Saturday, 28 June 2008

Vegas Part 5...

Day 14 Tuesday 25th June

Wow my memory is getting bad out here. It's a real struggle to remember what i played on this day. Well i'm pretty sure i played two events at the venetian. Yes i did, one was the noon $300 deepstack event which brought chips early before a table move brought a constant stream of near misses, lost races and general annoyances. I finally departed after being forced to reshove a late position rsr with k7, i had fold equity at this point. He held jacks and it was done and dusted soon enough.

Played the evening tournie quite well accumulating a very large stack early on again. Unfortunately i was again moved table 4 times, really hurting my flow. Eventually i pushed my 9 bb stack blind from lateish position before recieving an insta call from ac4c in the bb for at least a third of his stack. Great call dude, ace on the turn defeating my 96 off.

Day 15 Wednesday 25th June

Planned to make this trip's first visit to binions this day. Fancied playing a little 200 tournie they were holding. Unfortunately i wasn't able to make it and instead went to the mall. Was nice to see something other than a casino, although my restricted budget left me admiring items rather than purchasing them.

Played in the evening in the venetian 180 lasting all of about 5 minutes. Interesting hand actually, probably one i could have thought about more at the time. People have said to me it was a cooler flop but im not sure. Hand went like this:

5 minutes in i have 4500 after losing a medium pot in one of the first couple of hands. Starting stack is 5k. Blinds are 25-50 and a player limps from early, i find aq suited in the hijack. I make it 250 as i want the button here. Limper is the only caller. Flop comes down 442 rainbow, limper checks, i think of betting but instead check behind, im not really scared of the flop but dont want to be check raised here and i have position. The guy looks like he can play a bit and is quite young looking. Probably a net player. Turn brings the ace again a rainbow flop, i'm now loving my hand. He checks again and i fire out 325 into the 575 pot, i'm not looking to scare him off here and want him either to call and float me or check raise. That's exactly what he did and i make the fatal mistake of not even looking at his range here, i'm just thinking how many chips can this guy give me here. In retrosprect i should considering his range here and 2s, 45 suited, 43 suited, even ace 4 have to be considered. But now i just insta call his raise of 1200 total. There is now circa 3k in this pot and i have 3k back. River brings a beautiful queen. Now if he has ak i'm winning and i'm kinda happy when he bets 2250. I don't even think and shove, he insta calls with his 45 suited. Yeah it's a tough spot to be in, but note to self for future reference-consider the range...ALWAYS!

After this i ate some food with mr keys and headed over to the rio to play a sit and go. We both signed up for a sit and go on different tables. James won/chopped his tough 525 table which included jeff kimber and karl from the hit squad. I also chopped my 325 table which was a lot softer although my suck out with 4s over queens was a nice help. The guy took it badly though kicking a vchair after he'd prematurely fist pumped the turn....i just knew the river would curse him after that. So 3 handed i asked the other 2 for a the short stack somewhat cheekily. The drunk american chip leader refused though and it was sweet when my aces finally cracked his monster 45 on a 975 flop. Two left we did a deal with me getting 66% of the winnings. Was a nice way to end the day. Also got a nice bit of news about a potential sponsor which was even nicer as i headed home.

Day 16 Thursday 26th

Had a breakfast meeting at the wynn on this day to discuss a little deal with an online poker site. Money for old rope if you ask me and i'll be wearing their top in two wsop events. Nice people too.

Got to the venetian two hours into there 330 deepstack. Just couldn't get started though and kinda stunk out this one. Really don't want to be running kq into kings, and this was all of my own making. Next tournie...

Went to the rip to play a sit and go after this. Signed up for a 275 alongside my mate marc. Again played this one poor and ran ace5 into aq. Not my finest poker day that was for sure.

Day 17 Friday 27th

This was the day i had to decided to give the sit and gos a huge grind. Unfortunately the crowded rio had other ideas, with queues of up to an hour just for a sit and go. My first was a very tough 525. All the donks were soon knocked out leaving 4 of us. The other 3 guys were all young,very good internet players. I held my own though and actually felt on top of the game. Bankroll restrictions came to the fore in my head though and i accepted an okay deal 3 handed. I got 25% as did the other short stack, to the chip leaders 50%.
My next sit and go was a completely different story. The 275's are great value. Almost all the players in these don't know how to play, in this instance with no exception. The only problem here was i went on dealer tilt! This dealer was possibly one of the worst i have ever encountered. Just to give an example she saw no need to ask players to turn cards over in allin situations on the flop 3 handed, and put side pots in the main, and generally lost control. The final straw was when i was all in pre called by a super donk with kj. I'd turned over my cards yet he'd only shown the jack as she started to deal, i was like can you PLEASE turn over his other card. Of course he won and i was off to complain. I'm sure she was new but even so i don't think she should be dealing at the world series if she doesn't even know basic rules. Rant over and sorry for being such a whiner:)

Day 18 Saturday

I'm sitting here now having busted from the 1500 nl event. I'm really in two minds over my play here. Found myself very card dead early on only picking up ak which ran into ak!!!

When my table got moved i wasn't devestated as it was quite an agressive one. Spots were hard to come by with much bigger stacks controlling the dynamic. My new table seemed a little softer although they all had my 1700 stack covered as level 3 was drawing to a close with the 1-2 level about to become 1-2 with 25 ante. I also noticed we were next on the break list. With 10 bb's i shoved with ak suited utg. I showed it hoping to gather some fold equity before we were broken. In the bb one guy limped from the cutt off. He seemed quite a nervous young type,one i felt was limping with a wide range hoping to hit. I put him on something like ace 9 or jack queen. He had 3k back. I'd already decided with 500 in the middle i was shoving if the sb folded. He duely did and while performing the not needed looking at my cards i saw i held mr negraneu's fave hand 107 off, well if its good enough for danny....

The guy thought about 30 seconds before calling off 60 percent of his stack off with kq off. Horrible call in my opinion, if he's going to play kq that way why not raise pre instaed of limping. Horrible play was rewarded by a king on the flop and a fist pump on the river. However, I'm thinking i could have found a better spot here and have found most people shaking their heads at my shove here. Well its probably a marginal for me but i'll think it over.

Just heard james won a 525 sit and go over at the rio, lucky fish!

Gonna go eat then play some sit and go's. Probably play either caesars tmrw or give a wsop sat a good go online. Prefernce at moment is for the latter but it could go either way.

Laters peeps,

Ps-Thanks celtic/vinny for your comment on my last post, proof at least that someone is reading this blog. It's a hard slog this you know...all the sunshine and poker-horrible life:)

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dalzini said...

I always read every installment mate and thorughly enjoy it.

Keep your head up!

Also I noticed quite a few times people keep making 'bad calls'. Obviously I too feel that limping then calling 60% of your stack is a donk play and I saw it done at the Bristol Gala event too.

Thing is mate, this is how some people play, and you need to adjust to it otherwise you will keep getting caught with your fingers in the till and them thinking they made call of the century.

Your game is almost too advanced for such players so sometimes take a step back and think is this the kind of guy who understands squeeze plays, position etc and hopefully you wont lose as many chips to them.