Monday, 2 June 2008

Everything is weird...

Well the last week or so has been tough. I've made 2 final tables yet still don't feel things aren't clicking. With vegas looming large I really need to look at where I am going wrong with my game. I genuinely believe it's somewhere to be found between playing too tight and then loosing my sanity with one loose move. So perhaps a more general loose approach followed by tighter play in certain situations. All sounds obvious...hope so.

Last tuesday I won a £1400 wsop package with the gutshot. I played ok, but was more than likely helped by some interesting play from my opponents, and if im honest a nice run of cards. Thursday brought about the 200 fo-probbaly my last live tournie before vegas. I felt i played well here reaching the final table 3rd in chips. Unfortunately the blinds had reached crapshoot levels and a deal was mooted. Although i wanted to play for the win-and the confidence booster, i would have taken the deal as i'd have got between 2000 and 2300-instead of 670 for next out. But one bloke said no and I did indeed get that bowl of rice. It was a moment of madness. With 80,000 and 4000 already in the small blind it was folded round to me with js5s. I raised just under 3x the bb and the chip leader called in the big blind. A jack 8 10 flop meant i pushed, his jack 9 forced to call, and his 9 ultimately played. Pretty shocked he called preflop tbh but i'm to blame. With an m of just over 5 and having a full circuit before the blinds came round again its a push or fold. So to raise pre is poor. Winner got 6k+ which would have been really good right now. Yep times are pretty tough.

Better get back to the grind now, i need a substantial vegas bankroll, something that doesn't look likely right now.

Moan over and hope things go better soon.

Speak soon peeps


skolsuper said...

Shame I missed you on Saturday, I actually brought Gus Hansen's book to lend you ("Every Hand Revealed"). Now, I know your feelings on poker books and maths and theoretical poker and all that, but trust me this is your kind of poker book. There's very little maths and it's all real situations, being every hand he played on his way to winning the Aussie Millions 2007. Reading back I sound like I'm going for the hard sell. Oh well, trust me, get it off amazon or something, it'll pay back a thousand times over.



Dom said...

Hiya m8, sounds good that book. Actually heard quite a it about it and was thinking of making a purchase. I def need to do something as i feel im treading water right now, i am not happy with my game at all. I might even read some harrington and sklansky soon too. Poker tracker also will be installed after vegas. By the way enjoying your blog, sounds like your right about the mtt's, too many is def pro -ev for you, same with me tbh. More than 3 or 4 at a time and i lose a great deal of my edge.