Saturday, 21 June 2008

Vegas part 3....

Day 7 Tuesday June 17th

Boy this seems like weeks ago and i can barely remember my results. This day was very dissapointing. I played the $500 venetian deepstack event like a terrier. I can barely remember a day when I have played better poker, flawless by my standards in fact. Of course i managed to get unlucky a few times and soon turned my nice stack into a bowl of rice within sight of the money. Got it allin with ak against ak and queens, the ace on the flop no match for the smiling lady also flopped on the felt.

Think i also played the evening tournie, but with my mind not with it, it was no surprise when i shipped it in with the nut draw only to miss.

That night i felt very down and so went out for a few light ales to forget...suffered the next day i can tell you :)

Day 8 Wednesday 18th June

I moved out of the imperial palace with the help of a lift from my mate David. Thank god he was around as with the hangover I was suffering from i'm not sure i would have made it to my next hotel.

As I checked into the gold coast I literally crashed out for the rest of the day. Or so i thought i would.

Waking up around 9pm i decided to jump in a cab and play the venetian $180 8pm. They allow late arrivals up till 945pm odd, and seeing as id won it turning up 90 minutes late, days previously, i saw no reason, now suddenly refreshed not to give it my best shot.

And yeah peeps i took it down again-well kind of. We got 5 handed with the clock showing 3am and plenty of play left. The problem was one guy had 60 percent of the chips,turns out hes a bracelet winner, impressive results from cple of years back- Anthony Reategui, profile below.

Anyway as the money jumps were steep a chop was done, with him getting a deal i truely regret, bad negotiations by me. But the 2200 bucks were nice to have and i went home happy.

Day 9 Thursday 19th June

Watched Germany beat portugal-well done Uli:)

Pokerwise this day really hurt. I played very well, floating, maximising strong hands and generally moving my game to another level. This was the day of the $330 deepstack at the venetian. I was always chipped up bar one small stage in the middle when i had to hit after getting short. In the money with 45 left i was around tenth in chips and well over average. I could smell the 50k first prize, the average standard of player was poor and i planned on stealing and reraising the weak. Unfortunately a fish who could not lay down a hand to save his life did for me in two hands. I'm still too upset to really go into too much detail, the 12 hours spent playing not really comforted by the 450 bucks i received.

Still i was playing well and expected the big cash to arrive soon.

Day 10 Friday 20th June

Today was the day i almost hit the rail. I probably should have taken this day off. However the 700 runner 340 dollar caesars mega stack called me too loudly.

Unfortunately i had a nightmare table. Someone i had previously encountered on my last vist on las vegas was on my immediate left. Now this guy had history with me and to put it mildy was one loud, brash american. He just wouldn't shut up talking about how great he was and how bad the rest of the table was. He started to mimic me, as he had done previously in october and even the headphones didnt help as he still got in my face.

Before long i realised his plan had worked and id bled off 60 percent of my chips. Concentrating i started to focus. I played 3 hands very well and soon became chip daddy on the table. The rude american was bluffed by a young player and found another target. Unfortunately even after his wonderful exit i was still unable to really play my A game.

I just think i should have had the day off. I played one hand very badly and then lost a race with a short stack, i basically played poor. Went to the rio and played a sit and go, and played that even worse. So now I'm back at the hotel and evaluating where i go from here. I may take tmrw off depending on how i feel. Its 2am here and i am 50/50 over whether or not to join the saturday donkaments.

Okay guys, thanks for listening to my drivel, i promise more non poker content next time...just a couple of weeks till the main event....can't wait...providing i play of course.



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