Monday, 16 June 2008

Vegas part 2....

Day 4 Saturday 14th continued....

So as i said I would I went and won the venetian tournie. Everything went perfectly, I won almost every race, flopped straights-only for my opponents to push, and played pretty damn good poker too.

Picked up $3.5k in a chop 5 handed, with me getting the lions share as the 'winner'. Would like to mention a few key hands but ill do that in another post as i'm kinda rushing with this entry.

Had a couple of well earned beers after this win with a couple of players from the english circuit, great guys too.

Day 5 sunday 15th

Today was wsop sat day online....less said about that the better. What i would say is constant disconnections and laptop issues didn't help. Have rectified the laptop issue by getting a cracking new one from wallmart for peanuts. And the net issue will be changed by my departure from the imperial on wednesday.

Played the venetian evening tounrie as defending champ and duely busted early after losing a race. No matter i raced over to caesars and duely chopped their 120 dollar baby evening tournie. 1100 bucks well earned and well recieved. Tournie had lots of play and standard was woeful, i'll be back.

Day 6 Monday 16th

Today was the the 2.5k wsop 6 handed event. This was the event i'd most looked forward to since looking at the schedule. It's my kinda game, i felt i had a huge edge. Arrived 5 minutes late to find bepe from eastenders-michael greco-on my table. Nice guy who plays solid, think he lets beats get to him too much, but a top bloke nonetheless. Unfortunately I couldn't say that for two of my opponents.

Yes i had another two arguments. Both 'villans' appeared to be french and consistently broke the only spoken english rule. Also they hid their chips while behaving in a rude and extremely objectionable manner. When i asked one of them to show me his chips after he'd raised he flew into a mad rage, even at one stage offering me outside. Combined with his newly found buddy's rantings at me, they formed quite a gruesome twosome.

The floor was called on two occasions and on both instances the rulings given were ridiculous in my opinion. Two useless dealers concluded i was equally if not more to blame, the floor staff warned me against wasting time while barely warning the french mike tyson for his physical threats. Greco knocked out one while i crippled the other, although he was still in when i busted.

Yeah I found myself treading water as i could not finds either cards nor positions today. I grinded it along for 6 odd hours before making a rr push to a LAG rse from the button. He had been pounding my blinds and i had decided i would push with any half decent hand. q10 std looked like aces yet he couldn't fold his ad9d and i missed.

All in all an eventful few days, but generally enjoyable.

Will be back blogging about vegas soon peeps.

Argumentative Dom!

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