Thursday, 8 May 2008

Norwegian poker champs, drinking and newcastle gukpt...

Ok so time for a recap of the last week. At the end of my last post i claimed i was having a couple of months off the booze, well that lasted all of about 3 days! In fairness i had a good excuse. By 415pm i'd been knocked out of the 3pm tournie with nothing to do.

Arrived last friday in nottingham after a delayed train journey up from the smoke. Unfortunately i'd packed no extra clothes and due to the late nights and my tendency to start sweating for england i made a mad dash into town to pick up some clothes from the high street. Once that was done i jumped in a cab to dtd via my hotel.
Scatily i managed to discard both my mobile phone and more importantly my ipod in my hotel room, i'd literally thrown my stuff in after checking, jumping back into my cab. So when i arrived with 5 minutes to spare before day 1b of the main event, i was seriously worried about ipod tilt!

I needn't have rushed as for the first 30 minutes my 9 handed table was only 3 handed. It was one of the most surreal experiences in my somewhat limited poker career. It taught me a few valuable lessons, but boy did i miss my ipod. Both guys on my table were amiable, funny, genuine salt of the earth types. But it didn't lead to optimum concentration. I basically played every hand and by the time the table filled i had developed a rather unhealthy rhythm of believing i could outplay anyone on the flop-with 25-50 blinds. Slightly irrational to say the least.The stupid thing was 3 handed we saw so many hands i should have just chilled, but i wanted every blind, just a sheer moment of madness.

Eventually i realised a couple of the new players including steve holden, could actually more than hold their own against this loose fish here. Now was the time to sit back and develop a strategy, perhaps even nip back to the hotel and grab that ipod.
But nope i pressed on relentlessly with no red light in sight. By level 2 i got it allin, still feeling adrenaline filled, with 5s6s on a ace high flushing flop. With 100 big blinds i should be avoiding such coin flips, otherwise i might as well spin it up on the roulette.

So it was back to the hotel and time for a beer to forget my 1 hour of madness. The rest of the 3 remaining days was filled with sit and go's-which went well- and a couple of side events, which i went deep in without cashing, but may have identified a particular leak i need to address. I am going to write a single blog entry just on my tendency to pass queens preflop-something that could be one or two folds too many.

The norwegians were generally a fun bunch, and i shared a few drinks with some interesting and very nice people. The only gripe i found over the duration of the tournament was some of the dealers lack of knowledge. Some of those brought in were brilliant. Guys i know from the world series and the cpc-always professional and top class. Others however struggled with basic rules, in fact they may have even been local regular staff. I never know when that 'clicky' factor is there, and genuinely hope its not at dtd, as i genuinely love the place. A couple of the rulings given baffled me, and as for the incident in the 100 rebuy, well again ill leave that for another day. I know im far from an innocent participant, but if i feel im right then ill fight my corner all day long.

In other news i won my newcastle gukpt seat at the first time of asking last night. Apart from early on i found it an extremely easy ride, and genuinely believe there is huge value in these satts. I have qualified for 3 seats this year, yet have hardly played them at all. Something to consider for the future. As for the event i'm feeling confident. I have been doing a lot of analysis on my game over the last few days and hopefully have ironed out a couple of flaws which may have been seriously hindering my game. Personally my life is good and i can almost sense a huge result. Last time i felt like this may have been in september....of course i better not forget my ipod, nor my clothes and phone this time, but apart from all that my names on the trophy!!!

Speak soon peeps,


ps-im off the booze again!

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