Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Walsall Gukpt. part A

I really must update this blog more regularly, so much to report and so little time....ok thats's a lie...i've always got lots of time. :)

I have just returned from sunny Walsall, where i have spent most of the last week. I departed last tuesday afternoon, somewhat naively it has to be said. Leaving Greenwich at 3pm i should hav smelt a rat when the british rail worker initially declared after much frowning that it would cost me about £140 return!! Obviously this was a joke as i could probably fly abroad and back for cheaper than that...i was travelling to the midlands not Monte Carlo. He finally decided 43 squid was enough and i jumped on my train. Unfortunately this was far from the end of the matter, i still had two more connections to make, via Euston and Birmingham New Street. As soon as my feet touched the platform at Euston i realised why i had felt uneasy since the price mix up. Yep my ticket was not valid at peak times-which on virgin is between 3 and 5, so that my 410pm train which would get me in time to walsall and checked into the 8pm tournie, was not available to me. In fact the next train i could get would seriously mean id probbaly miss the tournament, so i made a decision. I got on the train and prayed for no ticket inspector-something i havent done since University. 2 and a half hours later my wishes were answered and i was ready to play poka!

The first event i was ready to play was the amazingly great structured £300 double shootout event. It got about 145 runners and gave 45 minutes levels with 3500 chips x2. Surely now i would finally play tight aggressive in the early levels? Wrong, as usual i lost half my stack within ten minutes. My first table contained Mark goodwin-someone i had wished to play against for a while now, especially since he had correctly criticised my wsope final table performance. He lost half his stack in his first hand when a player overplayed king queen preflop, causing mark to make a very strong semi bluff move on a flop which unluckily for him contained two kings. My chip loss was due to my belief that in such a superbly structured event top pair 9 kicker early on might not be viewed as 'the nuts'. Nope my fish spent all of 1 second moving his chips in for the final call. I had raised from the cut off with ace 2 of diamonds. BB had called, flop was 10 3 7 two diamonds. He checked, i bet, he check raised me, i pushed....he insta called. In my opinion the guy had displayed all the tendancies i love to see in a fish, and i looked forward to taking his chips later when i presumed he would chronically overplay his top pair. Luckily i was not out due to the extra 3500 chips i now had due to the format. I used these chips wisely and by the time we were down to 4 tables i had 25k-just about average. Unfortunately having previously won two races, i finally lost one that crippled me. I never like to race but on some occasions there is no choice. I was down to a bowl of rice which i managed to make into a somewhat larger plateful but eventually ran into cowboys departing about 30th and shy of the money. No matter there were plenty more opportunities to play this week, next day was the sattelite....more of that later on.....

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AlexB said...

What a load of fannying about if you forget your password! Anyhow, you said something about being lazy - I'LL SECOND THAT!! And what a result m8 - who'd have thought you'd get lucky with a virgin, or did I read that wrong!? :-) Let's have a little snippet more frequently than 15 days apart - I can't stand the suspense!!! Keep yer chin up mate - we both know you're good - time is the true test and you can't win 'em all! Speak to you soon bud.