Saturday, 14 June 2008

Vegas Updates

Hiya people here is how it's been going so far.

Day 1 Wednesday 11th June

Arrived in vegas raring to go only to get put on 'tilt' almost immediately. My friend david had agreed to pick me up so i wanted to get through customs quickly as i knew he would be waiting and the plane had been delayed. However, the custom officers had other ideas. Just like last time I was held for half an hour over a bad fingerprint issue. It really is a joke and i've beem told it will happen each time i arrive...marvellous indeed. Anyway dave had waited for me like the good buddy he is and i moved on from it.

After some food and light refreshment the rio beckoned. Walking into the amazon room I felt that buzz that only vegas can bring, poker heaven baby!

Played a couple of sit and go's chopping one to start the trip off nicely. I then went out for a couple of beers with some poker friends, before hitting the sack at a reasonable hour. Talking of where i'm staying this week-imperial palace-avoid! Pigeon tilt is all i'll say for now.

Day 2 Thursday 12th

Woke up early and had some breakfast in the hotel. Won't be eating their again but no matter.

Arrived at the venetian in plenty of time for their $500 dollar deepstack event. I doubled up within minutes after a player decided to shove allin on a 44krag rag 3 diamond board on the river with queens. I held ace king and just didn't believe him, sorted. I then proceeded to bluff too much and although i again retrieved my chips through numerous small pots, the blinds forced me to shove against an early position raise with jacks. He eventually called with ahkh(i felt it was almost a slow roll-he held a huge stack) and i lost the race. Next tournie...

Moved back to the rio to rail negraneu on the ft of the 2k limit-he won it too, legend. Then played the 7pm donkathon which really was full of fish. I'll be playing this a great deal i'd think as there is huge value to be had. Unfortunately the structure does become a little shooty and i was forced in with aq losing to ak just shy of the money.

Day 3 Friday 13th

First time on this trip to visit caesars for their mega stack series. I exited this 330 event early doors when i missed a flush draw, simple really. On a side note david finished 7th/622 on the ft played on saturday, well done mate,7k well earned.

Again taxi'd it over to the rio for their 3pm mega sat. This is a 500 dollar sat for the wsop main event. I played my best poker of the trip so far and made my first final table 3 days in. Unfortunately i fell just short of a seat as i suffered a bad beat in 6th just before they did a deal so everyone got a few grand minimum-again marvellous.

After this I should have gone back to the hotel but instead i played the venetian 8pm event. Wasn't in the right frame of mind for this and it was no surprise when i got knocked out a couple of hours into it. Learnt a lesson here of when to quit when im just pokered out.

Ps- My good friend graham finished 21st/1300+ runners in the 2k event, well done mate, next time it will be a wsop ft, i mean if i can do

Day 4 Saturday 14th

Today i had a comedic experience! Registered for the 500 dollar event at the venetian, before graham informed me i'd bought in for the horse event, a quick unregister later and i was involved in the 1500nl 2700 runner wsop event. 2 hours later i was out of that...hurts a bit and i'll have to analyse it a bit.

Moving on again i played the same mega sat as i did the day before. This time i failed pretty dismaly after going with a wrong read and then making a move due to some hero leaving their seat before the action got around to them, forced my hand really, bb woke up with a hand, end of.

Played a small sit and go which ended badly and now i am contemplating a visit to the venetian 8pm. I know i said in yesterday's notes i wouldn't play when pokered out, but i'm not, today i feel i've hardly played. The hunger is there and i'm taking this one down peeps...end of!

Speak soon

Vegas Dom

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