Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Vegas Part 4....

Day 11 Saturday 21st...

Boy was this a dissapointing day. I turned up at the venetian bright and early...well 15 minutes late as usual actually...for their 12pm 500 deepstack. Immediately, with blinds at 25-50, i sensed a maniac at the table after he'd raised to 450 on the first hand. I won that hand with ak, although in hindsight i probbaly shouldn't even call pre. Just with 12,500 starting stack i felt like seeing a flop.

While we played the first few hands i got chatting to the guy from brooklyn on my left.He was a fun chap, and made me laugh on numerous occasions. A nice change from my constant arguments...no matter, had one of those in the afternoon...but more about that later. So as i was chatting away i noticeed certain players had an addiction for limping. One player had a particular penchant for limping like a pensioner with a rather unsteady walking stick. As blinds moved up to 50-100 this guy limps utg...again. I see a8 of clubs in the small blind and complete too. Big blind (my funny new york buddy...who wasn't really a player), then announces he'll jam it up to 450, but throws in 850. Now limper immediately throws in 850, like he has aces.

I make it clear the bet is 450, and the original bettors amount is corrected.Not sure if limpers 850 bet should stand though, kind of complicated and didn't really think of it at the time. Probably should though i think, as although he's mistakenly called-without saying call- a wrong bet, the chips have gone in, a raise for me. But anyway if its 850 i fold, but for 450 total i call hoping to flush up. Flop come jc 3c 7d, i check with every intention of check raising. Big blind duely bets 800, but limper now makes it 1800. Now with circa 4k in the pot and about 13k back for me its a insta push. I have them both covered by about 2.5k,

New yorker gives bit of a dwell, b4 folding ace jack, now limper thinks for little bit, remember its for all his chips and we haven't even hit the hour mark. Yet he calls off all his chips with king jack...brilliant. Can see how he might have guessed my hand yet still don't think he should call here, even still the limp call oop is the worst part, pretty damn poor....of course i missed. Got it allin with kq soon after against 97, flop king high, turn and river 97...gg well played etc.

Went down to the rio afterwards for the 3pm $500 megas wsop sat. immediately it kicked off. Sat down and ready to play the FIRST hand, button seat 1, seats 2 and 9 are empty. The dealer starts to deal, all of a suddeen seat 2 turns up and throws his id and seat card to the dealer. Now i'm in seat 3, and think this guy shouldn't be in the hand, literally i think all the cards had been dealt once he'd thrown his stuff. Yet the dealer lets him play and it gets heads up in the blinds with him and I. The hand plays out with me turning a straight and him rivering a flush. Now the fun starts. Ive lost like 20% of my stack on this cooler hand so understandably am a little, 'wow that was a harsh hand'. Now seat 1 pipes up and starts giving me his opinion and saying how i should not complain as the best hand pre won. Yeah, whatever mate, go back to the playground and stop trying to play with the big boys, i really don't wanna hear his opinion.

Then the thing blows up. The dealer announces seat 2 is supposed to be in seat 9, so he just gets up and moves his chips with him like theres no problem. Meanwhile the real seat 2 comes and sits down in seat 2. Now i'm angry with this and ask how this can be possible.

-The guy shouldn't have been in the hand as imo he turned up too late to play the cards.
-The guy shouldn't have been in the hand with me in the blinds as he was in the wrong seat.
-Nobody seems to care about it bar me!

So I complain and ask what if id been knocked out on the hand, surely the dealer has made a terrible error here. He calls the floor over. Meanwhile seat 1 starts piping up again telling everyone, especially me to chill. Apparently he knows all the rules, thinks the situation is hilarious and no biggie. So i should just chill dude. Another few gigglers have started telling me the situation is now irrelevant and i should just...chill. Floor rules that as action has taken place seat 9, muct now return to seat 2, and no further warning/comments are made to either dealer nor player. Only seat 9 apart from me seems irritated by it. My point is this. If i'm knocked out on the hand is that fair? Surely the dealer should not make an error like this., Eventually he apologised, and i appreciated that, but it would have been nice had it been immediate and the floor a bit more forceful, especially with the player for not double checking his seat.

So after the floor has left and more cards are dealt, the giggling contnues. Seat 1, a young ozzie continues with his all knowing opinion on the situation. I ask him to be quiet and inform him he has the poker etiquette of a pig. His constant laughing about it, and verbal prodding really got to me.I left the felt and went outside to detilt and down a beer.

Refreshed i made a move an hour later against a fish who had limped into a multi way pot with aq, my jam with kq getting insta called by the poker genius who clamied hed called off most of his stack as he put me on ace jack. Yeah right mate, thats a great way to play ace queen. especially coming from a guy who bet 4k into a 450 pot with top two on a three spade board, first to act, real great play:)

All this sounds very bitchy but its not meant to be, im over it all now, just trying to reflect exactly how i felt at the time. Went out for a few beers after to forget my luck on the day and had a nice evening.

Day 12 Sunday 22nd


Chilled watching tv in room, ordered room service not leaving the room all day.

Day 13 Monday 23rd

This was the day i played great. Didn't make anything but restored huge confidence to my game. Firstly i dropped down a level to play in the 200 at caesars rather than the venetian 500. Instantly i noticed the standard was even worse than what i was used to. Limp, limp, limp was the table motto. So i did the opposite, even causing one rather mature lady to comment, 'do ya just ever call junior....'...nah!

So i doubled up(through stealing etc) on this dream table and was devestated to see the table broken. As i joined my new foes, i was greeted by an english guy who said he'd 'never played with a poker celebrity before!!' Wow someone has actually seen the wsope, had few comments on the british circuit, but first time someone's mentioned it over here. Me a celebrity, yeah right, still nice thing to hear, means i can probably get some moves through too.

I donked off half my stack with two pair oop against a better two pair, but soon replenished it against the same table captain type player. He was playing most hands and had the chip lead on the table with about 33k.I had about 20k and the blinds were 3-600. Now came my exit hand.

He raised AGAIN from the cut off to 1600 and i squeezed from the cut off with j9 off suit making it 5400. He instant called. Flop comes down 945 rainbow. I push, he has a set of 5s, gg wp. Dunno about his call for 3800 more pre, at more tham ten percent of his stack to call he should be pushing or folding according to the math.

Scooted over to the rio and played a $275 sit and go, with a 100 buck last longer bet. We got 4 handed and did a deal on the last longer bet. Then i knocked out the short stack and we did a further deal on the 2620 prize, each taking 500 and playing for the 1120. I managed to trap one guy by suspiciously raising a limped pot with queens, he pushed with a2 and hit his ace. I battled back from 400 chips to get it all in with aq v q10. The 10 soon sealed the deal though. The nicest thing about this sit and go was the compliments i recieved from the dealer and the other players. Apparently i'm 'one of the best' the dealer has seen and 'one hell of a player', these blind dealers and poker players are so nice:)

Played the 330 evening rio tournie which is very very soft. The only problem is by the 300-600 level the structure gets very shooty. Played well depite being largely card dead, and unfortunately lost a crucial race. Next time this one's mine, with a 20k first prize its a juicy one with players who can't play!

Promised some non poker content last time out....


Need to get out more i think ppl.

Next time:)

Speak soon


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