Saturday, 28 June 2008

Vegas Part 5...

Day 14 Tuesday 25th June

Wow my memory is getting bad out here. It's a real struggle to remember what i played on this day. Well i'm pretty sure i played two events at the venetian. Yes i did, one was the noon $300 deepstack event which brought chips early before a table move brought a constant stream of near misses, lost races and general annoyances. I finally departed after being forced to reshove a late position rsr with k7, i had fold equity at this point. He held jacks and it was done and dusted soon enough.

Played the evening tournie quite well accumulating a very large stack early on again. Unfortunately i was again moved table 4 times, really hurting my flow. Eventually i pushed my 9 bb stack blind from lateish position before recieving an insta call from ac4c in the bb for at least a third of his stack. Great call dude, ace on the turn defeating my 96 off.

Day 15 Wednesday 25th June

Planned to make this trip's first visit to binions this day. Fancied playing a little 200 tournie they were holding. Unfortunately i wasn't able to make it and instead went to the mall. Was nice to see something other than a casino, although my restricted budget left me admiring items rather than purchasing them.

Played in the evening in the venetian 180 lasting all of about 5 minutes. Interesting hand actually, probably one i could have thought about more at the time. People have said to me it was a cooler flop but im not sure. Hand went like this:

5 minutes in i have 4500 after losing a medium pot in one of the first couple of hands. Starting stack is 5k. Blinds are 25-50 and a player limps from early, i find aq suited in the hijack. I make it 250 as i want the button here. Limper is the only caller. Flop comes down 442 rainbow, limper checks, i think of betting but instead check behind, im not really scared of the flop but dont want to be check raised here and i have position. The guy looks like he can play a bit and is quite young looking. Probably a net player. Turn brings the ace again a rainbow flop, i'm now loving my hand. He checks again and i fire out 325 into the 575 pot, i'm not looking to scare him off here and want him either to call and float me or check raise. That's exactly what he did and i make the fatal mistake of not even looking at his range here, i'm just thinking how many chips can this guy give me here. In retrosprect i should considering his range here and 2s, 45 suited, 43 suited, even ace 4 have to be considered. But now i just insta call his raise of 1200 total. There is now circa 3k in this pot and i have 3k back. River brings a beautiful queen. Now if he has ak i'm winning and i'm kinda happy when he bets 2250. I don't even think and shove, he insta calls with his 45 suited. Yeah it's a tough spot to be in, but note to self for future reference-consider the range...ALWAYS!

After this i ate some food with mr keys and headed over to the rio to play a sit and go. We both signed up for a sit and go on different tables. James won/chopped his tough 525 table which included jeff kimber and karl from the hit squad. I also chopped my 325 table which was a lot softer although my suck out with 4s over queens was a nice help. The guy took it badly though kicking a vchair after he'd prematurely fist pumped the turn....i just knew the river would curse him after that. So 3 handed i asked the other 2 for a the short stack somewhat cheekily. The drunk american chip leader refused though and it was sweet when my aces finally cracked his monster 45 on a 975 flop. Two left we did a deal with me getting 66% of the winnings. Was a nice way to end the day. Also got a nice bit of news about a potential sponsor which was even nicer as i headed home.

Day 16 Thursday 26th

Had a breakfast meeting at the wynn on this day to discuss a little deal with an online poker site. Money for old rope if you ask me and i'll be wearing their top in two wsop events. Nice people too.

Got to the venetian two hours into there 330 deepstack. Just couldn't get started though and kinda stunk out this one. Really don't want to be running kq into kings, and this was all of my own making. Next tournie...

Went to the rip to play a sit and go after this. Signed up for a 275 alongside my mate marc. Again played this one poor and ran ace5 into aq. Not my finest poker day that was for sure.

Day 17 Friday 27th

This was the day i had to decided to give the sit and gos a huge grind. Unfortunately the crowded rio had other ideas, with queues of up to an hour just for a sit and go. My first was a very tough 525. All the donks were soon knocked out leaving 4 of us. The other 3 guys were all young,very good internet players. I held my own though and actually felt on top of the game. Bankroll restrictions came to the fore in my head though and i accepted an okay deal 3 handed. I got 25% as did the other short stack, to the chip leaders 50%.
My next sit and go was a completely different story. The 275's are great value. Almost all the players in these don't know how to play, in this instance with no exception. The only problem here was i went on dealer tilt! This dealer was possibly one of the worst i have ever encountered. Just to give an example she saw no need to ask players to turn cards over in allin situations on the flop 3 handed, and put side pots in the main, and generally lost control. The final straw was when i was all in pre called by a super donk with kj. I'd turned over my cards yet he'd only shown the jack as she started to deal, i was like can you PLEASE turn over his other card. Of course he won and i was off to complain. I'm sure she was new but even so i don't think she should be dealing at the world series if she doesn't even know basic rules. Rant over and sorry for being such a whiner:)

Day 18 Saturday

I'm sitting here now having busted from the 1500 nl event. I'm really in two minds over my play here. Found myself very card dead early on only picking up ak which ran into ak!!!

When my table got moved i wasn't devestated as it was quite an agressive one. Spots were hard to come by with much bigger stacks controlling the dynamic. My new table seemed a little softer although they all had my 1700 stack covered as level 3 was drawing to a close with the 1-2 level about to become 1-2 with 25 ante. I also noticed we were next on the break list. With 10 bb's i shoved with ak suited utg. I showed it hoping to gather some fold equity before we were broken. In the bb one guy limped from the cutt off. He seemed quite a nervous young type,one i felt was limping with a wide range hoping to hit. I put him on something like ace 9 or jack queen. He had 3k back. I'd already decided with 500 in the middle i was shoving if the sb folded. He duely did and while performing the not needed looking at my cards i saw i held mr negraneu's fave hand 107 off, well if its good enough for danny....

The guy thought about 30 seconds before calling off 60 percent of his stack off with kq off. Horrible call in my opinion, if he's going to play kq that way why not raise pre instaed of limping. Horrible play was rewarded by a king on the flop and a fist pump on the river. However, I'm thinking i could have found a better spot here and have found most people shaking their heads at my shove here. Well its probably a marginal for me but i'll think it over.

Just heard james won a 525 sit and go over at the rio, lucky fish!

Gonna go eat then play some sit and go's. Probably play either caesars tmrw or give a wsop sat a good go online. Prefernce at moment is for the latter but it could go either way.

Laters peeps,

Ps-Thanks celtic/vinny for your comment on my last post, proof at least that someone is reading this blog. It's a hard slog this you know...all the sunshine and poker-horrible life:)

Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Vegas Part 4....

Day 11 Saturday 21st...

Boy was this a dissapointing day. I turned up at the venetian bright and early...well 15 minutes late as usual actually...for their 12pm 500 deepstack. Immediately, with blinds at 25-50, i sensed a maniac at the table after he'd raised to 450 on the first hand. I won that hand with ak, although in hindsight i probbaly shouldn't even call pre. Just with 12,500 starting stack i felt like seeing a flop.

While we played the first few hands i got chatting to the guy from brooklyn on my left.He was a fun chap, and made me laugh on numerous occasions. A nice change from my constant matter, had one of those in the afternoon...but more about that later. So as i was chatting away i noticeed certain players had an addiction for limping. One player had a particular penchant for limping like a pensioner with a rather unsteady walking stick. As blinds moved up to 50-100 this guy limps utg...again. I see a8 of clubs in the small blind and complete too. Big blind (my funny new york buddy...who wasn't really a player), then announces he'll jam it up to 450, but throws in 850. Now limper immediately throws in 850, like he has aces.

I make it clear the bet is 450, and the original bettors amount is corrected.Not sure if limpers 850 bet should stand though, kind of complicated and didn't really think of it at the time. Probably should though i think, as although he's mistakenly called-without saying call- a wrong bet, the chips have gone in, a raise for me. But anyway if its 850 i fold, but for 450 total i call hoping to flush up. Flop come jc 3c 7d, i check with every intention of check raising. Big blind duely bets 800, but limper now makes it 1800. Now with circa 4k in the pot and about 13k back for me its a insta push. I have them both covered by about 2.5k,

New yorker gives bit of a dwell, b4 folding ace jack, now limper thinks for little bit, remember its for all his chips and we haven't even hit the hour mark. Yet he calls off all his chips with king jack...brilliant. Can see how he might have guessed my hand yet still don't think he should call here, even still the limp call oop is the worst part, pretty damn poor....of course i missed. Got it allin with kq soon after against 97, flop king high, turn and river well played etc.

Went down to the rio afterwards for the 3pm $500 megas wsop sat. immediately it kicked off. Sat down and ready to play the FIRST hand, button seat 1, seats 2 and 9 are empty. The dealer starts to deal, all of a suddeen seat 2 turns up and throws his id and seat card to the dealer. Now i'm in seat 3, and think this guy shouldn't be in the hand, literally i think all the cards had been dealt once he'd thrown his stuff. Yet the dealer lets him play and it gets heads up in the blinds with him and I. The hand plays out with me turning a straight and him rivering a flush. Now the fun starts. Ive lost like 20% of my stack on this cooler hand so understandably am a little, 'wow that was a harsh hand'. Now seat 1 pipes up and starts giving me his opinion and saying how i should not complain as the best hand pre won. Yeah, whatever mate, go back to the playground and stop trying to play with the big boys, i really don't wanna hear his opinion.

Then the thing blows up. The dealer announces seat 2 is supposed to be in seat 9, so he just gets up and moves his chips with him like theres no problem. Meanwhile the real seat 2 comes and sits down in seat 2. Now i'm angry with this and ask how this can be possible.

-The guy shouldn't have been in the hand as imo he turned up too late to play the cards.
-The guy shouldn't have been in the hand with me in the blinds as he was in the wrong seat.
-Nobody seems to care about it bar me!

So I complain and ask what if id been knocked out on the hand, surely the dealer has made a terrible error here. He calls the floor over. Meanwhile seat 1 starts piping up again telling everyone, especially me to chill. Apparently he knows all the rules, thinks the situation is hilarious and no biggie. So i should just chill dude. Another few gigglers have started telling me the situation is now irrelevant and i should just...chill. Floor rules that as action has taken place seat 9, muct now return to seat 2, and no further warning/comments are made to either dealer nor player. Only seat 9 apart from me seems irritated by it. My point is this. If i'm knocked out on the hand is that fair? Surely the dealer should not make an error like this., Eventually he apologised, and i appreciated that, but it would have been nice had it been immediate and the floor a bit more forceful, especially with the player for not double checking his seat.

So after the floor has left and more cards are dealt, the giggling contnues. Seat 1, a young ozzie continues with his all knowing opinion on the situation. I ask him to be quiet and inform him he has the poker etiquette of a pig. His constant laughing about it, and verbal prodding really got to me.I left the felt and went outside to detilt and down a beer.

Refreshed i made a move an hour later against a fish who had limped into a multi way pot with aq, my jam with kq getting insta called by the poker genius who clamied hed called off most of his stack as he put me on ace jack. Yeah right mate, thats a great way to play ace queen. especially coming from a guy who bet 4k into a 450 pot with top two on a three spade board, first to act, real great play:)

All this sounds very bitchy but its not meant to be, im over it all now, just trying to reflect exactly how i felt at the time. Went out for a few beers after to forget my luck on the day and had a nice evening.

Day 12 Sunday 22nd


Chilled watching tv in room, ordered room service not leaving the room all day.

Day 13 Monday 23rd

This was the day i played great. Didn't make anything but restored huge confidence to my game. Firstly i dropped down a level to play in the 200 at caesars rather than the venetian 500. Instantly i noticed the standard was even worse than what i was used to. Limp, limp, limp was the table motto. So i did the opposite, even causing one rather mature lady to comment, 'do ya just ever call junior....'...nah!

So i doubled up(through stealing etc) on this dream table and was devestated to see the table broken. As i joined my new foes, i was greeted by an english guy who said he'd 'never played with a poker celebrity before!!' Wow someone has actually seen the wsope, had few comments on the british circuit, but first time someone's mentioned it over here. Me a celebrity, yeah right, still nice thing to hear, means i can probably get some moves through too.

I donked off half my stack with two pair oop against a better two pair, but soon replenished it against the same table captain type player. He was playing most hands and had the chip lead on the table with about 33k.I had about 20k and the blinds were 3-600. Now came my exit hand.

He raised AGAIN from the cut off to 1600 and i squeezed from the cut off with j9 off suit making it 5400. He instant called. Flop comes down 945 rainbow. I push, he has a set of 5s, gg wp. Dunno about his call for 3800 more pre, at more tham ten percent of his stack to call he should be pushing or folding according to the math.

Scooted over to the rio and played a $275 sit and go, with a 100 buck last longer bet. We got 4 handed and did a deal on the last longer bet. Then i knocked out the short stack and we did a further deal on the 2620 prize, each taking 500 and playing for the 1120. I managed to trap one guy by suspiciously raising a limped pot with queens, he pushed with a2 and hit his ace. I battled back from 400 chips to get it all in with aq v q10. The 10 soon sealed the deal though. The nicest thing about this sit and go was the compliments i recieved from the dealer and the other players. Apparently i'm 'one of the best' the dealer has seen and 'one hell of a player', these blind dealers and poker players are so nice:)

Played the 330 evening rio tournie which is very very soft. The only problem is by the 300-600 level the structure gets very shooty. Played well depite being largely card dead, and unfortunately lost a crucial race. Next time this one's mine, with a 20k first prize its a juicy one with players who can't play!

Promised some non poker content last time out....


Need to get out more i think ppl.

Next time:)

Speak soon


Saturday, 21 June 2008

Vegas part 3....

Day 7 Tuesday June 17th

Boy this seems like weeks ago and i can barely remember my results. This day was very dissapointing. I played the $500 venetian deepstack event like a terrier. I can barely remember a day when I have played better poker, flawless by my standards in fact. Of course i managed to get unlucky a few times and soon turned my nice stack into a bowl of rice within sight of the money. Got it allin with ak against ak and queens, the ace on the flop no match for the smiling lady also flopped on the felt.

Think i also played the evening tournie, but with my mind not with it, it was no surprise when i shipped it in with the nut draw only to miss.

That night i felt very down and so went out for a few light ales to forget...suffered the next day i can tell you :)

Day 8 Wednesday 18th June

I moved out of the imperial palace with the help of a lift from my mate David. Thank god he was around as with the hangover I was suffering from i'm not sure i would have made it to my next hotel.

As I checked into the gold coast I literally crashed out for the rest of the day. Or so i thought i would.

Waking up around 9pm i decided to jump in a cab and play the venetian $180 8pm. They allow late arrivals up till 945pm odd, and seeing as id won it turning up 90 minutes late, days previously, i saw no reason, now suddenly refreshed not to give it my best shot.

And yeah peeps i took it down again-well kind of. We got 5 handed with the clock showing 3am and plenty of play left. The problem was one guy had 60 percent of the chips,turns out hes a bracelet winner, impressive results from cple of years back- Anthony Reategui, profile below.

Anyway as the money jumps were steep a chop was done, with him getting a deal i truely regret, bad negotiations by me. But the 2200 bucks were nice to have and i went home happy.

Day 9 Thursday 19th June

Watched Germany beat portugal-well done Uli:)

Pokerwise this day really hurt. I played very well, floating, maximising strong hands and generally moving my game to another level. This was the day of the $330 deepstack at the venetian. I was always chipped up bar one small stage in the middle when i had to hit after getting short. In the money with 45 left i was around tenth in chips and well over average. I could smell the 50k first prize, the average standard of player was poor and i planned on stealing and reraising the weak. Unfortunately a fish who could not lay down a hand to save his life did for me in two hands. I'm still too upset to really go into too much detail, the 12 hours spent playing not really comforted by the 450 bucks i received.

Still i was playing well and expected the big cash to arrive soon.

Day 10 Friday 20th June

Today was the day i almost hit the rail. I probably should have taken this day off. However the 700 runner 340 dollar caesars mega stack called me too loudly.

Unfortunately i had a nightmare table. Someone i had previously encountered on my last vist on las vegas was on my immediate left. Now this guy had history with me and to put it mildy was one loud, brash american. He just wouldn't shut up talking about how great he was and how bad the rest of the table was. He started to mimic me, as he had done previously in october and even the headphones didnt help as he still got in my face.

Before long i realised his plan had worked and id bled off 60 percent of my chips. Concentrating i started to focus. I played 3 hands very well and soon became chip daddy on the table. The rude american was bluffed by a young player and found another target. Unfortunately even after his wonderful exit i was still unable to really play my A game.

I just think i should have had the day off. I played one hand very badly and then lost a race with a short stack, i basically played poor. Went to the rio and played a sit and go, and played that even worse. So now I'm back at the hotel and evaluating where i go from here. I may take tmrw off depending on how i feel. Its 2am here and i am 50/50 over whether or not to join the saturday donkaments.

Okay guys, thanks for listening to my drivel, i promise more non poker content next time...just a couple of weeks till the main event....can't wait...providing i play of course.



Monday, 16 June 2008

Vegas part 2....

Day 4 Saturday 14th continued....

So as i said I would I went and won the venetian tournie. Everything went perfectly, I won almost every race, flopped straights-only for my opponents to push, and played pretty damn good poker too.

Picked up $3.5k in a chop 5 handed, with me getting the lions share as the 'winner'. Would like to mention a few key hands but ill do that in another post as i'm kinda rushing with this entry.

Had a couple of well earned beers after this win with a couple of players from the english circuit, great guys too.

Day 5 sunday 15th

Today was wsop sat day online....less said about that the better. What i would say is constant disconnections and laptop issues didn't help. Have rectified the laptop issue by getting a cracking new one from wallmart for peanuts. And the net issue will be changed by my departure from the imperial on wednesday.

Played the venetian evening tounrie as defending champ and duely busted early after losing a race. No matter i raced over to caesars and duely chopped their 120 dollar baby evening tournie. 1100 bucks well earned and well recieved. Tournie had lots of play and standard was woeful, i'll be back.

Day 6 Monday 16th

Today was the the 2.5k wsop 6 handed event. This was the event i'd most looked forward to since looking at the schedule. It's my kinda game, i felt i had a huge edge. Arrived 5 minutes late to find bepe from eastenders-michael greco-on my table. Nice guy who plays solid, think he lets beats get to him too much, but a top bloke nonetheless. Unfortunately I couldn't say that for two of my opponents.

Yes i had another two arguments. Both 'villans' appeared to be french and consistently broke the only spoken english rule. Also they hid their chips while behaving in a rude and extremely objectionable manner. When i asked one of them to show me his chips after he'd raised he flew into a mad rage, even at one stage offering me outside. Combined with his newly found buddy's rantings at me, they formed quite a gruesome twosome.

The floor was called on two occasions and on both instances the rulings given were ridiculous in my opinion. Two useless dealers concluded i was equally if not more to blame, the floor staff warned me against wasting time while barely warning the french mike tyson for his physical threats. Greco knocked out one while i crippled the other, although he was still in when i busted.

Yeah I found myself treading water as i could not finds either cards nor positions today. I grinded it along for 6 odd hours before making a rr push to a LAG rse from the button. He had been pounding my blinds and i had decided i would push with any half decent hand. q10 std looked like aces yet he couldn't fold his ad9d and i missed.

All in all an eventful few days, but generally enjoyable.

Will be back blogging about vegas soon peeps.

Argumentative Dom!

Saturday, 14 June 2008

Vegas Updates

Hiya people here is how it's been going so far.

Day 1 Wednesday 11th June

Arrived in vegas raring to go only to get put on 'tilt' almost immediately. My friend david had agreed to pick me up so i wanted to get through customs quickly as i knew he would be waiting and the plane had been delayed. However, the custom officers had other ideas. Just like last time I was held for half an hour over a bad fingerprint issue. It really is a joke and i've beem told it will happen each time i arrive...marvellous indeed. Anyway dave had waited for me like the good buddy he is and i moved on from it.

After some food and light refreshment the rio beckoned. Walking into the amazon room I felt that buzz that only vegas can bring, poker heaven baby!

Played a couple of sit and go's chopping one to start the trip off nicely. I then went out for a couple of beers with some poker friends, before hitting the sack at a reasonable hour. Talking of where i'm staying this week-imperial palace-avoid! Pigeon tilt is all i'll say for now.

Day 2 Thursday 12th

Woke up early and had some breakfast in the hotel. Won't be eating their again but no matter.

Arrived at the venetian in plenty of time for their $500 dollar deepstack event. I doubled up within minutes after a player decided to shove allin on a 44krag rag 3 diamond board on the river with queens. I held ace king and just didn't believe him, sorted. I then proceeded to bluff too much and although i again retrieved my chips through numerous small pots, the blinds forced me to shove against an early position raise with jacks. He eventually called with ahkh(i felt it was almost a slow roll-he held a huge stack) and i lost the race. Next tournie...

Moved back to the rio to rail negraneu on the ft of the 2k limit-he won it too, legend. Then played the 7pm donkathon which really was full of fish. I'll be playing this a great deal i'd think as there is huge value to be had. Unfortunately the structure does become a little shooty and i was forced in with aq losing to ak just shy of the money.

Day 3 Friday 13th

First time on this trip to visit caesars for their mega stack series. I exited this 330 event early doors when i missed a flush draw, simple really. On a side note david finished 7th/622 on the ft played on saturday, well done mate,7k well earned.

Again taxi'd it over to the rio for their 3pm mega sat. This is a 500 dollar sat for the wsop main event. I played my best poker of the trip so far and made my first final table 3 days in. Unfortunately i fell just short of a seat as i suffered a bad beat in 6th just before they did a deal so everyone got a few grand minimum-again marvellous.

After this I should have gone back to the hotel but instead i played the venetian 8pm event. Wasn't in the right frame of mind for this and it was no surprise when i got knocked out a couple of hours into it. Learnt a lesson here of when to quit when im just pokered out.

Ps- My good friend graham finished 21st/1300+ runners in the 2k event, well done mate, next time it will be a wsop ft, i mean if i can do

Day 4 Saturday 14th

Today i had a comedic experience! Registered for the 500 dollar event at the venetian, before graham informed me i'd bought in for the horse event, a quick unregister later and i was involved in the 1500nl 2700 runner wsop event. 2 hours later i was out of that...hurts a bit and i'll have to analyse it a bit.

Moving on again i played the same mega sat as i did the day before. This time i failed pretty dismaly after going with a wrong read and then making a move due to some hero leaving their seat before the action got around to them, forced my hand really, bb woke up with a hand, end of.

Played a small sit and go which ended badly and now i am contemplating a visit to the venetian 8pm. I know i said in yesterday's notes i wouldn't play when pokered out, but i'm not, today i feel i've hardly played. The hunger is there and i'm taking this one down peeps...end of!

Speak soon

Vegas Dom

Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Good and bad....

Firstly here's what's good:

1- Played great in a 100 rebuy last week winning $9.5k
2- Am flying to vegas tomorrow
3- Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.....

Bar these '3' things can't really say there's much else. I've gone through a crisis of confidence thing recently. I just don't feel that i'm there either professionally or personally. All this sounds far too deep and it isn't really. All that is wrong is in my paranoid mind. It's a lack of faith in my own ability that I must recover, so that my life is fun again. Again it's easy to say, just a bit harder to put into practice.

All these things have happened that make me wonder over my long term poker future. I love the game i really do. But am i willing to put in the hard work required....yeah i think so, no i am. Yet i haven't and that is why i've been running so badly. The 100 rebuy result has been the one bright spark in weeks and weeks. That tournament is notoriously tough for being full of supposed 'pros'. Well i found it very easy. Within a half an hour of the freezeout stage i had double anybody else's chips. This continued until the final table where unfortunately i ran very badly, running 9s into q8 allin pre...q on flop etc. Did a chip chop 3 handed, which really helps the vegas bankroll.

Played a great deal on billys last week. I crushed the small multi tournaments with a 20 quid buy in. Two nights in a row i won the midnight event, picking up about 1200 quid in total. However other leaks in my game meant I was crushed by the 50 quid stt's i was playing at the same time. Profits were lost and drinks were spilled in anger.

I think this blog is a form of therapy. It allows me to kind of whinge and moan incoherently about nothing apart from my own self pity. Well it's worked as suddenly i feel much more upbeat and positive about things. All of this self doubt is ridiculous. I know i'm a very good poker player. I just need to play more solid and leave moves for deeper parts in tournaments. Then the results...and perhaps even a bracelet will come.

Going to miss my beautiful girlfriend over the next few weeks, and i hope she doesn't realise how -EV I am for her!

So off to vegas and the land of oppurtunity. If i don't come back rich i'd be surprised.

Bye peeps


Monday, 2 June 2008

Everything is weird...

Well the last week or so has been tough. I've made 2 final tables yet still don't feel things aren't clicking. With vegas looming large I really need to look at where I am going wrong with my game. I genuinely believe it's somewhere to be found between playing too tight and then loosing my sanity with one loose move. So perhaps a more general loose approach followed by tighter play in certain situations. All sounds obvious...hope so.

Last tuesday I won a £1400 wsop package with the gutshot. I played ok, but was more than likely helped by some interesting play from my opponents, and if im honest a nice run of cards. Thursday brought about the 200 fo-probbaly my last live tournie before vegas. I felt i played well here reaching the final table 3rd in chips. Unfortunately the blinds had reached crapshoot levels and a deal was mooted. Although i wanted to play for the win-and the confidence booster, i would have taken the deal as i'd have got between 2000 and 2300-instead of 670 for next out. But one bloke said no and I did indeed get that bowl of rice. It was a moment of madness. With 80,000 and 4000 already in the small blind it was folded round to me with js5s. I raised just under 3x the bb and the chip leader called in the big blind. A jack 8 10 flop meant i pushed, his jack 9 forced to call, and his 9 ultimately played. Pretty shocked he called preflop tbh but i'm to blame. With an m of just over 5 and having a full circuit before the blinds came round again its a push or fold. So to raise pre is poor. Winner got 6k+ which would have been really good right now. Yep times are pretty tough.

Better get back to the grind now, i need a substantial vegas bankroll, something that doesn't look likely right now.

Moan over and hope things go better soon.

Speak soon peeps