Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Running good and bad, wsope on tv and april...

Apologies for such a gap between blog entries. I just haven't felt like posting all that much recently, probably was putting off the empire report out of sheer laziness.

Basically that tournament went well but i'm not overly happy with the deal i struck. I feel like i probably cost myself a couple of grand by going with the flow, but thats a lesson learned and i wont do it again. Key hands from the tournament seem to have vanished from my somewhat limited brain space, which probably means their weren't many of note. In honesty the deck hit me in the face a bit but i also played very well.

A couple of days after that i chopped the 100 rebuy tournie down the sportsman, that was a good deal tho as the tournie was becoming a crapshoot and i felt the chip leader gave a very generous deal by only taking 50 quid more than the rest of us...surely he should have held out for 60.

Since then the wins have dried up a little, in fact its been a bad couple of weeks online. Until today that is.

Had a good april fools day picking up about 1500 snarlers from poker and sports. Unfortunately i was left wondering what if, and how much more could it have been. I had already won a fair it on the dogs and the man u game( ronaldo fgs is a liscence to print money right now) so i decided to try my hand at the 110k grntd on mansion-a tournie i used to regularly play.

As it doesnt give much of an overlay anymore, i rarely place this one nowadays. Yet like getting back on a bike i felt id never been away, and was soon amongst the chip leaders. Never really looked back after that and was 4th in chips with 30 left when i started to lose races. However i clawed back from that with good solid poker. By the time there were 17 left i was guaranteed 1k, but my thoughts were firmly on the 27k first prize. However a serial cut off raiser raised my bb when i had 9s. Unfortunately the raise meant i either pushed or flat called-yes it had become a bit crapshooty, and as he insta called my push i wasn't surprised to see the bullets which held up.

The wsope is on tv from april 21st and i cannot wait to see myself on sky. Ive already seen the first three episodes on pokertube yet will probably resist watching the others until they are broadcast. I only watched the first 3 as i correctly suspected i wouldn't be seen at all. Of course all this sounds very vain of me, its not, im actually very nervous of seeing myself on the tv-and hope i dont come across as a fool-its just nice to finally get the chance to see it.

April will be very busy pokerwise. Im off to dtd this weekend to play their deepstack-which i really like. Then its back to nottingham for the gala main event, before manchester beckons for the gukpt. Vegas and the venetian deepstack festival is something id like to fit in, but financial and time constraints may postpone a visit till june and the wsop.

I feel this entry may have come across a bit strangely and gramatically poor-but hell its 430 am and im knackered!

Hope all are well and speak soon peeps.


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