Monday, 3 March 2008

Back from holiday, raring to go........

Well how great to have a break. Lanzarote was brilliant, truely peaceful, allowing me and my girlfriend to have a realxing stress-free week.

Ok now back to the poker and the gukpt week. Today is the 300 pound freezeout and i cannot wait. Im actually itching to play and this is the first time i've felt like this in a while. I think the break has helped de-stale my poker game. Things i feel i was doing wrong before the holiday have become apparent and i believe i am ready to erase them. Of course a lot of this will still come down to how the cards fall, but not making bad moves will certainly help me. Im hoping this week will be profitable in many ways not just financially. Yes a nice win will help the old long suffering, smaller and smaller bankroll, but its more important than that for me. Just one nice result will confirm some things that really need to be clarified. Issues such as is this the career for me, and am i really happy doing this?? Both answers i firmly believe are Yes, but maybe i just need a confidence booster. And it will come this week....honest:)

Played online for the first time since i got back last night. Won a little 5 quid tournie with 250 runners which i only played for a laugh. The 220 squid all helps though. Then i played the blue square qualifier for the vic gukpt this week. I flopped two sets and was unlucky not to get paid off in both cases, still for once they werent cracked. I departed in 30th however after yoyoing my stack perhaps a litte too much, no matter i was happy with how i played and no bad beats to moan about. That is not the case however of the mansion 150k. Firstly i was most dismayed to learn they had added one rebuy option to the guarantee. With the 1000+ entries last night and the rebuys taken the added value was barely $4k. What with the terrible new software i may give the tournie a miss in future, which is a shame as the standard is still mostly atrocious. My exit was hard to stomach. With 500 odd left and an average of about 6k i was coasting along with that amount, despite being largely card dead. Finally i picked up aces in the big blind with blinds at 150/300. I was overjoyed to see the cut off raise, but when the button came along for the ride i felt the need to jam somewhat, i only really wanted one caller-unless both were willing to pay the price-ive had my bullets cracked once too often on mansion to slow play with more than one opponent. Anyway i jammed it up to 2900. Enough in my opinion to drive out at least one marginal, but also enough to almost signal a weaker hand, i would normally jam a little less with aces. Anyway the cut off called and the button folded. Flop came q, 8 5 rainbow. I pushed hoping he had aq, kq. He called immediately for most of his stack. When he turned over j10 off i was somewhat surprised but only now fearful of his gutshot 9 hitting. Two running jacks though soon had me out the door. I want to play a player like that, yet its still doesn't pay the bills...short term!

Ok speak soon all.

Dom- the man who never, ever moans about bad beats.

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david said...

Wonder if there are any casinos in the canary islands, I am thinking about traveling to Vegas due to my love for gambling but the flights are just so dam expensive. I think I will sick to playing in an online casino for now.