glad i did it for 32 days.

Laters peeps.

London Dom

Sunday, 13 July 2008

Back home..

Well another wsop is over for me. Quite a mixed experience for me over all, lots of positives, but probably just as many if not more negative things for me to look at. Leaving vegas this year i felt certain i'd be returning, but honestly couldn't say when. I have friends who are staying out there for a few months to give it a real go, yet i couldn't say i'd like to swap places with them. That is really strange as before this last month i think i would have jumped at a chance to give poker in vegas a real go. Not so much anymore. I think getting an apartment is vital, and being able to drive, if not near the strip, even more important. So many considerations to look at for me, and it's back to the grind now.

I really want to do a big write up concluding my last two weeks in day updates, but right now i'm drained. Got back yesterday and slept for 14 hours straight. Will get round to it eventually.

Laters peeps.


Thursday, 10 July 2008

Busted from main event...

Hiya all. Firstly apologies if anyone is at all interested but day updates will have to wait AGAIN!
Still feel semi-tilted after my wsop main event exit yesterday. I doubled up early on with aces after someone chronically overplayed poket 8s, ship it. Amazingly the rather old dealer managed to short change me in that pot of a couple of grand, something I only realised a couple of hands later-more concentration obviously needed.
So coasting along with circa 70k i managed to donk off 15k in the last hand before the first break. Weakly playing poket 9s on a 678 board was a sign of what was to come.
My table consisted of about 4 or 5 rocks, about 3 good players and 1 maniac. The maniac caused me to retreat into my shell as the guy was non bluffable, and without cards i had to leave him to it.
Against one of the only decent players on the table i decided to defend my bb with 45 off suit. The q52 flop saw me lead and get called. The 10 on the turn saw me fire again only to meet an allin rr. Another 15k odd gone.
Then a freaky hand occured with poket tens which i'll write a single blog entry about-that lost another 15 odd k too. So with about 20-25k i fought along untill the 400-800 level when i lost half my stack against the maniac with ak, and my full stack against the decent player with aq against queens. Allin pre the flop came 22q, next year folks!
Not massively happy with how i played, but having said that the situations and the cards just didn't run good for me. Not having one going well is okay but when both are running bad i find it hard to progress. Maybe that is something i need to look at, new situations and errrrrrrrrmmmmm new way of playing cards perhaps!
Okay peeps im off to play a 500 deepstack in the venetian now, so best run downstairs.



Monday, 7 July 2008

Ulra quick post...

Boy am i behind with this blog. About a week's worth of day updates to write up and yesterday's recap to give. Unfortunately no time now as i have to run. Just a very quick update to say that i have finally made a day 2 in the main event and am sitting with a smidgen under avergae of 35.5k. With an hour to go I held the princely sum of 5k so i now feel i am almost freerolling. I should have been felted if a player had played his hand properly. On a board of k77 rag rag no flush nor straight poss i held a7. My opponent held pocket cowboys and played the hand very badly imo. Glad i didn't let the situation get to me too much, bar shouting a bit to myself and having to walk away from the table before downing a

Anyway i'll try and do a huge blog tmrw for all you shareholders and anyone else interested.


Saturday, 5 July 2008

WSOP seat day updates yet...

Just won my seat in a sat down the rio. What a hard slog it was. No more shares will be sold at the rock bottom price of 1.0.

Thanks for all that showed faith with investments at this price, your shares will be well rewarded i hope by a good performance tommorow. Now i'm off to chill and get ready for sunday at the rio...main event here i come!



Friday, 4 July 2008

Quick day updates

Hiya all. It's 4th of july evening here and i'm taking my gf out on her birthday. Should be great esp in vegas. As for the wsop main event unless a miracle happens i won't be playing. I've managed to get orders for 3k of the 5k i was trying to sell of my action.
However, that is not enough and unless i get 2k's worth of orders and payments by 12pm vegas time saturday i won't be playing.

No matter, bright lights, sin city and dare i say it...smaller games for now are calling.



Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Vegas Part 6....

Okay before i go into each day's analysis i've got an announcement....i'm for sale.

Well kind of! :)

Basically i want to play the wsop main event but after a tough few weeks and bankroll limitations i cannot justify buying in for the whole $10k.

Therefore i am looking to sell 50% of myself. Shares will be sold in $250 increments. Initially i had 20 shares for sale. Now i have already recieved orders from people out here for about 7 shares with possibly another 4 to come. Thus it's likely i only have about 9 shares left. This is $2250 if you want to buy the whole lot.

Now i probably should sell these at 1.3 or 1.4 of the price or something as i feel i have an edge on the majority of the field with my wsope experience and having played the main event the last two years. I know james keys for example is offering a share in himself at 1.4, but he's a bit better with his roll management than me and thus can afford to charge more.

The reason for my bargain price is simple. The main event starts on thursday and i'd need to buy in before sunday. I don't have time to be choosy. Any purchases will have to be quick and deposited in my bank immediately before i will confirm your share. So go on people, buy a piece of dom and help me take down the wsop main event. It's first come first served, so let me know either through email ( or by text. Those of you who are my friends can do either obviously, those i don't know can contact me via the email route.

Lastly, i'm ultra confident with my game right now, just cannot afford to risk so much on one tournament. I have been playing a nice blend of tournies over here in the last three weeks and feel i am coming into the main hot rather than cold, even if not in results terms. I feel fresh and raring to go, so come on me!

Day 19 Sunday 29th

Played my final wsop sat online on this day. Again doubled up early on cruise control before the dreaded net connection hit me AGAIN. After this i was constantly folding hands like kings as i'd be sat out without time to click back in. I lost a race or two and shot out the door. After this i decided to go hit the sit and gos at the rio. There is such huge value in these. I won my first table, well did a chip chop with me getting the big money, and busted early in the other i played. Overall a 4 figure win and a good, pleasing way to end my weekend. Also watched scotty win the horse which was cool yet surreal. I love this place baby, yeah baby!

Day 20 Monday 30th

Played my third and final 1500 nl event of the trip wearing a shirt for an online company. Didn't exactly cover myself in glory here as i went out on the first hand i played. Utg +1 raises to 150 and i am the only caller in the bb with ad6d. I don't know why i called here as i feel i'm springing a small leak with my pre call to an oop rsr with min blinds. The flop came down a610 with two clubs. I checked and the raiser bet out 300. Funny thing here is i think i checked, i actually can't remember doing so and also feel i would have bet out hoping for him to raise, and a check may induce a check behind which i don't want for a number of reasons. Yet maybe the whole hand has become a blur which i've now mumbled and jumbled up in my mind.

Okay heres how the hand went, he bets out 300 perhaps even out of turn, i raise to 725 leaving myself 2125 left of my initial 3k stack. I'm putting his range at possibly ak aq here, or even kings or queens, even jacks, and i'm happy with anything he does here bar perhaps a call. Then i'd be praying the turn bricks, ideally i want a shove as in my mind i'm only losing to a set of tens here. He shoved and i almost insta called. He showed kcqc for the nut flush draw and the gutshot straight draw. He was draw heavy. The ten of clubs hit the turn and the river came another non pairing club, i was out and that was that. Not upset with my flop play as i got the chips in which is what i intended to do in a 1500 event with two pair in this situation. But as i say i'm not totally sure of my pre call. Moving on....

Went and got my washing done after this, lovely lady named Hilda did it all for 20 bucks, saved about 150 on the hotel estimate. Thanks again to my paid skivvy david for driving me to the laundromat, guy is a legend.

In the evening me and a few others hit the very cheesy allin party at the palms. Was sensible with the drinking as i'm here to work not party, something that can wait till after my wsop victory...shares available peeps!

Day 21 Tuesday 1st July

Played the huge value allin tournament where the play really had to be seen to be believed. Eventually after a card dead,
(don't you hate fish who moan about not getting cards)few levels i shoved with ak std and lost a race to jacks.

Found out today how much value i'd been missing out on. The wsop main event sats which i last played 2 weeks ago,(bubbled then....counselling has helped, but it still stings)are getting 500+ runners. Literally i don't think i have ever seen worse players. They would struggle in 5 quid rebuys down the gutshot. Unfortunately, although i fast accumulated a huge stack i lost race after race and ran a flush into a house allin pre. Mr keys is still running well in it though and with 14 seats available has a great chance of cruising through bar disasters as he has built a decent stack.

Off out now to play the venetian 180 which i've not played for a few days, choppped this one twice since i've been here, lets make it third time again!

Laters people.

Dom (who has at least 22.5% available to sell in the main event)