Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Manchester GUKPT Seat locked up

Well isn't getting lucky sometimes the best?
Wasn't on my A game last night to be honest but managed to luckbox my way to a $2750 gukpt manchester package on blue square in their 100 dollar rebuy. I cruised through the rebuy stage, but decided to add on as the percentage of players actually doing it actually warranted it....and the fact that i almost always add on, especially for 100 bucks. Well its a good job i did as within minutes in the f/o stage i had ran ak suited into the bullets. I was fairly crippled, something that didnt help when i tried to bluff either a very good player or a huge calling station with ace high on the river, he called with low pair of 4s...with a 2 kicker!
So now left with 700 chips i felt i would be turning the laptop off in anger rather than jubilation. But i doubled up a couple of times when the following hand arose. In the big blind with 69 off suit and 3k in chips with 300 already commited i noticed that 4 players had limped into my blind. Sensing i could take down 1200 chips of dead money i shoved, only to be insta called by the under the gun big stack limper. Have ace queen or a pair of 5s i shouted. To my somewhat surprise he had called with ace jack off with players still to act. I felt the 9 that hit justified my 'brave' play and his dubious play. Well thats how im seeing it :)
Soon enough the blinds had further increased and i sucked out on a poor player who raised 3x the bb from the cutoff. Again i saw ak and decided a shove was the only option as i really couldnt afford to lose any chips by call/folding an acekingless flop,his kings were good untill my bullet dropped on the river.
After that a floppped straight and a nut flush on the bubble saw me smoothly reach my package in style. Its all good and bring on manchester...

ps-dtd 321 weekend was fun if expensive, great tournie but i need to rock up more in it, especially with the great structure.

pps- later peeps


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