Sunday, 13 April 2008

Big result...nice

Finally got a chunky result online again. Had a bit of a dry spell in big tournies online recently, although if im honest ive not been playing them all that much. Anyway after a fruitless weekend trading the us masters-badly- i decided to play the mansion 150k. With just under 1000 players entered and 1 rebuy available there probably wasnt much added money. No matter the standard of play did that all by itself. For once i got some big hands early on-they held up and i got paid off big time.
By the time we got to the final table i was 5th in chips and very comfortable. I soon knocked out 4 or 5 players and when 3 handed i had 3/4 of the chips when the following hand happened.
In the bb i saw 46 off suit, the trappy/weak passive small blind completed so i decided not to raise and see a flop., The ace 4 6 two diamond flop appealed to me greatly. Especially as this small blind has history of slow playing hands to death. He checked and i decided to bet out and see if he had an ace, when he immediately reraised me i quickly learnt he probably did. I soon concluded i was going all the way here and if he had ace 4, or ace 6 or even a set it was just a cooler flop and anyway i had him covered. I hoped the worst case scenario was a flush draw with some kind of pair. When he turned over ace king no diamond i was overjoyed. The 7 bricked on the turn meaning if the river didnt pair the 7 or ace or the king then i would have 90 percent of the chips in play and one hand on the $32k first prize. Nope the cowboy hit and now it was a proper contest.
The villan soon despatched the short stack and we were heads up about level in chips. Unfortunately he got the better of the early exchanges and jumped into a 2-1 chip lead when suddenly we were given a 5 minute break.
After i returned to my laptop following a quick beverage i was shocked to see my opponent sitting out. As the software dsnt protect for disconnections he was automatically folded on all of his hands. It didnt even become a moral decision for me.By the time he returned we were now level in chips.
Probably tilting this passive player started raising every hand-or in case he should he be disconnected again- but at the time i felt he was tilting from the disconnection. I folded 3 or 4 hands before the following hand came up.
Sitting in the big blind with qj off my opponent raised for the 5th hand in a row. I called, more than happy to see a flop. ACE Q 7 flopped down and i checked. He bet and i called. The turn brought a 5 and i checked, again he bet, even stronger this time. I felt he was still tilting and decided to call. The river came a 6 and i checked again. He put me allin and i now realised i was going to have to call because i was now very short stacked due to my call on the turn. He showed ace jack and i picked up just shy of $20k. Im very happy with such a return on my 100 dollar investment, yet i cant help feeling ive thrown away 6 grand sterling by underestimating my opponent on the final hand. I probably should have either bet out on the flop or check raised the flop to find out where i was-any thoughts greatly appreciated.
Well at least the old bankroll has recieved a nice timely boost just before i head off on thursday for the gala nottingham poker festival-i can't wait!

Speak soon peeps.


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