Sunday, 16 March 2008

Quick update

This week has been not bad. I chopped the 500 f/o at the empire on Wednesday 4 ways. Was good for 5.5k, which is very handy right now. I'll do a report on that one in a day or so.

Cheltenham was up and down but jolly good fun. As for online well i'm actually winning at cash. Done a few hit and runs at 2/5 and 5/10. Abc style of playing premium hands strong and not bluffing so much is doing wonders for me.

As for the tournies online well im going deep no cigar. Played a $1050 sat for monte carlo on saturday. Went quite deep but lost one race and that was it, win that and i was halfway there. Played my first wsop sat tonight and really played poor, love the stars structure tho and im 100% certain to get a seat from that site like last year.

Finished playing in the sunday million cple of hours ago. Came like 800th/7300. Good for just shy of 500 bucks, kinda dsnt seem worth it, but hey im taking that down soon!!

Laters ppl,


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dalzini said...

Nice chop Dom, tidy little profit from that event.

Glad to see ABC poker is working!