Wednesday, 12 March 2008

London Gukpt, Chelters festival....

Well last week didn't take off exactly as i hoped. In fact it barely managed a limp from the runway.

Monday set the tone for the week if i'm totally honest. Arriving just after 7pm for the 300 pound double freezeout at the vic, I was most dismayed to find out it was sold out and i if i wanted to wait i'd be alternate number 41.
Obviously i didn't wait around and set off with graham to the sportsman for the 250 f/o. After finding out that there were only 9 players registered with 5 minutes before they were due to start it was back into a cab and to the gutshot. Unfortunately although we managed to sneak into their tournie, (just) i was a little disappointed to find out their excellent 100 f/o had been replaced with a 50+5 head hunter tournament. I understand why they have changed monday night as they weren't getting the numbers and fair play to them, it's just hard to go from expecting to play a 300 to a 50 one with 5 quid bounties. As expected i soon donked off my chips and went back to the vic. I met up with tai and also bought in for the next days 500 just to be sure. A few beers helped forget the evening.

The next day brought a hangover as well as positive expectations of the 500. I was expecting a good structure. Unfortunately they decided to mess with a normal gukpt side event structure, something that seems to occur often with the vic. I can't really say that i like the casino. Unlike the other grovesnors ive been to, they seem to have their own particular nit picky ways of running things. Simple things like buying a drink can become a nightmare at this somewhat 'confusing' establishment.

Anyway rant over and back to the 500. They missed out a couple of important levels and made a 500 a bit crapshooty...and this was a two day event. Really ridiculous and it just isn't good enough. I played well throughout but after 6/7 odd hours i'd been dealt about 2 premium hands and was struggling to play flops. (Don't i always)
When my 3 aces were rivered by a queen for a straight i knew it wasn't going to be my tournie. I eventually had to push blind from the cut off and was looked up with the snowman, my queen duece unable to suck out. I departed in 27th from 150 odd runners just shy of the money. Afterwards things got a bit more exciting when i played omaha for the first time. Myself, james keys and a poker playing mate of his called ben went down to the gutshot after a few post tournie vic beers. Along with a memeber of the gutshot staff we played some 0.5/1 omaha pot limit. Really with no clue what i was doing i walked away 700 quid better off. However returning home around 9am as she leaves for work is probably not the best way to say 'good morning darling' to your girlfriend and the 700 snarlers were my only comfort in the doghouse.

Wednesday was mostly spent sleeping it off, playing omaha online-i've got the bug- and making it up to my gf. Thursday was looming...

As i arrived at the vic half an hour from the start i suddenly started getting butterflies. This is something i haven't really had since the wsope.
I guess it's because i really felt this week could be the one i make day 2!!
And hopefully a much needed payday.

Sitting on my starting table i recognised noone in particular-probably a good thing i decided. This is my 4th gukpt main event and in each previous one ive had bad starting tales full of pros. After half an hour of this one i'd assumed bully status on the table and although having queens twice i was pleased with my play in increasing to 15k. Yet instead of now sitting back and playing small pots i decided to increase pressure on the table and play most pots. By the break i'd lost half my stack after bluffing twice, once against a calling station and another when the guy literally was allin before my bet! So i felt some mixed feelings when i got moved from a weak table- to the table of death.

My new table consited of bambos, greekfish, ian fraser, mike maghee, james aikenhead and Kevin o'leary. Of them all i really didn't want to tangle with hit squadder james as i think he has a really great game, although i did wonder if i could tempt him into a huge bluff as i know he is capable of such at anytime. As it turned out bambos was my nemesis. The big stack on the table he was sat two to my right. He was always raising and seemed to be playing every hand-with much success. Finally i found 2 red ladies on the button. With 6500 chips and blinds at 100-200 i was still fairly deep stacked. When he raised to 500 i reraised to 1450. He called and we saw a flop with 3 spades ace high. He checked as did i, the turn brought a red king, again we both checked-i hated the board. The river brought a blank rag club and he bet the pot. This would leave me with circa 1500 if i lost. I figured he had one of two hands. A flush, probably the nut one, or nothing bar a small medium pair. I studied the guy and as expected couldn't get anything out of him, so i spoke to him. He seemed almost too relaxed but with someone of his experience i really shouldn't have read anything into that. I decided eventually that it was one of those hero calls where u either look like a fool or a genius calling with 3rd pair. When i called he showed the nuts and i was near the felt. Amazingly i managed to rally back to 13k after picking up some cards and playing well. But the blow up arrived soon enough after the dinner break. I started bluffing again and lost 5k odd in 2 hands. Then after finding ace king i pushed against greekfish's oop raise. The boots had me walking and it was better luck next time in manchester. Overall i am not happy with my play in the main event one bit.

I railed james keys on saturday as he went into the day 4th in chips. After getting near 200k he fell by the wayside around dinner time. With james it's always about what he feels is the correct decision at the time rather than a weak coasting into the money approach -something he could have done. This is why i like his game a great deal. It's a strategy which will find him in the top money positions in tournaments to follow of that i have no doubt.

Cheltenham this week has been long anticipated. I normally do quite well and i hope this week will be no exception. At the time of writing day1 was a level day for me and day2 has just been called off due to high winds. I may play the 500 at the empire tonight. The 200 the other day was okay but a deep finish meant no cash. Again it became a it shooty although as i got a big stack early on i can have no real complaints. My demise was mainly due to a tilty disposition after being sucked out on and then pushed off a hand perhaps i shouldn't have been. In the end i pushed when i shouldn't have and must learn from it.

Best go now, keep well all and speak soon. :)

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