Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Walsall Gukpt Part B...

Wednesday was the day i had decided i would use to qualify for the main event. A self dealt 50 quid rebuy drew about 50 runners. The general standard was very poor and by the first break and the end of the rebuys i had a generous stack with no rebuys. Unfortunately a couple of players were unaware of certain ways of conducting themselves around a poker table-which meant numerous arguments and the limited clock being drained without play often-for once the arguments didn't involve me! The tournament staff also had forgotten the tournament was going on, or just didn't care one bit. Eventually with 15 odd left i realised one 20 minute level had gone on for 45 minutes or something. Whether or not this really affected me im not sure, either way i made the final table. With 9 left and 7 seats going out in 9th left a bitter taste in the mouth.
But i managed to win my entry fee soon after in the casino, which paid for the main event and more. So onto the main event.
I drew a fairly passive first table bar one player Simon zach. Knowing him from reputation i wasn't surprised to find him by far my most aggressive early opponent. Within minutes i felt like my tournament was on the line. I think that i played this early hand too aggressively preflop, building it up, out of position needlessly. Zach had raised from mid/late position and i found ak of diamonds in the small blind. I decided id define my hand and reraised him. He immediately called,the flop coming aq5 with two hearts. I bet out 2/3rds of the pot, he made it 3500. Now this would be with my preflop bet of 700, almost half my stack in the middle within 5 minutes. But i knew that he most likely knew this. Eventually after a lengthy dwell i folded it face up and he commented it was obviously no good. I actually feel he was telling the truth here and soon forgot the hand. I used position well for the next couple of hours building up my stack to around 14k by the first break. Soon after this though i was moved table, something i feel had a big impact on my tournament. Whereas on the previous table i had felt extremely comfortable, now i sensed a very aggressive table with only 1 or 2 weak players. I mananged to bluff off quite a few chips in frustration at going card dead on a somewhat unbluffable table. Something i always vow never allow to happen happened and i became so low stacked that by the time the table was broken at about 11pm i had one move, allin push. This occured on my first hand on the new table, pushing with king ten and running into aces. Not a great performance but perhaps a new lesson to learn. I went out thursday night to forget the whole thing and the alcohol had a soothing effect.

Friday brought a 100 pound freezeout which i didn't exactly take too seriously. I raised almost every hand and was almost glad to depart after an hour or two, my head just wasn't right. I was still thinking of my main event demise and how i had effectively been almost blinded out. I genuinely think after being knocked out of the main event in the gukpt the best thing for me to do is probably leave the poker for a few days as i am still analysing plays days after. No matter friday night meant more beers and a good laugh.

Saturday i had planned to go home. However i genuinely didnt feel like the journey home and decided id play the 300 f/o in the evening-and this time play it 100%. I did such and actually played very well. Despite one hand when i sucked out after fishing a couple of draws on the flop-something i'll still defend to the hilt against those -ev stattos:)
With two tables left i had a medium stack before i tangled with the mad turk. I felt i had a read on him in one particular hand. In the end i called him on the river with 3rd pair after he had talked non stop and called the clock on me-he mucked. This made me a relatively big stack and i could sense the final table looming. Unfortunately i managed to donk off a few chips in a few little pots and before long my stack was small again. I finally lost a race with tens against ak and departed again shy of the money. But this time i was happy with how i'd played, very happy and as soon as i win a race again i'll be fine.

Since i've been back online has been up and down. The swings have started to affect my bankroll a bit too seriously for my liking and i'll be happy to take a break soon. Im off to lanzarote soon and cannot wait to take some time off. But come march i'll be tearing up the gukpt in london. I can sense a big result just round the corner-deffo. Laters.

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